Numerology of the Number Four

What Being a "4" Might Mean For You!

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What is Numerology?

In the world of Numerology, each number carries its own distinct meanings, vibrations, and characteristics. By studying the numbers around us and their unique energy, you can find out any number of things, including 

  • Personality
  • Life Path
  • Relationship Compatibility
  • Personal Strengths
  • Career Path
  • How to Overcome Challenges
  • Who You Will Grow to Become

While this practice is just making a comeback, it’s certainly not new

The Pythagoreans 

Pythagoras was an ancient Greek philosopher who lived from approximately 570 to 490 BC. While he’s famous for his advances in mathematics – the Pythagorean Theorem for example (you know the one from the high school: A2 + B2 = C2 to find the side lengths of a right triangle) – he was also a religious leader and formed a commune of followers called the Pythagoreans. He taught strict dietary restrictions, faithful religious ritual, and rigorous self-discipline. 

Of the many things he studied, one of them was the relationship of numbers to the world. Something he and his followers noted was that the heavenly bodies seemed to move in accord with mathematical ratios that also appeared in corresponding musical intervals, so as to produce a “music of the heavens,” or later known as “the harmony of the spheres.” He also calculated the meaning of numbers through a numerological system based on the more ancient version by the Chaldeans. 

While Pythagoras wrote nothing himself, his numerological system seems to have been saved through work from other philosophers. Modern numerological systems are derivations of the work of the Pythagoreans.

Marble bust of Pythagorus in the Villa Borghese gardens in Rome, Italy.
Pythagoras is credited as the founder of modern numerology. Image courtesy of PaoloGaetano.

The Core Numbers

Pythagorean numerology has five core numbers. 

  • Life Path Number: This is the main number in the system, and gives you a roadmap for your life. We’ll show how to calculate it below. 
  • Expression Number: This helps you figure out your strengths and weaknesses. It is calculated by deriving a number from the name on your birth certificate. 
  • Heart’s Desire Number: This tells you why you do things. It is found by deriving a number from the vowels in your given name. 
  • Personality Number: This tells you what personality, or mask, you put on for people. It is calculated by using the consonants in your given name. 
  • Birth Day Number: This only looks at the number of the day you were born and tells you a single talent or trait that will become important during your life. 

To calculate your life path number, reduce your birthdate to a single digit 1-9. For example, if you were born on June 10th, 1995, then the calculation would look like this: 

  • June is the 6th month of the year, so we start with a 6.
  • Reduce the day, 10, to a single number, so 1 + 0 = 1. 
  • Reduce the year, 1995, to a single number. 1 + 9 + 9 + 5 = 24 and 2 + 4 = 6. 
  • Add the three numbers together. 6 + 1 + 6 = 13. Add 1 + 3 and you get your life path number, 4! 

The only exceptions are if you get a master number, which would be 11, 22, or 33. If you get those, don’t reduce them to a single digit integer. They have special meaning

If you were born on June 10th, 1995, got a 4 in your reading, or are just curious about what it means to have a numerology of 4, then read on, because we will now take a dive into what the number 4 means in numerology. 

Numerology of 4

Strengths of 4

The number 4 in numerology is one of practicality, loyalty, and knowledge. If you’re a 4, that means you like to get to the meat of things and make rational decisions. You’re a problem solver and a dependable worker who finds useful, workable solutions. You’re also loyal to those around you and do your best to provide for them. Finally, you’re confident in what you know and use that to make sound, informed decisions. describes these as the traits of a 4:

  • Strong
  • Traditional
  • Practical
  • Hard Working
  • Loyal
  • Organized
  • Strict
  • Patient
  • Dependable

Employers love number 4’s, because they are hard-working and don’t leave a job half-finished or put in half-effort. 4’s are rule followers and have a strong sense of right and wrong. They are excellent people to bring in for long-term projects, because they plan well and show up every day to put in the work to make the dream a reality.

