How Do You Activate Chakra Stones?

You can easily activate chakra stones to help bring balance to your chakras!

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If you’ve felt a little off balance lately, perhaps it’s time to actively work to balance out the flow of energy in your body. The seven chakras are important centers of energy, and when they are blocked, it can lead to issues that can affect us physically and emotionally. It’s important to try and work to keep the chakras open, so that energy does not become stuck and can freely move about the body as it was designed to do. 

A great way to help keep your energy moving so you can operate at your highest vibration is to work with chakra stones to keep your chakras open. Chakra stones are helpful because they can use their inherent energy to work with the vibrations of your chakras. But what’s the best way to activate them? In this post, we’re going to talk about:

  • Why it’s a good idea to use stones with your chakras
  • How to activate your chakra stones
  • Ways to incorporate stones into your chakra work

Why Use Stones with Your Chakras?

How can stones assist with your chakras?

chakra stone balancing
Using chakra stones to balance out your chakras is a good practice to put into play. Image courtesy of Youtube.

Many people are becoming more aware of the benefits of including chakra stones into their daily routines. When it comes to keeping the chakras open so energy can flow freely, chakra stones offer us a great way to focus our energy and intention. When chakras get out of alignment, it can be for a variety of reasons, but there are ways you can work to open them back up so they are balanced.

  1. Work on your diet. When working to restore balance to your chakras, don’t forget how important what you’re putting into your body is. When you’re working to eat a balanced, healthy diet, your chakras will respond accordingly.
  2. Meditate or do yoga. Spending time meditating or participating in a moving meditation such as yoga is a great way to move around the energy of your body and works to clear the mind.
  3. Breathwork. Bringing in new breath stimulates the chakras and moves around the stale energy.
  4. Crystals/stones. You can utilize the energy of stones associated with the different chakras to help them open and bring them back into alignment. 

Stones are a great visual and energetic tool to help focus your energy on a specific chakra. There are a variety of different stones associated with each chakra, allowing you to choose a color and vibration that works best for your body. Choose a stone (or a few) for each chakra, and allow that to be its only purpose. Next, you’ll need to activate them!

How to Activate Chakra Stones

Activate your chakra stones so they can get to work

variety of stones and crystals
Make sure to activate each of the stones you intend to use with your chakras. Image courtesy of Tiny Rituals.

Once you’ve found your chakra stones for each of the seven chakras, it’s time to activate them so they can go to work helping you to open and balance your chakras. You’ll want to do this for each separate stone and its corresponding chakra, one at a time. Take your stone, and either hold it near your chakra or lay down and place it in the area of the chakra. You’ll then want to visualize all the ways in which this stone can help you unblock the stale energy and restore the flow throughout the body. It helps to think of how this stone can help you and what goals you’d like to achieve by balancing and restoring a specific chakra. 

You may want to start out each chakra stone activation stating an intention of exactly what you’d like it to do. Something like “I choose to dedicate this stone to the highest good of the heart chakra and increase love, joy, and happiness,” or any statement like this. That way it’s clear what the stone is being activated for, and what you can expect it to do.

After you activate each stone for your chakras, you can start to use them with your chakra work. You may find that you like to use more than one stone for a chakra, and that’s completely fine. Work with the stones that you're drawn to—those are the stones with the energy that is just right for you. 

Some people may choose to carry their stones that they’ve activated around with them for a period of time afterwards, seven days for example. If you choose to do this, consider putting all your chakra stones into a bag that can easily be transported with you, so that you don’t accidentally leave a stone in your pocket and lose it!

Ways to Incorporate Chakra Stones to Unblock Chakras 

How to use chakra stones to unblock energy

quartz crystals
Use your chakra stones routinely to keep the energy flowing through your body. Image courtesy of Gaia.

When you’ve got your stones all activated, now you can put them to work helping to balance out your body’s energy and unblock your chakras. There are a couple of ways we suggest you can easily do this, but if you have another way that speaks to you, by all means follow your intuition on this! 

  • Meditate with your stones near your chakras. Just like you did when you were activating your stones, when you’re ready to put them to work, gently hold them near a chakra or lay down and place the stone directly on that area of your body. Then, visualize the color of that chakra and the energy that resides there. Picture your stone helping to unblock that chakra and restoring flow.
  • Consider keeping a stone on you for a day. If you want to take a deep dive into working on one particular chakra, consider taking the stone associated with it and keeping it on your person for a day. Whether in your pocket or as a piece of jewelry, you’ll keep your focus on that stone and the chakra throughout the day.
  • Create a chakra crystal grid. Harness the power of crystal grids and sacred geometry by creating a chakra crystal grid to focus your energy and bring back balance.
  • Bring your stones to yoga. If you have a space at home where you can do yoga, consider bringing your activated stones to sit nearby while you focus on poses that help open the chakras. Allow the stones to amplify how your breath, poses, and meditation can help unblock any stale energy.

Chakra stones are easy to activate, and they can be made a part of your routine chakra work. Don’t wait for a chakra imbalance, instead actively check in with your energy centers to ensure there are no blockages!

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