Embrace the Numerology of 5: How to Connect to the Divine In Your Daily Life

Discover the ways that life path number 5 may have a direct impact on the trajectory of your life.

Picture of the number 5.

Numerology is the scientific study of numbers and how they have the power to uphold a spiritual influence on your daily life. One of the most well-known variations of numerology is referred to as life path numbers which are calculated based on your date of birth. This mystical belief is rooted in acknowledging the vibrational energy that numbers carry. By discovering your life path number, you can learn about your strengths, weaknesses, and prospective goals. In understanding the significance of numerology, you can recognize and understand patterns that occur throughout your life and shift the way you think about retroactive events and future endeavors. 

While it may seem overwhelming at first, this article will break down these key elements to make you feel like a professional numerologist at home: 

  • A Brief History of Numerology
  • How to Calculate Your Life Path Number
  • Numerology of 5 Meaning  (and Attributes)

A Brief History of Numerology 

Pythagoras once said that “numbers rule the universe” and amongst various cultures such as the Babylonians, Ancient Greeks, Chinese, Ancient Romans, and Egyptians numerological studies have been utilized for centuries as a means for understanding the celestial connection individuals have to the world around them. Due to this, different numerological systems exist such as the Chaldean, Pythagorean, Tamil, Kabbalatic, and Vedic. However, they all embody a similar concept of assigning a numerical value to a letter—-to calculate an expression number, soul urge number, or personality number—-or through utilizing your date of birth to discover your life path number. 

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number 

Do you think number 5 might hold a significant meaning in your life? Let’s find out!

Step 1:

First, have a pen and paper ready and nearby, as well as your birth date. Today we will be using August 12th 2001 (8/12/2001) as an example. 

Step 2:

Then, on the piece of paper, turn the birthdate into single digit numbers. 

Month: 8 

Day: 3 (1+2=3) 

Year: 3 (2+1) 

Step 3:

Next, add all of the single digit numbers together. 


Step 4:

We’re almost done! Now we need to turn the 14 into a single digit number once again, to reach our life path number at last!


Numerology of 5 Meaning 

If you were born on August 12th, 2001 then you would have the life path number of 5! But what does this mean exactly? A monotonous routine is a living nightmare for those with a life path of 5, as their easy-going nature and outgoing personality make it easy to curate new friendships and tap into their creativity.

A picture of a trio of women laughing together.
    If your numerology involves a 5, then you are a social butterfly!

Positive Attributes 

Individuals with a life path number of 5 are often regarded as being adventurous people who are enthusiastic about life and new experiences. Being intuitive is second nature as they are easily able to plan and navigate their way out of difficult situations that may arise in their daily life. They enjoy living life with an open mind as their empathetic nature allows them to not only care for themselves and their independence, but also assist those around them in need. 

Negative Attributes:

When it comes to accessing the negative attributes, it is important to note that these traits vary on a person-to-person basis and are not meant to be read as derogatory. Due to their quick acting, uninhibited nature, and desire to have new experiences, number 5’s are sometimes viewed as impatient by those who don’t truly know them. Their impulsivity can be viewed as immaturity, in certain scenarios, to those who are more introverted and reserved in social situations. While their independence is one of their most praised traits, it can also be viewed as stubbornness and selfishness depending on who surrounds them. It’s very difficult to stand in the way of what a number 5 wants, so to be around one you must expect to also let down your hair and live a little!

A picture of the planet Mercury
  The planet Mercury, divinely connected to the number 5. 


Numerology 5 in Astrology

Number 5 is also typically related to the planet Mercury, which is spiritually known for good communication and versatility in social situations. The planet Mercury is a valuable astrological best friend to have as it is regarded as being a symbol of good luck, financial growth, and prosperity. Mercury is the ruling planet of Geminis and Virgos, meaning that number 5’s often share personality similarities with these two zodiac signs. 

A picture of a woman pulling from a tarot card deck
 Messages from your spirit guides await. . .


