Want to Know Which Zodiac Sign is the Best Kisser? We’ve Got You Covered

Curious to know a little bit more about which zodiac sign is the best kisser? Pucker up, because we’ve got your answers!

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Although it may be hard to pin down or agree on exactly why, everyone knows when someone is a good kisser. Kissing someone is one of the best ways to express your feelings for someone, and it is an intimate way to let someone know how much you mean to them. There are all kinds of kisses out there, which we humans use in all kinds of different situations. While everyone might have a different way of kissing, it’s always easy to spot when someone is just not doing it right.

If you’d like to know a little more about what the zodiac signs say about who is a good kisser, keep reading because we’re going to list out exactly which ones are the best kissers and why. Don’t worry if yours or your partner's sign didn’t make this short list, as long as you’re kissing someone authentically with intention, there’s no way you can be doing it completely wrong!

The Top Romantic Kisses

These are our top kisses that you should try with your significant other! 

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Have you tried all of these kisses with your partner? Image courtesy of The Independent.

Before we get into which zodiac signs are the best kissers, we thought it would be helpful to outline a few of the most popular kisses among couples. This way if you want to test the kissing skills of your significant other to see if they do (or don’t)  live up to their zodiac sign’s kissing prowess, you have a couple of options to try!

French kiss

This kiss needs no introduction and it is probably the one that everyone is familiar with. This type of kiss can also be known as the make out kiss, and it involves a passionate locking of lips with just the right amount of tongue. Because everyone has different preferences, what’s too much tongue for one person, might not be enough for another. The trick is to learn and gauge what your partner responds to. But don’t forget to let them know what you like as well.

When someone can French kiss well, it can really make your make out sessions fun, however, if they’re still learning, it tends to make this kiss awkward.

Neck kiss

Another favorite kiss among couples is the intimate neck kiss. The neck is a very vulnerable area of the body, and it can be very sensitive. Someone who has been in a relationship for a while will appreciate a surprise kiss to the neck as opposed to a peck once in a while, as it can be perceived as flirtatious. 

If in full make out mode, switching up the French kissing to include a little neck kissing is always appreciated as well. Both the sides and the nape of the neck are great areas to concentrate on.

Single lip kiss

For something a little different than a French kiss or a quick peck on the lips, consider trying out the single lip kiss. People tend to like this kiss because it allows one partner to kiss the top lip, while the other kisses the bottom. You may want to start out with this kiss, then transition into the French kiss.

Butterfly kiss

What couple doesn’t like a little butterfly kisses thrown in? These intimate “kisses” are a way to show your significant other that you simply like just being with them, and want to show your affection in a very personal, yet adorable, way. Butterfly kisses are actually quick flutters of your eyelashes on your partner’s cheek, eyes, or neck and feel like the wings of a butterfly against their skin. Aww.


Zodiac Signs that Are the Best Kissers

Which zodiac signs are known to be the best kissers?

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Our top five zodiac signs with some serious kissing skills. Image courtesy of Greatist.

Now that you have a couple of kisses to think about when it comes to making an all around great kisser, it’s time to rank the top five zodiac signs according to their kissing skills. Keep in mind, kissing is something you get better at with practice, so if your sign isn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean you don’t kiss well! As long as you’re kissing your partner with passion, love, and intention, you’re doing it right. 


February 19-March 20

Although you might have guessed it, it definitely makes sense that a sensitive water sign like Pisces is at the top of the best kissing list. These passionate souls want to show their partner how much they mean to them, especially through their thorough and enjoyable kissing sessions. If you feel like getting lost in the embrace and kiss of your partner, being with a Pisces is the way to go.


October 23-November 21

Another water sign, Scorpios are known for their intense nature. That means you can expect their kissing game to be intense and amazing as well. When a Scorpio is into you, they have no problem taking the lead and showing their feelings through their skillful kissing. Expect a lot of sensual kisses, and not just your typical ones. With a Scorpio, you will enjoy neck kisses, hand kisses, and even body kisses.

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Pucker up with your partner for some affectionate kisses! Image courtesy of Mother for Life.


April 20-May 20

While not a water sign, Taureans are known for their gentle, compassionate nature. As an earth sign, they have a lot of sensuous energy, which is also a part of their kissing style. There is no doubt of their authentic feelings when you’re kissed by a Taurus, and they are highly adept at reading what their partner wants. Expect to be wrapped around their finger the next time they give you a good soft-lipped kiss!


July 23-August 22

Leos have a lion’s share of love to give, and they excel at expressing that to their partners when they kiss them. Leos want to leave you impressed with their kissing skills, which is why they are so fun to kiss. Doing whatever it takes to please their significant other (and being the best at it) is important to loveable Leos. You’ll really feel the power of this sun-ruled sign when they kiss you, as Leos are never shy about letting you know that you’re the one.


June 21-July22

The water sign Cancer is also known to be a great kisser. When a Cancer falls for someone, they fall hard, and their emotion-filled kisses are enough to knock your socks off. Kissing a Cancer is a full body experience, as they want to ensure that not just your lips get their love and affection. Expect to be left wanting more after you experience a deep, passionate kiss from a Cancer. 

These are the top five zodiac signs that are known to be the best kissers. Remember, as long as you and your partner are enjoying each other's kisses, that’s all that counts!

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