taurus zodiac sign
Which Zodiac Sign is the Strongest?
December 1, 2021
Curious to know what the strongest signs of the zodiac are? Keep reading!
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tarot spread
How to Figure Out What Tarot Card You Are
November 29, 2021
Ever ask the question “what tarot card am I”? Well there’s a couple of ways to figure it out!
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zodiac wheel
Which Zodiac Sign is The Meanest? (and How to Avoid Ticking Them Off)
November 24, 2021
Which zodiac sign do you think is the meanest out of them all?
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image of a purple lotus with energy
How Do You Activate Chakra Stones?
November 22, 2021
You can easily activate chakra stones to help bring balance to your chakras!
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wheel of the zodiac
Do You Know What Zodiac Sign is the Smartest?
November 17, 2021
Think you know which zodiac sign is the smartest, think again!
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Woman working on creating tarot cards at her desk
How to Make Your Own Tarot Cards in 4 Easy Steps
November 15, 2021
Channel your creativity and make your own tarot deck!
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hand holding 7 chakra stones
What Are the 7 Chakra Stones?
November 10, 2021
Learn which stones can help amplify and heal each of the seven chakras
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three card tarot spread with candles
Why (and How) You Should Cleanse Your Tarot Cards
November 8, 2021
Curious to know a little more about why you should cleanse your tarot cards? Want to know the most effective ways to cleanse them? Keep reading!
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Image of the Page of Cups tarot card.
Good Things Are Coming: Understanding the Page of Cups
October 21, 2021
How to interpret the Page of Cups when it comes up in a tarot reading, and how it may interact with the other cards that you pull.
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A display of some of The Modern Witch Tarot deck's Pentacle cards, with the Page of Pentacles front and center.
New Beginnings and Inspiration: Interpreting the Page of Pentacles Tarot Card
October 20, 2021
Understanding the history & meaning of the Page of Pentacles’ determination
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What is The Page of Swords Tarot Card?
October 19, 2021
The changing energies are heavy as we approach the New Year. This card calls you to enlightenment of your worth.
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How to Set Up A Samhain Altar
October 19, 2021
Samhain is a Pagan holiday that honors the cycle of life and death with the primary focus of honoring the harvest season, transformation, regeneration, the calling of spirits and honoring the dead. Celebrate by creating an altar to honor the dead.
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Bird's eye view of a woman working at a desk
Questions to Ask the Tarot Cards About Your Career
October 14, 2021
Whether you’re looking to change your line of work, or wanting to move further in your current career, a tarot card reading may give you the answers you’re looking for.
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H&M store shot in the city at night
Why Thrifting is Better Than Fast Fashion
October 14, 2021
Fast fashion brands are killing the planet and hurting their workers
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Top 6 Benefits of Daily Horoscope Reading
October 11, 2021
Horoscopes can be calculated by an astrologer based on a person's sun sign and the planets’ position. These astrology readings vary in each of the 12 zodiac signs, as their birth dates are different. While the predictions won't always be the same for everybody, they can still help anyone. These forecasts about the future are fascinating guides that can benefit the readers in so many ways.
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What’s the Difference Between Halloween and Samhain?
October 8, 2021
As one of the oldest recognized holidays celebrated around the world, Halloween has been around for centuries. But have you ever wondered when and why it all started?
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Person holding tarot cards
Questions to Ask the Tarot Cards About Love
October 7, 2021
Curious about the direction your love life is headed in? Here are some questions to ask the tarot cards and find out.
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The son of cups and the hermit tarot cards laid on a marble countertop.
Tarot Card Questions to Ask About the Self
October 7, 2021
Questions to ask your deck, a brief history of tarot, and different tarot spreads
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Autumnal forest
#WitchTok Accounts You Need to be Following This Fall
September 30, 2021
10 accounts that emanate perfect fall vibes, while also teaching you everything you want to know about witchcraft
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Pittsburgh, PA bridge and cityscape
Thrifting in Pittsburgh: Where To Go, and What To Look For
September 30, 2021
Thrifting Spots To Check Out and How To Build A Makeshift Fit
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Where Do the Zodiac Symbols Come From?
September 29, 2021
We’ve all heard of them, either from seeing the monthly horoscope readings on every social media platform, to references in your new favorite song on the radio, zodiac signs are everywhere. But does anyone actually know where they came from and what they’re all about?
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A wall of solar panels
Businesses that Prioritize Sustainability
September 24, 2021
The climate crisis is shedding light on more eco-friendly businesses
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Collage of the zodiac symbols
The Best Zodiac Meme Accounts on Instagram
September 23, 2021
15 relatable accounts that will help you get to know your zodiac sign a little better.
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Image courtesy of
3 Companies That Went Plastic Neutral
September 23, 2021
Did you know that 300 million tons of plastic gets created yearly? Even more frightening, 50% of that plastic is single-use only. In the past ten years alone, we have made more plastic than we have in the last century.
