Good Things Are Coming: Understanding the Page of Cups

How to interpret the Page of Cups when it comes up in a tarot reading, and how it may interact with the other cards that you pull.

Image of the Page of Cups tarot card.

The Page of Cups is a card that is an explorer of the soul. The Page has a playful attitude, but still represents the spiritual journey of tarot readings. The Page, who in modern decks sometimes appears as a princess, represents an emotionally open person, someone who is likely still young and idealistic.

In this article, we’ll explore: 

  • The meaning and message of the Page of Cups 
  • Working with the Page of Cups 
  • Interpreting a reading with the Page of Cups

If the Page of Cups comes up in a reading, take a look at the information below so you can better understand the message you are meant to be receiving. 

The Meaning and Message of the Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is seen as a happy card, someone who wants to take their heart on a journey. Sometimes, he is depicted with a fish leaping out of a cup, representing spirituality but with a hint of playfulness. He wears a blue floral tunic and a beret, and is usually seen with the sea behind him. The combination of the fish and sea imagery represent the element of water, as well as intuition and creativity. 

Upright Page of Cups

When the Page of Cups appears upright, it is suggesting that a new idea has come to you. In the upright position, the Page of Cups is: 

  • Emotionally open 
  • Poetic
  • Mystical 
  • Idealistic
  • Imaginative 

These traits may be caused by external forces and events, and the person may need to work on having a stronger will to protect themselves. The upright Page of Cups may also be asking you to embrace your inner child and see things through a more creative lens. There’s nothing wrong with being dreamy sometimes, and that’s what this card wants you to know. 

In some modern Tarot decks, the Page of Cups is depicted as a princess. The important parts of the image, like the water imagery and the fish jumping from the cup, are still usually present. Image courtesy of AuntyFlo

With the creative energy flowing, the card asks you, will you turn this new idea into something real? You may not have an immediate answer, but that’s okay — take the time to explore your idea. The Page of Cups wants you to know that anything is possible and good things are coming. 

When Pages appear in a tarot reading, they are usually asking you to explore a new part of yourself. The Page of Cups wants you to explore your creative and emotional self. This can happen if you try things like reading new books, taking creative classes, or developing your psychic abilities. 

The Page of Cups wants you to trust your intuition and be open to the messages you may receive, even if they don’t quite make sense yet. Going with the flow and trusting your intuition in this way can lead to a place of bliss. 

Reversed Page of Cups

When the Page of Cups appears reversed, this could mean you are secretive and protective about your creativity and ideas. This could be because you don’t want them to be stolen from you, or because you are afraid you’ll fail in your creative endeavours. The Reversed Page of Cups represents

  • Immaturity
  • Envy
  • Selfishness
  • Creative blocks
  • Heartbreak 
  • Sudden endings
Page of cups tarot card
The reversed Page of Cups could mean that you are suffering from a creative block and are doubting yourself because of a critical inner voice. Image courtesy of Truly Teach Me Tarot.

You may doubt yourself when a new idea comes to you, afraid that you won’t be successful. The critical inner voice in your head is strong, and you don’t have faith that you will succeed. You may also be experiencing a creative block, holding back an aspect of yourself for a multitude of reasons. 

The Page of Cups can also show someone that is suffering from “Peter Pan Syndrome,” an adult’s desire to stay a child forever and never grow up. 

Working With the Page of Cups

The Page of Cups can be used to interpret different areas of your life, such as love, emotions, career, and health. Let’s take a look into some of these areas and how the Page of Cups can help. 


If you’re looking for a good sign in your romantic life, the Page of Cups just might be it. Typically, it means that a positive event is coming — for instance, someone may be about to reveal their feelings for you. If you have a specific person in mind, the Page of Cups is telling you that you should admit your feelings. 

In situations of love and romance, the Page of Cups wants you to explore with childlike curiosity. If you are already in a relationship, perhaps you should examine your partner through a new lens. Doing so can be a great way to reconnect. 

Front view woman reading tarot at home
Every tarot card can have different meanings, and the Page of Cups can be used for different types of readings. 


“Infatuation” is the word used to represent the Page of Cups when it comes to feelings. You may be seeing a situation through rose-colored glasses, but don’t worry — that doesn’t mean the feelings aren’t real.

If the Page of Cups comes up in a reading, someone may be feeling a spark with you and can't stop thinking about you. 


The Page of Cups is a good sign in a career reading, but the good event won’t happen on its own — it’s time for you to take action. Ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to achieve your goals. 

Considering a career switch? Well, the Page of Cups says “go for it.” Things will work out alright in the end. This card is telling you to find your inner joy, and to take a leap. 


Because the Page of Cups is about intuition, getting this card in a health reading means that you need to listen to your body. Go easy on yourself, nurture your body, and put yourself first.

You should act upon your intuition if you see the Page of Cups. If something is telling you that something isn’t quite right, you should see your doctor — but don’t worry, this card is still a good omen overall, and visiting your doctor will likely put your worries to rest. 

Interpreting a Reading with the Page of Cups

Now that you know a little bit more about the Page of Cups and what it means, let’s talk about how to interpret it as it interacts with the other cards around it. 

It may be helpful to look at tarot reading examples. Here are some cards that you may pull with the Page of Cups and what they mean:

  • Page of Cups + The Fool = A new romance in your life
  • Page of Cups + The High Priestess = A new beginning is awaiting you, just around the corner
  • Page of Cups + Tower = You may be feeling unworthy, and are perhaps in an unhealthy or abusive situation/relationship 
  • Page of Cups + Three of pentacles = You are friends with the people that you work with, and feel comfortable with your colleagues 
  • Page of Cups + Four of Cups = Wanting more romance in your life, and perhaps feeling let down emotionally
  • Page of Cups + Queen of Cups = You may be experiencing the renewal of a friendship that is important to you 
the fool illustration
When drawn with the Fool, the Page of Cups can mean that there is a new romance blooming in your life. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Reading card combinations can be difficult, especially as a beginner, but there are many resources out there to help you understand your reading. There are many more combinations that the Page of Cups can show up in. Understanding how this card interacts with the other tarot cards you may pull will help you to get the most out of your reading and take a strong message from it. 

We hope that this series on interpreting the Tarot is helpful to you! The Page of Cups is a card that usually means good things are coming, so if you pull this card, take the advice that it gives and try to understand your inner self a little better. 

Riley Kleemeier

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