What is a Chakra Bracelet (And How Do You Use It?)

Learn what a chakra bracelet is and how you can incorporate it into your spiritual practice

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Our bodies are constantly interacting with the energy around them. We not only have daily experiences with outside energies, but also with our own internal energy centers. Sometimes when one of these energy centers, or chakras, is off, we can feel the results emotionally and physically. However, when all of our chakras are in balance, we tend to feel our best, which not only benefits ourselves, but helps our interactions in the world around us. While it is recommended that you set time aside to work with your chakras on a consistent basis, what if there was a way you could always carry a reminder of them with you? Well, you can do just that with a chakra bracelet. 

If you’re wondering what exactly is a chakra bracelet and how do you use one, then keep reading because we’re going to cover:

  • What a chakra bracelet is and isn’t
  • How to use a chakra bracelet
  • The benefits of a chakra bracelet

What is a Chakra Bracelet?

Have you ever heard of a chakra bracelet? It might just be your new favorite thing

person holding a chakra bracelet
Chakra bracelets are designed to reflect the colors of the seven energy wheels. Image courtesy of Azuro Republic.

As you know, our body can not only have physical issues (such as diseases or specific conditions), but it can also suffer energetically. Traditionally, when your energy centers or off kilter or blocked, you cannot  be your highest and best self. Each one of us has seven energetic centers (chakras) that control certain aspects of our energy.

  • Root chakra. At the base of your spine is the root chakra, where you get your feelings of safety and being grounded. When the energy associated with this chakra is blocked, you feel fearful, or unstable in your life. Color is red.
  • Sacral chakra. This is your creative center, and where your feelings of passion and inspiration are. When you have this chakra blocked, you could feel dissatisfied and easily irritated by people and situations. Color is orange.
  • Solar plexus chakra. This energy center is where you find your confidence, and your love of being just who you are. When blocked, you can feel pessimistic and have low self-esteem. Color is yellow.
  • Heart chakra. The heart chakra is where you learn how to love, and to be loved, and determines whether or not you approach life with an open heart. When blocked or underactive, you can have issues with intimacy or speaking your heart. Color is green.
  • Throat chakra. Your voice is unique to you, and when your throat chakra is opened, you’re confident in your ways of communicating ideas. When blocked, you can be fearful of judgment or that your ideas and thoughts are not good enough. Color is blue.
  • Third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is the eye of your soul, and the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. When this chakra is blocked, you feel overwhelmed and fearful of the unknown and your place in the universe. Color is indigo.
  • Crown chakra. This chakra is your connection to the divine and the universe. Most people spend a lifetime working to fully open this chakra! Color is violet or white.

These chakras are constantly interacting and spinning, however, they can at times become blocked as we mentioned before. One of the best ways to keep your chakras open and spinning (or at least working towards keeping them open) is to be aware of them and be mindful of them daily. One of the best ways you can do this is with a chakra bracelet. When you wear a chakra bracelet you not only are making a fashion statement, but you’re keeping your attention on working to open your energy centers.

Wearing a chakra bracelet can be similar to wearing a watch to keep track of your daily steps—only instead of it benefiting your physical body, it benefits your energetic body. Every time you look at your watch you know you have to take more steps to reach your fitness goal. Same thing with the chakra bracelet, each time you look at it you’re reminded to be mindful of working with your energy centers that could be blocked or underactive. 

It’s important to point out that even though you’re wearing a chakra bracelet, you still need to put in the time and energy to work on your chakras. Whether that’s through meditation, mudras, yoga, or another way. A chakra bracelet is not a shortcut to bettering yourself, it is just a helpful tool!

The stones used in a chakra bracelet are chosen for their color association to each energy center, so you typically have a bracelet of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet stones. However you can also find chakra bracelets that are devoted to a single color and chakra, for intense work with that particular energy center.

Both men and women are encouraged to wear chakra bracelets to help remove any negative energy that could be blocking their chakras, and encourage them to work on opening them up. 

How Do You Use a Chakra Bracelet?

What’s the best way to use a chakra bracelet?

woman with multiple chakra stone bracelets
Using a chakra bracelet is as easy as putting it on. Image courtesy of Love Pray Jewelry.

Chakra bracelets are pretty straight forward as far as using them, but there are some things you might want to consider. You can wear one chakra bracelet with all the colors, or you can choose to wear one specific color at a time. You can wear your bracelet on either the right wrist, or the left wrist. When worn on the left wrist, you are working with how you interact with your internal energies, and when worn on the right wrist, you are working on how you send your energy out into the world. There is a subtle difference, so choose which side you’d like to wear it on depending on what you’re working towards. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how you decide to use your chakra bracelet. This is because you are working on how you experience energy, both outwardly and inwardly. Using a chakra bracelet to work on opening your chakras is a great way to dispel negative energy from your life, and it allows you to mindfully concentrate on positive ways to bring your energetic centers into alignment. 

You’ll want to care for your chakra bracelet just as you would any piece of jewelry, however you may find you need to cleanse it or recharge it from time to time. After all, it is working to help you let go of a lot of negative energy! Cleansing is simple, you can leave it out under a full moon, or allow it to soak up the rays of the sun for a while. 

Benefits of a Chakra Bracelet

You should definitely consider getting a chakra bracelet!

different colored chakra bracelets
Chakra bracelets look beautiful, and encourage you to be aware of your energy centers. Image courtesy of Chakra Bracelets.

Using a chakra bracelet comes with a variety of benefits, including:

  • A daily reminder to stop and assess your energetic body
  • Works to remove negative energy and thoughts
  • Links your physical body with your mind and energy
  • You can wear all seven colors or just one color
  • Easy to use and looks great

Working with your chakras is something that should be a part of your energetic routine, just as exercise and eating healthy is a part of your physical and mental routine. Whether you need to work on a specific chakra, or you want a reminder to stop and see where you are energetically, a chakra bracelet is the way to go. 

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