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Soaking up the sun in the crystal clear waters of Na Pali coast. Take a boat ride to explore the surreal coast of Kauai. Image courtesy of
Top 6 Sun-Conscious Places to Vacation During Winter Months
September 21, 2021
With the winter months approaching, the nights getting longer and days getting shorter are sure to bring on our winter blues.
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A woman practicing yoga.
10 Inspiring Yogis to Follow on Instagram
September 16, 2021
These 10 Instagram yogis and their aesthetically pleasing feeds will have you ready to roll out the mat and get moving.
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Assorted Garnier beauty products.
Garnier Committs to Sustainable Green Beauty
September 9, 2021
A journey to cleaner, greener beauty that will help all of us feel a little more beautiful.
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A hilly landscape shared by houses and farmland.
Top 5 Environmental Issues in Western PA Today
August 19, 2021
These issues are prevalent, but something can be done to improve them for the better.
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Two hands rubbing on sunscreen in front of a peach background.
The Best Clean Sunscreen Brands
August 12, 2021
Sunscreen is important for skin protection, but some brands can be toxic.
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The Effect Of Iron In Water And How To Remove It
The Effect Of Iron In Water And How To Remove It?
August 12, 2021
But what exactly is the effect of iron in water? Iron makes water stink and have a metallic taste. In high levels, iron changes the color of the water to red, yellow, or brown.
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An electric car with a plug in the front.
How much of a difference does an electric car make?
August 5, 2021
Are electric cars really so great for the environment or are they overhyped?
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A woman in a bathtub filled with a few sliced lemons and limes and a book, a bar of soap, and sunglasses on a shelf.
Self Care Ideas for Moms
July 29, 2021
Being a great mother is an awesome thing, but don’t forget to also take care of yourself!
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Tarot cards laid out on a table.
The Best Tarot Decks You Can Get on Amazon Right Now
July 22, 2021
Make sure you get yourself one of the best decks available.
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Salad ingredients all in different bowls around a large bowl of lettuce.
Are Vegetarians Healthier than Meat Eaters?
July 15, 2021
There is a good chance that eating a plant-based diet is naturally a lot healthier than a diet that includes meat products.
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A pot filled with mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and garlic.
Why do People go Vegetarian or Vegan?
July 8, 2021
Vegetarian and vegan diets grow in popularity every year, and there are very good reasons why.
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A salmon with the skin on.
Sustainable Seafood Brands
July 1, 2021
Finding sustainable seafood is possible.
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A woman laying on her back with hands hovering above her head.
What is Reiki?
June 24, 2021
This healing technique is not very well known, but worth getting to know better!
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5 Vegetarian Lunch Ideas
June 24, 2021
Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the good stuff when it comes to delicious lunches.
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Three people are sitting on a black silk sheet with their feet crossed and their hands on wrapped around their knees.
When Should I See A Chiropractor?
June 22, 2021
Seeing a chiropractor doesn’t always mean you have to be experiencing pain-- visiting a chiropractor could bring you overall wellness.
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A white table with bread, fruit, and orange juice next to a pot of flowers.
Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas
June 17, 2021
Breakfast is an important meal. Make sure you have fun with it!
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Sustainable Coffee and Tea Brands
June 16, 2021
Never worry again about where your favorite drink is coming from when you know about these practices and brands.
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The Latest on Pittsburgh’s Plastic Bag Ban -- What You Need to Know
June 11, 2021
Pittsburgh city council members have been moving to ban the use of single-use plastic bags in the city.
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A hand on top of tarot cards spread out on the table.
How to tell if your Tarot Reader is Legit
June 3, 2021
How to distinguish the real from the fake.
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The Top Teas for a Variety of Different Moods
June 2, 2021
Try these brewed teas to satisfy whatever mood you’re feeling.
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Pisces meme depicting them in a "good mental state," with Spongebob dressed as a flower and handing Squidward hearts and text that says love, kindness, positivity.
Here Are the Best Gifts for the Creative Pisces in Your Life
June 2, 2021
This is the ultimate gift guide for something that really speaks to their smart and creative personalities!
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A girl in the forest jumping up in excitement.
Here Are The Best Zodiac Inspired Gifts For Your Favorite Aquarius!
May 27, 2021
Your Aquarius friend is a spontaneous, independent, and free-spirited person. Give them a gift that’s as exciting as they are!
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Meme that reads: "Capricorns when they're great at everything but still meet their own expectations," and then depicts a cartoon of someone lifting an extremely heavy weight and saying, "I'm weak!"
Here Are the Best Gifts for the Hard-Working Capricorn in Your Life
May 26, 2021
These picks are perfect for any occasion in your favorite Capricorn’s life!
