Which Zodiac Sign Has The Biggest Heart?

Wanting to know which zodiac sign has the most love to give? We found the top five signs that do!

Circle of zodiac signs.

In the world of astrology, a person can discover many aspects of themselves (and others) that they may not have realized before. These traits can be based off of your zodiac sign, while further discovery is possible by analyzing your birth chart. We researched and compiled a list of the zodiac signs that are known for having the biggest hearts. Signs that possess an assortment of qualities that ensure a loving relationship. Move out of the way flirtatious Aries, it’s time for the nurturing signs to have the spotlight for once!

Wanting to know more about which signs have the biggest hearts and their tendencies when in relationships? Here we are going to dive into what having a big heart really entails and the signs that got what it takes to give out the love.

What Does Having The “Biggest Heart” Really Mean?

We’re not talking about the actual size of your heart but the metaphorical size. To have a big heart is to exhibit the lovely qualities of kindness, compassion, empathy, and so on. It means to be someone that demonstrates these traits to the world around them, to give and be fulfilled doing so. We know that it is not always an easy thing to do, especially when others may take more than they should. But you keep on pushing and giving your love to those that you care about and to the people that deserve it.

Think that you might have a big heart? Here are some common signs displayed from someone who has a big heart:

  • Expressing your emotions is as easy as breathing
  • You feel deeply the emotions of others around you
  • Helping others comes naturally to you
  • Share your kindness without expectations
  • Emotionally intelligent and insightful

When talking about the zodiac signs and which ones have the biggest heart, we are highlighting the already established traits that they possess. Depending on when you were born it may be more likely that you have a bigger heart than others based on your astrological sign. To figure out if another person will carry these traits or not, you will need to get to know them in a genuine manner. In the meantime, if you discover their zodiac sign then it will be able to provide you with more insight about who they are and see just how compatible you will be together!

The Zodiac Signs With The Biggest Heart

1. Cancer

 Illustration of a pink crab.
Having a big heart can be a blessing and a curse. Image courtesy of Gosia Nowak.

June 21-July 22

Coming up in our number one spot is the Cancer zodiac! There is plenty to discover in the watery depths of this sign. Cancers are known for being highly intuitive like a psychic and it may seem that way especially when they uncover what you are feeling without having to say a word. In return, all a cancer asks for is to be understood deeply by their partner. It can be difficult for them to articulate and voice their emotions so nudge them out of their shell and they will feel safe enough to open up.

They have the biggest heart out of all of the zodiacs due to being immense givers. The “C” in Cancer stands for caring because that is what they do best. Giving is in their nature but they also expect the effort to be reciprocated, they know their worth!

2. Leo

Illustration of a blue lion.

Caption: This fire sign loves to love! Regardless of their busy schedule as a social butterfly, they make time for the one they love. Image courtesy of Gosia Nowak.

July 23-August 22

Here comes the wildly charismatic sign of the group, ready to conquer the world and one lucky heart. Leo’s are constantly buzzing with energy as they balance their social life and other responsibilities. Despite having a lot on their plate, when they love someone they will create time to spend with them.

A Leo's love is a burning fire of passion that no darkness (or broken heart) can dim. With a big heart like this, a relationship with a Leo will have you experiencing new heights to love that you could have never dreamed of.

3. Libra

September 23-October 22

Love is in the air, or is it just another season that will change? The Libra sign is pragmatic in the sense that they know love can change. They aren’t afraid of growing as a person and reevaluating a relationship if they have outgrown it. There is beauty in goodbye, a Libra will maintain their willingness to keep looking for love and trying until they get it right.

This sign is emotionally intelligent and is very capable of expressing exactly how they feel, they definitely won’t leave you guessing! It is in their nature to put others before themselves. You won’t have to worry about feeling forgotten about because a Libra will ask how your day is going, if you need anything, and when they can take you out next!

4. Sagittarius

November 22-December 21

Ruled by Jupiter, this zodiac sign is big-hearted and is open to exploring new things (and people). A Sagittarius is fascinated by searching deep within one's soul to further understand themselves. This fascination doesn’t just stop at them, it extends to the partner of their choosing, someone who is equally willing to grow with them especially on a spiritual level.

This means that they are willing to accept the person that they love, faults and all, if it means that they can connect their souls. This doesn’t mean that they will accept any sort of mistreatment though. A Sagittarius has a strong will and can sniff out any manipulation so that their big heart won’t be manipulated.

5. Pisces

Illustration of two pink fish circling each other.
The twelfth sign in the house is known for feeling very deeply, can you relate to this trait? Image courtesy of Gosia Nowak.

February 19-March 20

Jump into the turbulent waters of a Pisces and you will emerge as a brand new person. A Pisces in love is known for being intense and solely focused on their special someone. They can’t give only a small piece of their heart, they have to give up the whole thing or it’s nothing at all. Their devotion to their partner shows in a variety of ways, mainly encouragement for bettering oneself, which will benefit the relationship as a whole.

The Pisces sign thrives on honesty and will gladly give their trust to those who deserve it. But be sure to not deceive them and break their precious trust or else this sign will cut you off without a second thought!

Which Signs Didn’t Make The Cut


When an Aries is in love they know how to bring the passion and the heat, only when the other person captures their interest for long enough. Like a wildfire they are difficult to tame and they absolutely love intense romances. Because an aries is one of the more self-focused signs, it does not seem reliable enough to be considered as a zodiac with a big heart.


The elusive Scorpio sign hides their real emotions under their watery surface, too scared to be fully vulnerable. But that vulnerability of expressing your true feelings is not a weakness but a great strength! This sign can be seen as intimidating because they never back down from a fight. If you’re ready to kiss and make up (often) then a scorpio sign is where you’ll find that treatment.  


The Capricorn sign is a stubborn perfectionist that may place a lot of unwanted pressure on themselves and on their partner. They may disregard how their partner feels if it does not align with what they believe. A zodiac sign with the biggest heart is at the very least understanding of others, not dismissive.  

What Is Your Heart Saying To You?

Did your zodiac sign or your love interests happen to make it onto the list? Then you must be the lucky ones that have the biggest hearts and the most love to give. Each zodiac sign has their own quirks and personalities that make them interesting. When getting to know someone be sure to tuck this guide into your back pocket for reference.

Alexandria Bateman

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