Sacral Chakra: Balancing Your Creativity and Pleasure

Of the seven chakras that energy flows through, the sacral chakra is an important center for emotion.

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Do you ever feel unfulfilled or out of balance? Ancient thought has led us to believe that energy centers called chakras control the body. There are seven main chakras that are thought to control quality of life:

  • Root Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra
  • Crown Chakra

Getting in tune with your chakras is essential to your emotional and spiritual well-being. Read on to see how you can enhance your emotional experiences through balancing your sacral chakra.

Today we are going to explore the following aspects of the sacral chakra:

  • Location
  • What it controls
  • Signs of an imbalance
  • How to rebalance

Location of the Sacral Chakra

Knowing the location of the sacral chakra is important because it is associated with many body systems that can also affect and be affected by a chakral imbalance.

The sacral chakra is approximately three inches below your navel on the the front and near your lumbar vertebrae in the back. The genitals and lymphatic system are most associated with the sacral chakra.

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What the Sacral Chakra Controls

The sacral chakra has been known to control emotional balance, specifically passion, sexuality, and relationships. This extends to fantasies and creativity as well.

Sensation, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, is controlled by the sacral chakra. Pleasure and the ability to experience it is rooted in this chakra, and taking control of this important control center can increase your mental flexibility.

Overall, the sacral chakra is a significant part of everyday experience.

Signs of Sacral Chakra Imbalance

Since the sacral chakra is responsible for emotional and sensual balance, a sacral imbalance affects many aspects of your life. Some signs of this include issues with relationships and independence. You may find yourself fantasizing in unhealthy ways without taking action.

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A closed chakra could lead to feelings of inadequacy and a dissociation from emotion. Other signs of a sacral chakra imbalance are:

While some of these things could be caused by daily situations, a sacral chakra imbalance could be adding to your stress. A blocked chakra manifests itself in many forms that are not immediately evident.

Sometimes, the symptoms of a sacral imbalance develop slowly. Do you ever find it more difficult to fully engage in things that made you happy? Maybe you have a sacral imbalance that is preventing you from being in tune with your emotions and pursuing your passions. Instead, you may find yourself harboring a false sense of security and refusing to confront your emotions, leading to even more emotional distress.

How to Rebalance Your Sacral Chakra

Now that we’ve discussed the effects of a blocked sacral chakra, let’s discuss how to rebalance it and make the most of your internal energy.

When sacral chakras are open, people tend to be more aware of their emotions and what they want to accomplish. This results in a more fulfilling life because of an enhanced sense of purpose.

Before discussing more specific ways to rebalance your sacral chakra, it is important to acknowledge that one of the most effective ways to rebalance your sacral chakra is simply doing things you know you enjoy. Sometimes in the chaos of everyday routines, you forget the things that made you happy. By returning back to your roots and doing things that you know make you happy, you can begin the process of healing your imbalanced chakra.

Additional things to practice to rebalance your sacral chakra include:

  • Meditating
  • Massages
  • Chanting
  • Mindfulness

Some meditative practices specifically for your sacral chakra are pelvic thrusts and cobra yoga pose. Sun salutations provide a double benefit as well. The meditation itself helps with rebalance while starting your day with a calming practices sets you up for a day of meaningful, fulfilling interactions.

Massages and acupuncture have also helped with stress and rebalance in general, leading to a more balanced sacral chakra. Keeping a clear mind and purpose also contribute to the rebalancing process since you will begin counteracting the effects of an imbalanced chakra directly.


The sacral chakra affects many aspects of life, so engaging in the suggested rebalancing practices could lead to a more meaningful and fulfilled life. Keeping in touch with your emotions and opening yourself up to experiences will allow you to rebalance your sacral chakra and enhance your life.  

Kellee Maize Team

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