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Everything You Need to Know About the Fight Against Fracking in Western PA
May 24, 2021
Fracking is the driving force behind the oil and gas industry, but it comes at a heavy price for the environment. Here’s the rundown of what you need to know.
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meme for a Libra from the Hunger Games
Need a Gift for a Loyal Libra in Your Life? Look No Further Than These Zodiac Inspired Options
May 21, 2021
This Libra season, get your loved one something that speaks to their egalitarian star sign
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Here are the Best Zodiac Inspired Gifts for Your Favorite Sagittarius!
May 17, 2021
A gift guide for the hilarious, loyal, spontaneous Sagittarius in your life!
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A Black Lives Matter protestor holding a sign that reads "No Justice No Peace."
How You Can Begin the Fight Against Racism in Your Hometown
May 14, 2021
Because, yes, it really does start with you.
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Man reads book under tree.
Here Are the Top Gifts You Need to Get Your Favorite Scorpio
May 12, 2021
Because you’re definitely going to need help gifting for this star sign.
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Here Are the Best Zodiac Inspired Gifts for Your Favorite Gemini
May 7, 2021
Gemini season is right around the corner! Don’t forget to spoil your favorite Gemini with an amazing present.
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a desk
How To Be More Eco-Conscious at Work
May 6, 2021
Practice being more eco-friendly at work by checking out these easy tips to help your company save on energy and money
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Health and Environmental Concerns Emerge About Pittsburgh Cracker Plant
May 5, 2021
Royal Dutch Shell’s plant aims to produce over a million tons of plastic in the form of pellets, raising health and environmental concerns.
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Leo woman looking in the mirror.
The Best Zodiac Inspired Gifts Your Favorite Leo is Sure to Love
May 3, 2021
It’s always Leo season, so you may want to get your gifts ready!
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A meme about Cancer's and how much they cry.
Here Are the Best Gifts for Your Favorite Cancer
April 26, 2021
A gift guide inspired by the loyal and sensitive Cancer sign to spoil the Cancer in your life!
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Here are the Best Zodiac Inspired Gifts for Your Favorite Virgo
April 23, 2021
A gift guide filled with perfect picks for the Virgo in your life!
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Beautiful house plants making your home the most eco friendly it can be.
How to Make Your House the Most Eco Friendly it Can Be
April 21, 2021
You don’t have to go to the extremes to start making a difference in your home!
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A depiction of how fishing is kill ocean life.
Giving Up the Gills
April 19, 2021
Why Should We Stop Eating Fish?
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The taurus constellation.
Here Are the Best Zodiac Inspired Gifts for Your Favorite Taurus
April 19, 2021
With Taurus season arriving, we’ve got you covered on what to get your favorite Taurus for any occasion!
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a woman putting sunscreen on her legs
Eco-Friendly Sunscreen That Should Be in Your Bag This Summer
April 16, 2021
The best environmentally friendly sunscreen that you should be using this year to help protect the planet.
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Aries meme about how Aries are so amazing and they know it!
Zodiac Inspired Gifts for Your Favorite Aries
April 14, 2021
Aries season isn’t over yet! Don’t forget to spoil your favorite aries with these zodiac inspired presents!
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Two women sitting across from each other at a table eating. The woman on the left has dark brown hair and is resting her head in her left hand. The woman on the right has curly dark brown hair and is feeding the other woman with her right hand.
Incredible Vegan Fish Alternatives You Need to Try
April 13, 2021
Fish are friends, not food. Find an alternative that works for you!
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Man rides his bike as a form of transportation to continue his sustainable travel.
Sustainable Travel Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult with these Tips
April 12, 2021
Traveling sustainably is actually quite attainable, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!
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Protestors at the Stop Asian Hate movement
How You Can Help to Support Pittsburgh’s Asian Community
April 9, 2021
In a time where division is strong, it is important that we support each other and take a stand against AAPI hate
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Solar panels generating solar energy.
Understanding the Pennsylvania Governor’s Commitment to Solar Energy by 2023
April 7, 2021
Why is this such a groundbreaking and exciting initiative, even for those not in Pennsylvania?
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How to Make a Black Mirror for Scrying
April 7, 2021
Scrying is an ancient practice that allows the practitioner to communicate with the spirit world.
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A school of tuna fish near the surface of ocean.
Diving into Big Seafood Brands
April 7, 2021
Where is your seafood really coming from?
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Man practices vinyasa yoga on the beach.
Here is Everything You Need to Know About Vinyasa Yoga and its Importance
April 2, 2021
Find out the benefits of vinyasa yoga, and how it can enhance your yoga experience.
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a woman in a yoga pose
Understanding Ashtanga Yoga
April 1, 2021
Your Go-To Guide For All Things Ashtanga Yoga
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A man performs a yoga position against a blue sky.
Discovering the Practice of Iyengar Yoga
March 29, 2021
Iyengar yoga is a distinct practice of yoga known for its power and sophistication.
