5 Steps Guide: How to Flirt over Text Online with a Woman?

A five-step guide on ensuring your flirting with girls brings desirable results regardless of their tastes in men.

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Most men spend their lives trying to master the art of flirting with single girls. Every woman is unique and therefore requires a specific approach making the process of learning even harder. What works in one setting won’t work in another, and if you manage to win one girl over with a corny pick-up line, it doesn’t mean you can use it for the rest of your life and hope for the same results every time. Still, there are some patterns that may help you on your journey of getting dates with local hotties. Today, we will share a five-step guide on ensuring your flirting with girls brings desirable results regardless of their tastes in men.

Step 1: Choose the Right Place to Start

The platform you use when flirting with locals determines your chances for success. For example, if you try to approach any girl on social media, chances are she won’t talk to you at all. People on social media spend their time pursuing entertainment for the most part rather than romantic purposes. That’s why you probably had no luck flirting on Instagram or Facebook. But the moment you change your area of seeking dates, you can notice a drastic change in how women react to your flirty messages. That’s what happens if you use specialized dating platforms instead of social media. If you want to be successful in local flirt, consider switching to online dating. People on these sites gather specifically to pursue romance; they chat, flirt, and arrange dates daily, so it will be a perfect setup to start your dating journey.

Step 2: Make Use of the Info They Share on Their Profiles

Now, after you decide on a platform that works best for you, it’s time to find some sure-fire topics to start a conversation with local girls. After you find a perfect girl using built-in filters, you must figure out the best way to approach her. Given that each woman requires a unique approach, you might want to learn something specific about her tastes, hobbies, or anything in between. To do that, instead of reaching out to her and asking straight up, why don’t you check out her dating profile first? People normally include some essential facts about themselves in their profiles when on dating sites to ensure they attract only like-minded individuals. Reading her profile before sending the first message helps determine whether you click and gives you insight into the best ways to start a conversation with her.

Step 3: Don’t Be Mean

You don’t want to sound too eager or obsessed, no matter how attractive she is. Contrary to popular opinion among men, the art of flirting is not about breaking into a girl’s direct messages and offering to hook up. No one is going to tolerate such behavior. Women on dating sites are open to flirting and new experiences, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in any effort. Instead of being rude, as most men do for some reason, be a gentleman. Believe us when we say it will definitely help you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of success.

Step 4: Show Interest

If you want your flirt to get positive feedback, simple compliments about her appearance are not enough. You have to show the girl that you are genuinely interested in her. It’s not enough to say that she has beautiful eyes and a stunning body; you need to show interest in her as a person. So, start asking leading questions based on the information you get from her profile. If she has a hobby listed on her profile, ask her why she chose to do it and ask to see examples of her work or share whatever it is she’s accomplished. Admire her work and compliment her talent. That way, your words won’t sound like empty praise for your own selfish purposes. Women are not just pretty covers, and you must remember that.

Step 5: Don’t Keep Things Online for Too Long

If you want your online flirt to turn into something meaningful, remember that you shouldn’t keep your communication on the Internet for too long. If you finally meet a perfect local girl, you find common ground and are obviously interested in each other, don’t wait for a perfect moment to come; just ask her out. The optimal time for this is the third or fourth day after meeting her online. The first three days are enough to learn everything about her you need to know so that later when you meet over a cup of coffee, you feel comfortable in each other’s company and already have common topics to discuss.

Now, you are one step closer to becoming a master of flirting! Remember the tips discussed today the next time you aim to find a date, and you are bound to succeed.

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