Zodiac Inspired Gifts for Your Favorite Aries

Aries season isn’t over yet! Don’t forget to spoil your favorite aries with these zodiac inspired presents!

Aries meme about how Aries are so amazing and they know it!

It’s still Aries season, and you better believe your favorite Aries’ are still celebrating! While the actual birthday season for our Aries friends is coming to a close, there is never a bad time to spoil an Aries with a gift. We love gifts. Shopping for an Aries is a whole task, so read on to find adorable and creative gifts inspired by the best zodiac sign, Aries! 

Aside from being the best sign, Aries’ are known for their leadership and feistiness. Image courtesy of Women’s Health. 

About Aries

Aside from being the most fun, loyal, and best sign, Aries are known for some specific traits. Aries are the leaders of the zodiac calendar, and it shows. Aries are known for being born leaders. They are known for having strong personalities, lots of passion, and the ability to speak up. Aries are bold in many facets of their lives, from being slightly confrontational, to taking on challenges with zest. This boldness can translate into style choices and personal presentation, which is important to note when shopping for an Aries. Nothing boring or practical is suitable for an Aries, we want all the spark and color and extravagance possible in our lives. A typical Aries is going to be very passionate, a motivated go-getter, and a leader with lots of confidence. Aries’ are known for sometimes acting first and thinking later, getting them into messy confrontations, but they still make for wonderful friends because they are known for being honest, generous, and optimistic. The Aries sign is ruled by Mars, which is the planet of sex, war, and action, speaking to the Aries’ fiery and active persona. Knowing all this, let’s get to shopping! 

The perfect gift for the Aries in your life can range depending on which Aries traits they best embody. 

Eleven Perfect Zodiac Inspired Gifts for Aries 

There are tons of gifts on the market that will help proud Aries display their pride and love for their signs. Depending on the personal attributes of the Aries in your lives, you should easily be able to find them a perfect present! 

Trendy Aries Gift: Aries Phone Case 

This phone case is made by Wildflower Cases and it is sold on their website and also on Urban Outfitters. It is a perfect buy for the trendy Aries in your life. It is in the signature Aries color, red, and it features an airbrush design with hearts. It’s super cute, and very protective, making it ideal for your accident prone Aries friends as well.  

Gift for the Motivated, Passionate Aries

Aries are known for having a lot of thoughts, passions, and aspirations. It is common for Aries to get caught up in tons of different projects and ideas just because of how much energy and passion that they bring to the world. Aries are motivated and hard workers, but they can also be a little disorganized. This Aries embroidered journal is a cute and useful item for the Aries in your life who can’t stop trying new things. Or, it is useful for the Aries who has lots of thoughts, feelings, and emotions to get out. This journal can help them channel it into a healthy source that protects the feelings of those around the fiery Aries. 

Hard working, Never Stopping Aries gift

Aries are known for putting their passion, effort, and motivation into all that they do. They are also known for being rather energetic. These Aries likely rely on caffeine to fuel their work and keep them energized. Get the Aries in your life a super cute mug that will remind them of all the power they harness from the stars while they face a busy day of work. They’re likely to be drinking caffeinated beverages regularly, as they prepare to take on the world, so this mug will not be a wasted purchase. 

Gift for the Aries in Need of Some Self Care

As mentioned above, Aries work hard. They go hard, and they do the most. They may need some incentives in their lives to help them take a break and relax. This bath bomb from Lush is perfect because it’s rainbow and brightly colored, making it a fun, exciting, and stimulating experience for your Aries. This bath bomb is infused with Rosewood, bergamot and ylang ylang oils to release a peaceful, uplifting scent that will surround the user in rejuvenation and balance. 

Gift for the Minimalist Aries

This is somewhat of an oxymoron, as Aries are certainly not known to be minimalist, but they exist. Maybe the Aries in your life prefer to be bold and extroverted in other areas of their life, but they don't personally vibe with bold style or jewelry. These earrings are small, shiny, and beautiful, making them the perfect accessory for an Aries who wants to show their pride, but not get weird looks on the street. 

Gift for the Maximalist Aries

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Aries who wants to grab attention wherever they go. A flare for drama and attention seeking behavior are common in Aries people. Being an Aries is a real flex, and a lot of the Aries in your life might want to show the world that. This t-shirt lays it all out. Getting this shirt for your Aries pals will enable them to step out into the world and connect with their fellow Aries while showing immense pride. 

Gift for the Active and Energetic Aries 

Aries have a lot of energy that could serve to be deposited in a useful and healthy place, because if not, it will add to their intensity and boldness. Wii Sports is a great game to get for an Aries friend because it will speak to their love of competition and enable them to get burn some of that fiery steam. 

Gifts for Adrenaline Junkie Aries’ 

Aries can also be known for their fearlessness and love of adrenaline. There are many gifts that could speak to that Aries trait, but our favorite idea is rollerblades. Rollerblades are the perfect gift for the fearless Aries in your life because they provide them with an activity that will give them adrenaline rushes for days, and you are giving them a new skill and passion to develop. 

Gifts for Beauty Guru Aries

Aries who are into makeup and beauty will love this specific Aries shade of lipstick. It comes in an absolutely adorable package that showcases the Aries ram and constellations, and it comes in a perfect orangey-red color that your Aries friend will know well. This lipstick comes in multiple textures and finishes to satisfy even your pickiest Aries. 

Gifts for a Young or Young at Heart Aries 

Aries like me who never grew out of our love for plush toys exist. If you know an Aries who has a love and appreciation for all things soft and cute, this Aries plush toy is a spectacular gift. It is cute, cuddly, and handmade by an independent artist. This plush will light up your Aries desk or bed space, and be a great companion for them to cuddle with in times of stress. 

Gifts for the Zodiac Obsessed Aries

All Aries should have a good amount of Aries pride, knowing they’re irrefutably the best sign, but some of us get extra passionate about our sign. If you know an Aries-enthused Aries, this candle is a great gift. This candle is a handmade soy candle that is infused with scents inspired by the Aries traits of leadership, strength, confidence, and energy. The Aries in your life will be thrilled to light this candle and fill their room with Aries vibes, sure to increase their productivity and motivation. 

This will be the aries in your life when they see the amazing gift you picked out for them. 

Whatever you decide to get for the Aries in your life, they will surely accept it with glee. Aries love accepting gifts, being pampered, and receiving attention, so it’s really the thought that counts the most when presenting your Aries friends with gifts. These are just ten great suggestions to get the shopping started, but for further guidance, keep an eye out for anything bold, colorful, motivating or spicy in any way. My birthday is on April 11th if anyone wants to send gifts, Aries inspired or not, my way!

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