Number 5 in Tarot 

Tarot cards are typically used to contact a spirit guide to provide an individual with a deeper insight into their past, present, and future struggles and prospects. The fifth card of tarot is The Hierophant but the number 5 is also present in the deck in the form of the: 

  • Five of Swords 
  • Five of Wands 
  • Five of Pentacles 
  • Five of Cups 

Hierophant (Upright) 

The Hierophant is often illustrated on tarot decks as a Pope figure surrounded by two pillars. This card mimics a similar message to The High Priestess, as it conveys the importance of traditional values, external wisdom, and patience when it comes to being taught. The Hierophant is symbolic of the importance of institutional practices and regulations. This is very valuable advice for 5’s as their judgment tends to get very clouded. Although it may seem like a buzz kill, it is unfortunately not always helpful to act on intrusive thoughts!

Hierophant (Reversed) 

When the Hierophant is reversed, it offers the opposite meaning. In reverse, it encourages individuals to become their own figure of authority and express a freer version of themselves. It praises the concept of being unique and standing out among a crowd, because why would you want to be just like everybody else? This card highlights the importance of remembering one’s morality and values. Sometimes it’s okay to break the rules!

A picture of two people embracing with a sunset in the background
Find your soul tie.

Numerology 5’s Love Life + Compatibility 

Love life can sometimes be difficult for number 5’s as their restless nature can cause them to feel suffocated by the concept of commitment and mundane routines with their partners. When it comes to relationships, they fear losing their sense of freedom and uniqueness and tend to isolate themselves when they feel as though they cannot fully be themselves around their partners. As a result, 5’s typically are the most compatible with those who have a 1, 6, or 7 numerology life path. This is typically because 1’s, 6’s, and 7’s enjoy their sense of independence as well and require a lot of space to reach their own goals and hobbies. 

Although their fantastic social skills can come off as flirty, 5’s value loyalty and a mutual understanding within relationships. They would prefer to live a single life than be overly possessive of their partners, and vice versa!

Numerology 5’s Career 

As previously mentioned, it can be difficult for these individuals to feel passionate about anything that requires settling down and staying in one place for too long. The world is their oyster, and nothing will get in their way from maximizing the most out of their time, daily life, and future! As a result, they benefit the most from jobs that allow them to showcase their charismatic social skills and true personality. This is important because they often have a difficult time masking their true emotions. 

The jobs most suitable for them include:

  • Sales
  • Art/artist 
  • PR marketing
  • Journalism
  • News reporting
  • Teaching
  • Entertainment industry

 These occupations allow for 5’s to truly embrace the traits that make them unique and fun to be around—with their skills anything is truly possible!

A picture of a guy with his head in his hands out of frustration
Great struggles grant great rewards.

Numerology 5’s Most Learned Lessons 

Although numerology cannot accurately predict or prove the specific events that occur in an individual’s daily life, it is a helpful tool to learn more about an individual’s character and the obstacles they are likely to face as a result. Making hasty decisions without thinking of the long-term consequences is a feeling that 5’s know very well. This typically results in them battling times of high anxiety and becoming overly critical of themselves when they are in times of distress. 

Although they know time will eventually heal them, 5’s tend to burden themselves with ways they could have combated a situation differently. It takes a long time for them to regain a sense of control over their wants versus needs, but once they do they remain diligently aware to not repeat past mistakes. Criticism is hard for anyone to digest but it is one of 5’s ultimate pet peeves. 

As someone who listens to the beat of their own drum, micromanaging, and nagging will cause them to tune out anyone they wish to not take advice from or think is wrong. This may impact their ability to work well in groups or prevent them from building strong relationships with bosses and managers. However, as they slowly learn to become more accepting of opinions that differ from their own, they begin to appreciate the uniqueness of those that surround them and lose the need to always be “right.” 

That’s a wrap on our exploration of the number 5 in numerology

As helpful as numerology is towards helping an individual understand more about their characteristics and life, it is still unable to provide a word-for-word blueprint for what is going to happen (unfortunately). However, it still remains a valuable tool that provides a deeper insight into becoming more connected and grounded with the universe. Although this article comes to an end, that doesn’t mean your spiritual journey has to! Figure out the life paths of your friends and family, and see if you are compatible with those around you! 

Giselle Amador

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