Carpenter using machinery to saw through wood in his workshop.
Dedication and a strong work ethic are hallmark traits of a 4. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Areas for Improvement

4’s aren’t perfect, just like anybody else. Their focused, hard-working mindset can sometimes lead them to become too rigid in their views, or miss the forest for the trees. In staying true to themselves, a 4 may become inflexible and unyielding in their beliefs, even if they’re wrong. Some people might also find 4’s boring because of their work ethic, so it’s important that people with this personality find time to unwind and bring out their fun side!

Sometimes, 4’s can get too much in their own head and refuse to deal with their emotions. Their preference for rationality and practicality can often come at the cost of being in touch with their heart, which can build up problems over time and become dangerous for their mental health. If you’re a 4, make sure to use your determination and organized mind to keep in contact with your emotions like the important piece of work it is. 

Relationships for 4’s

People with the number 4 are honest and loyal partners. As such, they are careful about who they choose for their partner. They generally don’t want anyone who doesn’t match their beliefs, values, or life goals. 4’s will want to spend more time scouting out good fits rather than jumping on the first train that comes their way. 

Some numbers are more compatible than others, and 4’s will likely find their best pairing with analytical, supportive, and diplomatic 2’s or family-focused, cautious, and responsible 6’s. 

Once a 4 finds the right person, they are willing to put in the work to make the relationship work. Whether or not you’re a 4, if you’re pursuing a relationship with a 4, you can trust their loyalty, faithfulness, and dedication. They’re in it for the long haul.

Couple hugging each other in their bedroom.
4’s are loyal, steady people in a relationship who will be there for their partner.

Life Path Number 4

People with life path 4 are rocks in our tumultuous world. They believe constant, steady effort is the best way to achieve their goals This life path generates great teachers, because 4’s are self-regulating, calm, and knowledge oriented – able to pass on what they know with clarity and logic. 

While 4’s are apt to stick with what works, sometimes they can stay with outdated methods because they are familiar and have worked in the past. This may cap their ceiling if they don’t recognize their stagnation and aren’t willing to change.

The Number 4 in Tarot

4 is an important number in Tarot, associated with stability, authority, and discipline. It’s connected with the Emperor card, which symbolizes power and authority – very compatible with the 4’s inner locus of control and discipline. Each of the suites also have cards numbered 4 that match well with numerology. 

  • 4 of Cups: Symbolizes the necessity of an emotional reevaluation, something 4’s might need to do because of their aptitude to be out of touch with their feelings.
  • 4 of Wands: Celebrates harmony and a stable home, which is something 4’s achieve exceptionally well because of their consistency and loyalty. 
  • 4 of Swords: Associated with resting after a period of toil and struggle, which 4’s might need after working hard to achieve their goals. 
  • 4 of Pentacles: This card has the dual meaning of symbolizing material success and also warning against coveting. 4’s might need to heed both if their dedication and strong work ethic result in professional success. 
Tarot cards and candles on a black table.
4 has a special meaning in tarot and astrology as well as numerology. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

The Number 4 in Astrology

Generally, the number 4 is associated with the planet Uranus – ruling rebelliousness and sudden change. It is also usually linked to the zodiac sign Cancer, which is under the Moon’s purview, and has a distinct trait of nurturing and emotional security. 

On the wheel of astrological houses, the 4th house refers to the home and everything to do with it. Planets in the 4th house affect home life, emotions, and even your subconscious. 

Other Conceptions About The Number 4 

Some groups have legitimately feared the number 4. This fear even has a name: tetraphobia. In Chinese, the word for the number 4 sounds suspiciously close to the word for death. 

On the other hand, 4 is also a number of good luck, like with the 4 leaf clover. There are four classical elements (earth, air, water, and fire), four humors in ancient medicine, four cardinal directions, and four seasons, so it is also a number of stability and completion. 

To the Pythagoreans, four was an excellent number because it led to ten, the most perfect number, as it was the source of the tetractys: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10. So while there has been some wariness surrounding this number, 4 has generally had a positive connotation. 

We Need 4’s!

One thing is for certain: the world wouldn’t accomplish much without the steadiness and dedication of 4’s. Hopefully this helped you understand more about the inner world of 4’s, and encouraged anyone with the numerology number 4 to embrace their strengths and be a positive influence in the world with the gifts you have!

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