Skill-Based Gaming In Casinos

There are quite a few titles available on a modern online casino website. On average, a gaming platform will have at least 100 games in its portfolio. Basically, these offerings can be categorized into two major types: games of chance/luck and skill-based.

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Games of luck seem to be the most popular offering at an online casino. The best example is the slot machine, which seems to be the favorite of many players. Also in this category are roulette, bingo, and lotteries. These are titles that do not require the player to be skilled or possess a strategy because the outcomes are randomly generated.

On the other hand, skill-based games are offerings that reward player skillfulness. You must understand the game's rudiments and develop a strategy before playing. Recently, the demand for titles in this category has spiked due to many reasons, which will be reviewed here.

Why Are Skilled-based Games Becoming More Popular In Online Casinos?

The iGaming industry is changing constantly and rapidly. The reason is that it is a market driven by technology and customer demand, which can also change with time. In the same way, the free spins bonus for just $1 is trending across platforms, and so is the demand for skill-based games. Players in Canada are fond of this promotion that allows them to top-up with a dollar and get a decent number of free spins. Also, they want to be rewarded for their skills when they engage in casino gambling.

Skill-based games have always been part of online casino offerings right from time. Poker, baccarat, and blackjack are even some titles you will see in a land-based gaming house. However, there is an unusual demand for them now on online platforms. Some factors have been identified for the rise in popularity, and they are highlighted as follows:

Huge reward for a smart player

There is a possibility of hitting a huge payout if you know your way around these titles. Players who have mastered the game and are sure of their offering usually bet with a huge bankroll. It allows them to explore skill-based games and get a big payout in return when the outcome is favorable. There are records of people who have become millionaires by just playing poker.

Enhances cognitive skills

Games of skill are always demanding and require the player to do mental calculations. For instance, experts in blackjack are known to adopt a particular strategy called card counting. This approach helps enhance cognitive ability and the development of problem-solving skills.

The advent of modern games

Consumer taste in the casino industry is subject to change with the growth of video games, play-to-earn, and NFTs. Modern innovations that reward players for completing a task are now popular, making people demand the same offering in casinos. Xbox, PS4, PUBG, and other new titles are responsible for the change.

Most Common Skill-based Games In Online Casino

Some people think all table games are skill-based, which is not true. There are even modern slots that are not based on chance. Below is a quick overview of the most common titles:


This is unarguably the most popular skill-based game on any casino platform. It usually has different variations: Texas Hold’em, Five-card stud, Seven-card stud, Omaha, and Razz. The game aims to finish with the best hand compared to the dealer’s or opposing player's. Major skills required to play are decision-making, patience, precise calculations, and keeping your opponent in suspense. 

The house edge for poker can be as high as 2.5%, depending on the platform you are playing on. You may have to be at the intermediate level to win a reasonable payout from the game. 


It is regarded as the trickiest game you can ever play in an online casino and a perfect example of a skill-based title. A mathematical calculation is needed to influence your decisions in Blackjack. Other skills you may use are hole carding, shuffle tracking, and card counting, which may be restricted in some casinos. Here you play against the dealer, and the house edge for the game is about 0.5%.

Skill-based Slots

Here is a modern development that combines skill-based learning with a touch of a random outcome. The main game uses RNG, but it also includes a bonus round that requires the logic and skill of the player. The innovation makes it easy for players to depend on double options to get paid. 


Although the outcome of a die thrown is purely based on luck, some game elements qualify it to be categorised as skill-based. Decision-making skills and critical thinking are needed to make the best of the outcome of the dice, regardless of how small it is. You may need to learn the standard strategies and bet types to use in different situations.

Final Words

Skill-based games are becoming prominent across all gaming platforms, especially in the wake of video games that reward you when you play. The casino industry is also redefining its offerings to become more appealing to players. Overall, the titles categorized under the game of skills are always demanding, but they pay best when you know your way around them.

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