Whimsical, Cute, and Cool Tarot Decks to Add to Your Collection

11 Tarot Decks to Make Your Collection Even More Perfect

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If you are looking for tarot decks to add to your collection, chances are you already know how to choose the perfect tarot deck for yourself. However, you can find everything you need to know about choosing a tarot deck on Buzz-Worthy New, Traditional, And Indie Tarot Decks as, if this is your first time buying a deck, it is important to be able to pick the right one. Furthermore, whether you are a pro at tarot or not, we’ve compiled a list with eleven whimsical, cute, and cool tarot decks that will not only add more magic to your collection, but also keep your options open for the perfect reading. 

A picture of the lovers card depicting two women kissing
The Modern Love Tarot deck is full of beautiful, colorful designs. Image courtesy of Ethony.

1. Modern Lover Tarot Deck

The Modern Lover Tarot Deck - Exploring Many Facets of Love is a deck by Ethony. This is a 78 card deck that comes with a guide book and a hard keepsake box. This deck is inspired by modern love and from the idea that a lot of people seeking tarot readings are in search of answers about love. This deck is ideal for anyone seeking guidance for their own love life or who wishes to help others within their own paths. 

The drawings in the cards were designed by the owner of Ethony themselves which only adds to their importance. Even though these cards will only begin to ship by November 2020, it is totally worth it to check them out and pre-order them. They also have a lot of other incredible tarot decks worthy of your attention.

St. Soleil is a cool tarot deck with classy gold designs set against a black background for stunning effect. Image courtesy of St Soleil.

2. St Soleil Tarot Deck

The St Soleil is a deck by Bringers of the Dawn. This is a 78 card deck that comes with a black and gold keepsake box as well as a hand selected crystal. It does not come with a guide which means it is not ideal for someone who is beginning to learn how to read tarot cards. Nevertheless, the illustrations in this deck are inspired by the Zodiac and Celestial Realms. There is a certain ethereal aura that surrounds this deck and the black and gold from the cards is extremely inviting, almost as if the cards are calling you to them. 

This is such a beautifully done deck and it actually started to ship on September 9th, which means that you do not have to wait to get your hands on them. You should also check out the store as you may find a lot of other tarot related products which will capture your attention. 

The Moondust Tarot deck is an elegant black and white addition to any tarot reader's collection. Image courtesy of Etsy.

3. Moondust Tarot Deck

This is a deck by Terra Soleil Co. This is a 23 card deck that only includes the Major Arcana. It comes with a reusable linen ritual bag, and a hand selected crystal. Even though this is a simpler deck and you can draw a card everyday for a reading. However, it can be used on its own, but it is advised to use it in conjunction with a full deck. 

This deck does not come with a guidebook, but it is perfect for beginners to become familiar with the Major Arcana, but can be used by more experienced readers as a complement to their full deck. The designs are very delicate and whimsical at the same time and it is totally worth it to check it out as well with the other products in the store. 

The Apparition Tarot Deck is a cool for tarot readers with a quirky side. Image courtesy of Spirt Speak.

4. Apparition Tarot Deck

This is a deck by Spirit Speak. Even though it is not specified how many cards are present in this deck, it does come with a safekeep box and a detailed booklet to help guide your reading. This is an extremely authentic, unique, and beautifully designed deck that will make you have second thoughts about actually using the cards so they don’t end up getting ruined. 

There is a certain vintage aspect to this deck that only adds up to its mysticism and draws you towards them. This is actually part of a 6 deck series by Spirit Series and it is worth checking all of them every time you feel tempted to add more decks to your collection.  

This cool tarot deck features attractive minimalist art. Image courtesy of Etsy.

5. Soul Revived Tarot Deck

This is a deck by Apt. 1708. This is a 50 card deck containing the Major Arcana and it does not specify whether or not it comes with a safekeep box or a guidebook. However, this deck is advised to be used alongside a tarot course aimed towards healing from divorce and more information can be found within the stores’ page. Even though this deck can be used individually, it is aimed towards helping you navigate through a divorce or a hard break up and healing your soul. 

Everyone knows how ending a relationship can be difficult and traumatic, but it helps to know that you can also lean on tarot cards in order to find peace. The boho designs on the cards resemble a lot of the trends that have taken over social media and it will be a beautiful addition to your collection. 

