How to Match Your Aesthetic With Your Tarot Deck

10 Aesthetic Pleasing Tarot Decks To Check Out ASAP

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There are no doubts that decks of tarot cards are hot right now. However, how do you find the right deck for you? From whimsical to diverse and buzz-worthy tarot decks, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the possibilities, but it is also hard to find the right type of cards that speak to you and match your aesthetic. Some people who are interested in tarot may not know, but picking your deck is a very important process as you will want to use a deck which you are drawn to-- whether it is by the imagery, the artistic style, your intuition, or all of these combined. The truth is that you will want a tarot deck which you can feel comfortable and familiar with once you start to practice your readings. 

When perusing for tarot decks, it is important to be able to check out as many options as possible! So, in order to help you, we have compiled a list of 10 aesthetic pleasing tarot decks whose beauty and diversity hopefully will resonate with your own aesthetic, as well as help you find the perfect tarot deck for yourself and/or for your growing collection! Check them out ASAP! 

1. Amiibo Cards Deck 

Amiibo Tarot Deck
Who said that Animal Crossing and witchcraft didn’t mix? Image courtesy of Ugoly

The Animal Crossing fever is far from being over and we are here to prove that no, you don’t have enough Animal Crossing themed merchandise! At Ugoly, you can get personalized Amiibo cards which offer an aesthetically pleasing and an incredibly cute alternative to the usual deck of tarot cards! When you shop at Ugoly, you are helping an artist sell their art while also making sure that you are receiving a unique product. You can check out the store for a different version of the Amiibo cards, but either way they are incredibly cute and perfect for those who love Animal Crossing and witchcraft alike! 

2. Healing Mantra Tarot Deck

Healing Mantra Deck
Spread positivity through tarot. Image courtesy of LovaineJames.

Treat yourself to a tarot deck which is filled with positivity and good vibes. This deck is filled with sweet mantras to help you heal yourself and others through tarot reading. There are no doubts that we are living under difficult and uncertain times where it seems harder and harder to find reasons to smile; however, the Healing Mantra is here to remind you that it is possible to find light and relief even under the darkest of circumstances. This tarot deck is perfect for those who understand the importance of self-love and who believe that words have healing powers. Besides, the Healing Mantra deck is so beautifully designed that it is impossible to not want to check it out. 

3. Occult Tarot Deck

Occult Tarot Deck
Delve into the occult with the perfect tarot deck. Image courtesy of CLSuppliesDesign.

Who knows better about tarot decks than a professional occultist? The Occult Tarot is a tarot deck by Travis McHenry who is a part of the Bloodstone Studios whose mission is to celebrate the occult and help you do the same. There are different variations to the Occult Tarot due to its high demands and it is possible to find multiple versions, as well as copycats, online. However, if you wish to purchase a product which is original and unique, the best way is to check out the website of Bloodstone Studios. There is nothing like a deck which exhales mysticism to help you get in the mood for a tarot reading. 

4. Tattoo Tarot Deck

Tattoo Tarot Deck
Artsy tarot decks are simply impossible to resist. Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Tattoos are both a form of art and of self-expression. There are no doubts that tattoos say a lot about a person, and a tarot deck inspired by tattoos would not act differently. The illustrations on the Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition designed by Diana McMahon-Collins are a masterpiece and it is almost impossible not to feel drawn towards them. The truth is that this tarot deck is a work of art within itself and you probably will feel divided between wanting to use the cards and wanting to use them as decoration. There is also a certain vintage and hipster hint to this deck which makes it worthy of being checked out ASAP. 

5. Kawaii Tarot Deck

Kawaii Tarot Deck
Kawaii tarot is everything you’ve been looking for. Image courtesy of Amazon

Even though tarot is often associated with witchcraft and occultism, the fact that it has become a part of mainstream culture has allowed for tarot decks to be inspired by different aesthetics and cultures alike. The Kawaii Tarot is the proof that tarot decks can be filled with the most adorable and cute designs, while also inspiring a professional and substantial reading. Everything about this tarot deck inspires calm and happiness which are perfect for those who are a fan of the Kawaii culture and/or pastel tones. This is the perfect tarot deck for beginners or simply to be added to your collection. 

6. Cat Tarot Deck

Cat Tarot Deck
Be overflowing with cuteness with the Cat Tarot Deck. Image courtesy of Amazon

Multiple witches all over the world choose cats as their familiars as the link between witches and cats goes as far back as the history of witchcraft. Therefore, what better animal to be portrayed on a deck of tarot cards than a cat? Not only cats are extremely cute and beautiful creatures, but they are also extremely powerful. The Cat Tarot deck is here to help make your tarot readings incredibly cute, authentic, and special. The illustrations undoubtedly will put a smile on your face and you should prepare to overflow yourself with cuteness! Tarot readings will never be the same with this deck. 

7. Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Modern Witch Tarot Deck
Empower your witchy side with the Modern Witch Tarot Deck. Image courtesy of Amazon

The granddaughters of the witches they didn’t burn are very much alive and powerful, thank you very much for asking. The Modern Witch tarot deck is here to help every modern witch find their way, connect with their ancestors and their inner witches, and help others do the same. This tarot deck is a contemporary and youth approach to tarot reading in order to attract those who may not be too familiar with the world of witchcraft. There is nothing better than finding a tarot deck which empowers women and takes into account the views of young folk. This deck is very  popular and it is worth checking out the hype

8. Movie Tarot Deck

Movie Tarot Deck
Cool tarot cards to take your tarot readings to the next level. Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

The best part of tarot becoming a part of mainstream culture is the clash between the occult and pop culture. Who doesn’t love pop culture? If you are the type of person who thinks that there is nothing better than talking about your favorite movies, you will soon find out that reading tarot cards which are inspired by your favorite movies is better. The Movie Tarot deck is inspired by movies such as Kill Bill, Donnie Darko, Forrest Gump, and more! Every card is a work of art and it is guaranteed that you will spend some time appreciating each card and identifying the different movies. 

9. Baby Tarot Deck

Baby Tarot Deck
Unexpected tarot decks are the best types of tarot decks. Image courtesy of BabyTarot.

Who said that babies and tarot decks didn’t match? There are so many moms and moms-to-be out there who are obsessed with tarot cards and, if they knew that this deck existed, would be dying to put their hands on the Baby Tarot deck. You may not be a child person, but you cannot deny that babies are cute; especially the ones illustrated over each card within the Baby Tarot deck. This could be the perfect baby shower gift or the perfect gift to yourself if you are a mom-to-be, as someone who appreciates how cute babies can be, or simply as someone who works with babies in general. 

10. Star Spinner Tarot Deck

Star Spinner Tarot deck surrounded by an incense, a candle, and a crystal
Embrace diversity and exercise your witchy side at the same time! Image courtesy of Amazon

We are living in a time where the demand for diversity and representativity grows at every moment. People want to see themselves represented whether it is on the big screen or tarot cards. The Star Spinner Tarot deck is the perfect answer for those who are interested in a tarot deck which embraces different genders, sexualities, and races. All the illustrations within the Star Spinner are incredibly gorgeous and they seem almost as if they have a story to tell; which only helps you to find inspiration throughout your reading. This deck is very modern and aesthetically pleasing; so, don’t think twice about checking it out!

There are so many aesthetically beautiful tarot decks out there just waiting for you to discover them! Don’t be afraid to explore the different tarot decks present in this article and listen to your heart as you feel more drawn towards a certain deck of cards. After all, tarot is about intuition and finding yourself. 

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