How to Figure Out What Tarot Card You Are

Ever ask the question “what tarot card am I”? Well there’s a couple of ways to figure it out!

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Learning how to read the tarot cards is not only fun, but it also allows you to work on your intuition, which tends to give your thinking mind a rest. When you can tap into your unconscious intelligence, you receive messages and insight into how you can better respond to situations and react to events unfolding in your life. It’s no surprise that as a divination tool, tarot cards are also linked to astrology and crystals, which can influence, amplify, and even better personalize your readings when used. 

If you’ve ever shuffled through your deck and wondered what card you are, or what figure best represents you at this point in time, you’re not alone! Many people ponder this question, since having a tarot card specifically aligned to you provides you with another method to get to know the cards better. Want to know which tarot card you are? Keep reading because we’re going to discuss:

  • Why would you want to know what tarot card you are in the first place?
  • How to learn which tarot card you are

Why You Would Want to Know What Tarot Card Represents You

Knowing what tarot card you are opens up new possibilities of working with the cards

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Having a method to determine what tarot card represents you is a great way to go deeper into your tarot practice. Image courtesy of Los Angeles Magazine

If you’re looking for a way to develop a closer connection to your tarot deck, you’ve probably wondered at some point, what tarot card am I? This is a great question because if you can see yourself in the cards, you can begin to become more in tune with the deck, and perhaps develop a deeper connection. Here are a few reasons why knowing what tarot card represents you is a good idea:

  • Having a specific card builds connection. Once you find the tarot card that represents you, you’ve created an even stronger connection with not only the cards, but with your higher intelligence. Since many people use the cards to learn the answers to deeper questions about themselves and their relationships, having a card you can work with that represents you can make readings all the more meaningful.
  • Personalize your readings. Seeing your card pop in a reading can be an interesting way to develop your observational skills. Discovering how your card relates to the others in a reading is also a great way to see the bigger picture around you. Sometimes we all get stuck in our own heads from time to time, and having the tarot deck show us our card in a reading is a great wake up call to stop, and see what’s going on around you!
  • Grow your intuition and meditation skills. Knowing which card is personally attached to you allows you to work with that card specifically, whenever you feel it’s necessary. You can single out your card and meditate on it, and see what the card has to say to you. We also suggest picking up tarot expert Mary K. Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card for other amazing ways you can build a deeper connection to the cards (and yourself) and grow your skills as a reader.

These are just some of the main reasons why it’s useful to see which card best represents you in the tarot deck. Keep in mind since there are a few ways in which you can learn which card is you, there are a couple of different answers to that question!

How to Find Out What Tarot Card You Are

There are a few ways in which you can find out which tarot card you are!

tarot spread and tarot reader

Use one or all of the methods to discover which tarot card represents you. Image courtesy of West Word.

There are a couple of ways to find out what tarot card you are. Just like when you work with the cards, there is really no wrong way to go about this. You can try out all the methods, or just do one. We suggest following your gut (intuition!) and go along with the method that speaks to you.

Use the zodiac

As we mentioned earlier, many tarot readers draw on the power of our personal connection with the zodiac. The sign we’re born under already says a lot about us as a person, and while there is always room for interpretation, it can be considered a broad understanding of your personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. There are certain major arcana cards that are associated with the 12 zodiac signs. Once you find out which one is yours, you can begin to develop a more personalized connection with that card. 

Pro tip: If you’re born on a cusp between two signs, you can either choose whichever major arcana card speaks to you more, or work with them both for a while until you develop a deeper understanding and connection with one or the other.

Aries > The Emperor 

Taurus > The Hierophant 

Gemini > The Lovers

Cancer > The Chariot

Leo > Strength

Virgo > The Hermit

Libra > Justice 

Scorpio > Death

Sagittarius > Temperance

Capricorn > The Devil

Aquarius > The Star

Pisces > The Moon


Another great way to get your tarot card representation is to use your specific birthdate. This is an easy way to see how the exact date and year of your birth can correspond to the major arcana. So let’s say your birthday is September 23, 1982, then your numeral sequence would be 9+2+3+1+9+8+2=34. Because the number is greater than 22 (there are 22 major arcana cards) you’ll have to reduce it to the sum of the two digits, 3+4=7. So in this example, your tarot card would be The Chariot. You might consider yourself to be confident and comfortable in your own skin, and willing to forge ahead and take on new challenges. 

the Chariot tarot card

Using your birthdate is a great way to get a personalized tarot card. Image courtesy of Angelorum.

Power card

An easy way to get a power card is to simply use your date of birth. From the example above, if your date of birth was the 23rd day of the month, you would simply do 2+3=5, which is The Hierophant. When you place your zodiac, birthday/personality, and power card together, you can begin to get a bigger picture of yourself and how you operate in the world around you. You can choose to work with one, or all of these cards, deepening your knowledge of yourself, and seeing what it is you seek out of life and relationships.

Shuffle and choose 

A fun way to see which card wants to reveal itself to you is to take the major arcana (and the court cards if you wish) and shuffle them. Mix them well and cut them once. Spread out the cards so that you can have a full few of them all face down. Then take a moment to clear your head, and choose which card is calling to you. This takes into account exactly where you are in this moment in time, and what card you need to see and work with now.

There are a variety of ways in which you can figure out which tarot card you are, and whether you choose to work with one, or all of these methods is entirely up to you! Having a card that corresponds to you is a helpful way to build a better relationship with your deck, and gives you better insight into how you can continue to successfully read in the future.

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