Secrets of a Successful Hookup Dater

Some people seem to be born for hookups. They can be successful with whomever they want whenever they want.


No one is out of their league. And surprisingly, not all of those people are super attractive, rich, or of high status.

Of course, all that helps. Everyone who tells you differently has some secret intentions. One of the most common and evil marketing techniques is making your prospects feel like their problems aren’t their fault and that the things they think they need to get results are irrelevant.

Dating coaches use it to make people think that status and looks have nothing to do with dating but to spark hope in their souls, so they buy whatever a coach is selling. That’s why one of the most important things anyone can do nowadays is to think about the motives of a person making a claim. Everyone who tells you that money and looks don’t open more dating opportunities doesn’t have clear intentions.

And that’s terrible because one of the secrets known to those who get a lot of action on hookup sites is that honesty beats everything.

Clear Intentions and Communication

This is the most valuable part of this article if you want to start getting a bunch of hookups near you. Honesty shown through clear communication makes all the difference, especially for regular people.

That’s why singles who join the site created for connecting people looking for local hookups and share their intentions in the description get so many more dates. Being on a site where everyone openly pursues physical intimacy ensures there are no masked intentions. That’s a solid first step because it makes it easier to trust other members of the local hookup site.

Still, it’s widely known that people tend to lie on their dating profiles. Women usually lie about weight and age. Men lie about income, height, and some other parameters.

People aren’t stupid. And live video chat is a common feature nowadays. It’s pointless to exaggerate anything because it’s so simple to get busted.

Effective Use of Dating Outlets

We touched on this in the previous paragraph. Now, let’s expand it a bit.

Choosing the Right Platform

Picking the right platform ensures a pool of like-minded individuals, which saves time and helps everyone relax. On general sites, singles can waste time determining each other’s intentions. Many women seeking hookups are afraid that they might be judged as too aggressive if they’re honest on such sites. And men are worried that they may be labeled as creeps if they ask girls they don’t actually know to meet for a casual hook up.

Niche sites, especially local niche sites if you’re looking for hookups near you, are the ideal tool for avoiding both those issues.

Everyone is motivated by physical satisfaction, they want to get a nearby hookup ASAP, so communication is more open and relaxed. There’s no testing the water at first. Members can start flirting because they know they want the same thing.

Crafting an Intriguing Profile

Yet online dating is not magic. It’s not enough to join a local hookup site and wait for messages. Those messages may never come without a profile that grabs attention.

Here are 3 important rules for creating an intriguing online dating platform:

  • Don’t over edit photos with filters
  • Use your recent photos

It is also recommended to mention your hobby or passions that may look appealing. No one would argue that a DJ or a fighter is way more intriguing hookup material compared to some regular guy.

Sense of Style and Self-worth

Confidence comes from self-worth. Self-worth partially comes from having style. Successful hookup daters know that they can’t bring their partners into a man cave with nothing but a mattress and a 6-pack in it.

So investing in clothes, scent candles, and even nice sheets can help you get more hookups near you. And what we buy shows who we are, so those who choose eco-friendly comfort show that they care about nature the same as they care about their partners’ overall satisfaction.

Competence in Reading Signals

This is a common problem, especially for men. You may think that women can hook up with whomever they want, but women fail in seducing as well. One of the reasons is that their signals are more subtle than male signals.

Nothing beats experience, so the best way to level up this skill is flirting on hookup sites and in person.

Mastery of Hookup Etiquette

Hookup etiquette refers to the social norms and behaviors everyone is expected to follow.

We’ll list 8 factors every individual seeking hookups should always keep in mind if they want to keep their reputation pure and their bodies satisfied:

  • Clear Communication
  • Consent
  • Respect
  • Safety
  • Clear Exit Strategy
  • Discretion
  • Post-Hookup Communication
  • Gratitude

It all comes back to being a good human being. Honesty is the best policy, even in hookup culture, because there’s always someone looking for someone exactly like you. If you pretend to be someone else, they won’t recognize you. It’s that simple.

Kellee Maize Team

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