A picture of the kapeseek box alongside with the tarot deck
Image courtesy of Sick Sad Girl Shop.

6. Moon Power Tarot Deck

This is a deck by Sick Sad Girl Shop. This is a 78 card deck and comes with a small guide book as well as a two-piece safekeep box. It contains both the Major and Minor Arcanas and it is aimed towards more experienced readers. It is impossible not to be drawn by the cards’ designs as the colors are so negative yet vivid which does not resemble anything you might have seen in a deck before. 

Everything about these cards scream girl power and it will be hard not to feel at least tempted to add them to your collection. This is a very unique and beautiful deck that would make any collection feel complete. It is  worth it to check it out alongside with the rest of the store.

The Crystal Unicorn Tarot Deck is full of beautiful pastel designs that are sure to add a bit of magick to your day. Image courtesy of Etsy.

7. Crystal Unicorn Tarot Deck

This is a deck by Magical Palm. This is a 78 card deck that contains both the Major and Minor Arcanas. It comes with a keepsake box as well as a guidebook. This is perfect for both beginners and more experienced readers and it is based on the traditional Rider-Waite deck. All the cards have beautiful designs and feature both unicorns and crystals and even the box is beautifully crafted. 

Even though this deck may seem childish, it is actually very serious and you should not be fooled by it. This deck has such a clean and inviting energy and you will find yourself actually taking your time to admire the cards before starting to use them. There is also a coloring book inspired by it which only adds to the beauty of the deck itself and draws you to it. 

Give them as a gift to the coolest witch you know or snag these unique tarot cards for yourself. Image courtesy of Etsy.

8. Witch Folk Tarot Deck

This is a deck by Dark Synevyr Store. This is a 78 card deck and it comes with a keepsake box as well as a guide book. Even though this deck is only available for pre-order as it will be sold in early 2021, its designs are so beautiful and uniquely done that it is impossible not to mention it. This deck seems like something out of a fairytale and surely will make your collection feel more than special as there aren’t a lot of decks like this one out there. Even if you don’t feel like waiting until next year, you can check the store for several other tarot decks that are just as beautiful. Still, it might be completely worth the wait if it means to have such a beautiful deck on your collection.

These stunning tarot cards look like works of art. Maybe it's best not to choose just one! Image courtesy of James Reads.

9. Light Visions + Prisma Visions Tarot Decks

These are decks by James R. Eads. These are actually separate tarot decks that are being sold together, but both of them are unique while also complementing each other. Each of the decks come with 78 cards and one extra special card, a 100 page booklet, and a safekeep box. These decks are professionally and intrinsically designed from each safekeep box to every single one of the cards. 

The decks are so beautiful that you might actually feel scared to use them and risk damaging them. They are aimed towards more experienced readers, but can be used by beginners as well. These cards are what could be classified as collectors cards which would be an excellent addition to your collection.

This cute tarot deck offers charming, hand-drawn simplicity. Image courtesy of ADAMJK.

10. OK Tarot Deck

This is a deck by ADAMJK. This is a 78 card deck and it comes with a safekeep box as well as a guidebook. The illustrations within the cards on this deck may not be the most professionally done in comparison to the others here present, however, they are equally if not cuter than any of them. There is something about the simplicity of this deck that immediately captures your attention and makes you wonder whether or not you can actually use them. Well, you can. This might be an “ok” tarot deck, but it is functional and should be added to your collection even if only to be used to practice your readings. 

A picture of the safekeep box with crystals and flowers
Image courtesy of Alchemi Soul.

11. Earth Bones Tarot Deck

This is a deck by Alchemi Soul. This is a typical Rider-Waite deck and it comes with a safekeep box as well as a small booklet. Not only this deck is handmade, but also it is so beautifully done that it will be almost impossible to not wish to have it in your collection right away. Everything about this deck emanates magic and draws you to it like it has a secret just waiting for you to find out about it. 

This is the perfect deck for a more experienced reader, but it can also be used by beginners. More importantly, it would be an excellent addition to your collection, even if you just want to exhibit it rather than use it. They have so many other witchy products and it will make you feel more comfortable knowing that someone who understands about tarot designed it. 

There are tons of cool tarot cards out there

This is just a sample of tarot decks which we believe are too cool not to be checked out. Let us know your favorite ones in the comments! We would love to know your thoughts!

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