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Working out with Bikram yoga.
Everything You Need to Know About Bikram Yoga and How it Can Improve Your Yoga Experience
March 24, 2021
Learn all of the ins and outs of Bikram yoga, and how you can benefit from it!
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a woman playing electric guitar in a chair
The Benefits of Playing Guitar
March 22, 2021
thinking about learning to play guitar? This is your sign to do it!
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A woman practices anusara yoga.
Discovering the Practice of Anusara Yoga
March 19, 2021
Anusara yoga centers itself on finding and experiencing bliss in yoga practice and daily life.
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Woman performing quadruped stretch.
Quadruped Yoga Poses You Need to Improve Your Yoga Practice
March 15, 2021
From beginners to yoga experts, there are plenty of benefits you can get from practicing quadruped yoga poses.
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A person watching the sunset on a beach with their arms up in the air
How To Attract Miracles Using The Law of Attraction
March 12, 2021
follow these three easy steps to see the Law of Attraction in action
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Hands around a crystal ball
First Quarter Moon Rituals
March 10, 2021
A guide to moon rituals appropriate for the first lunar quarter.
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A group of people sitting on a hill in a park.
Feeling Trapped in City Life? These Tips Will Help You Connect With Nature
March 5, 2021
Finding ways to get out and enjoy nature can be difficult when you live in a city, but here are a few ways you can feel grounded by connecting with it.
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Woman looking out window.
Signs to Look for if Your Third Eye Chakra is Overactive
March 3, 2021
The third eye chakra is known for enhancing imagination, focus, and wisdom, but you don’t want it to become overactive.
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knight of pentacles tarot card art
Nose to the Grindstone: Reading The Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card
February 24, 2021
How to go beyond the guidebook and read the Knight of Pentacles in any situation
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A person holding up a sign that says "There is NO Planet B"
Do Your Part to Lower Your Carbon Footprint in 2021 by Taking These Easy Steps
February 22, 2021
We all have to step in to prevent climate change. Here are a few easy but impactful things you can do this year to help the effort.
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Kids celebrating at a zero waste birthday party.
How to Throw the Best Zero Waste Kids Birthday Party
February 19, 2021
Give your kids the best birthday party experience, while keeping it environmentally friendly!
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A woman walks into nature.
Important Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Walking in Nature
February 18, 2021
All the reasons you should be incorporating outdoor time into your schedule!
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A man in a meditative posture
What to Bring To Kripalu Yoga Class
February 17, 2021
everything you need to have the best yogic experience
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knight of swords tarot card
Fools Go Rushing In: The Knight of Swords Tarot Card
February 12, 2021
How to work with the Knight of Swords and interpret it in any reading
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A busker sits in front of a colorful wall playing their guitar.
How to Effectively Dominate and Achieve Success while Busking
February 11, 2021
The top tips you need to be successful at busking!
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Five succulents lined up in a row.
Eco-friendly Gifts Your Valentine (and Mother Earth) Will Love
February 10, 2021
Show your loved one some appreciation this Valentine’s Day with these eco-friendly gift ideas.
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Woman opening arms in a field in approach to aligning her solar plexus chakra.
Important Signs to Look for When Opening Your Solar Plexus Chakra
February 8, 2021
Home to your internal power, your solar plexus chakra could be opening without you even realizing it.
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A gold background with a silhouette of a man seated in a meditation posture with glowing balls of colored chakras lined up through his spine
Chakra-Inspired Yoga Flow (And Why It Matters)
February 5, 2021
align your chakras with seven easy poses in this relaxing yoga flow
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Woman applying makeup
The Must-Have Eco Friendly Makeup Brands You Need in 2021
February 4, 2021
The seven best and ethical makeup brands on the market right now
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knight of cups on a horse
Knight of Cups: Understanding the Tarot Card
February 1, 2021
From guidebook meaning to interpreting a card spread, here’s everything you need to know about working with the Knight of Cups
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A set of colorful and shiny tarot cards laid out on a purple table.
Pretty Tarot Decks You Didn’t Know You Needed
January 29, 2021
Time to spice up your tarot card collection? These gorgeous decks will make it breathtaking.
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Must-Have Sustainable Baby Products for the Environmentally Conscious Family
January 28, 2021
The best environmentally conscious baby products you need to be using to help save our planet.
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knight of wands tarot card art
Knight of Wands Tarot Card Explained
January 15, 2021
Your personal guide to understanding the Knight of Wands and how to interpret it in any reading
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queen of pentacles tarot card
Practical Nurturing: the Queen of Pentacles
January 8, 2021
How to read and interpret the Queen of Pentacles in any reading
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queen of swords tarot card art
With Sword and Head Held High: Queen of Swords
January 6, 2021
How to interpret the Queen of Swords Tarot Card in any reading
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