Numerology of 7: Uncover a Deeper Understanding of Yourself

Discover the ways that life path number 7 may have a direct impact on the trajectory of your life.

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Numerology refers to the scientific analysis of numbers and the symbolic meaning that they hold. One of the common uses of numerology is present in spiritual practices through the presence of life path numbers. These numbers, ranging from 1-12, are known for being an extremely powerful tool that aids individuals in learning more about their strengths, weaknesses, and prospective goals. Life path numbers are derived from an individual's date of birth and exist as a tool that individuals also use to learn about common patterns or themes that they may notice occur in both their daily and retroactive aspects of their life. 

While it may seem overwhelming at first, this article will break down these key elements to make you feel like a professional numerologist at home: 

  • A Brief History of Numerology
  • How to Calculate Your Life Path Number
  • Numerology of 7 Meaning  (and Attributes)

A Brief History of Numerology 

The practice of numerology has existed for centuries, and can even be traced back historically to ancient Egypt and Babylon. However, its presence does not stop there! What makes the concept of numerology so intriguing is the fact that it exists in various different cultures world-wide and has had an impact in places such as Greece, China, and Rome. Although all cultures have utilized numerology differently, they all share the commonality of being used to understand how human existence connects to the spiritual world and humanity itself. For instance, German scholar and physician Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa believed that numerology was the key in explaining principles of alchemy while simultaneously using it as a tool to  explore concepts of astrology and philosophy. Whether you are using numerology to discover your life path, expression number, soul urge number, or personality number, there is no denying that there is a reason why these ancient practices still exist today! 

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number 

Do you think number 7 might hold a significant meaning in your life? Let’s find out!

Step 1: First, have a pen and paper ready and nearby, as well as your birth date. Today we will be using August 13th 2002 (8/13/2002) as an example. 

Step 2: Then, on the piece of paper, turn the birthdate into single digit numbers. 

Month: 8 

Day: 4 (1+3=4) 

Year: 4 (2+2) 

Step 3: Next, add all of the single digit numbers together. 


Step 4: We’re almost done! Now we need to turn the 14 into a single digit number once again, to reach our life path number at last!


Numerology of 7 Meaning 

If you were born on August 13th, 2002 then you would have the life path number of 7! But now, it’s time to understand how this correlates to your personal life. If you have the life path number 7, searching for this article is one of the ways you’ve already displayed some of your traits! Those with a life path of 7 tend to be individuals who admire all things spiritual and are often very analytical thinkers. 7’s love to understand the who, what, when, where, and why’s when it comes to understanding themselves, those around them, and even situations they witness or are a part of! 

If you have the life path number 7, you are highly spiritual! 

Positive Attributes 

When it comes to 7’s, there is nothing you can tell them that they wouldn’t already know! These individuals are highly self aware when it comes to their own behavior and that of those around them. With that being said, they are often very self-reliant and introspective and tend to pave their own path in life as opposed to following a crowd. They believe in the interconnected and synchronized nature of the universe and have no doubts that everything happens for a reason! These risk takers never take no for an answer when someone attempts to limit their creativity and free will. Never stand in the way of the powerful 7!

man sitting alone in the city
It’s okay to reach out to others when you need help!

Negative Attributes:

However, being analytical does come at a cost. Those with the numerology of 7 tend to have a hard time regulating their emotions and often have a heightened sense of anxiety due to their overthinking. While they may be highly independent, they can often be considered anti-social and very quiet in social settings. Although not being involved in a conversation doesn’t mean that a 7 is bored, in the wrong crowd they can seem very disinterested or even judgemental. Despite knowing themselves very well, 7’s have a hard time asking for help or sharing how they feel with others. If a 7 is very open and honest with you, just know they are very trusting and comfortable towards you! 

picture of neptune
The planet Neptune, spiritually connected to the number 7.

Numerology 7 in Astrology

The number 7 is typically related to the planet Neptune, which is often spiritually associated with the concept of freedom and the ascension from social boundaries. Neptune is also symbolically representative of key concepts such as the importance of forgiveness, self-accountability, and the value of searching for divine truths! Neptune is the ruling planet related to the astrological signs Pisces and Cancer, meaning that 7’s also share a lot of similar personality traits with those zodiac signs. 

Number 7 in Tarot 

Tarot cards are often utilized in spirituality as a way to provide individuals with a deeper understanding of themselves, through connecting them with their spirit guides. The seventh card in of the tarot is The Chariot but the number 7 is also present in the deck in the form of the: 

  • Seven of Wands 
  • Seven of Cups 
  • Seven of Swords 
  • Seven of Pentacles 

tarot cards
The Chariot is the 7th number in tarot! 

The Chariot (upright) 

The Chariot is a card in tarot that represents overcoming adversity and moving on from situations that no longer serve value or purpose. This card is symbolic of strength and the concept that no negativity in your life is ever permanent, causing positivity to always prevail. Typically represented in an illustration of an individual sitting on a throne, with both a black and white sphinx sitting on either side of them, this card showcases the importance of balance and remaining grounded. This is very valuable advice for 7’s as they tend to become too hyper independent and need to learn to accept being adaptable. 

The Chariot (reversed) 

When The Chariot, or any tarot card is reversed, it offers the opposite meaning. In reverse, it symbolizes that an individual may be subconsciously letting themselves get in the way of the things they wish to achieve. Simultaneously, it represents that an individual needs to regain mental alignment, through meditation or other spiritual practices, in order to regain a connection to the divine. This is very prominent to 7’s as they often try to have a lot of control over their life, however, it is important to remember that your spirit guides will always lead you down the right path! 

Numerology 7’s Love Life + Compatibility 

When it comes to their love life, 7’s enjoy having a strong emotional connection with their partner. No conversation is ever off limits with 7’s! When it comes to love, they are fully accepting and understanding of every aspect of their partner, even in times of negativity. In relationships, they tend to value honesty and respect above all else. Although they need their space and value their independence, 7’s enjoy having someone by their side to enjoy life with! 7’s often don’t let just anyone get in their inner circle, so if they choose to be in a relationship with you, you should be honored. 

7’s tend to be compatible with 1’s, 3’s, 5’s, and 9’s! This is because these numbers also share a similar desire for creativity and are very compassionate to those around them. They provide an aura of comfort for 7’s and encourage them to break out of their shell. 

picture of a bulletin board
Number 7’s enjoy problem solving and critical thinking.

Numerology 7’s Career 

As previously mentioned,7’s enjoy thinking critically and showing off their analytical skills. All topics are interesting to 7’s and they enjoy learning about everything and anything that the world has to offer. They like to problem solve and find satisfaction in challenging work. 

The jobs most suitable for them include: 

  • Detective 
  • Psychologist 
  • Geologist 
  • Philosopher 
  • Computer Scientist 
  • Teacher 
  • Therapist 

These jobs allow for 7’s to truly become a master of knowledge and display their empathetic nature. 7’s enjoy variation in their routine and these jobs prevent them from having a mundane life. 

That ends our journey with life path number 7 

Life path numbers are similar to astrology in the sense that, although it may sum up the key characteristics of many individuals, it is not always 100% accurate on a person to person basis. However, that’s okay! Numerology is beneficial at outlining some of the ways in which you can learn to improve your “negative” personality traits while also valuing the positive ones you encompass as well. Not only does this help you understand more about yourself, but it can also help you understand those around you in a deeper way as well. There are a variety of different life path numbers to learn about, so your spiritual journey does not have to stop here! Continue to deepen your divine connection one click at a time!

Giselle Amador

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