Using the Wisdom of Tarot to Make Sense of Politics

What are tarot politics, does it work, and how can you incorporate it into your readings?

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Tarot readings are a popular way to glean insightful information about a personal situation. People go to readings to get answers to questions, and to uncover information that may prove helpful to decision-making. It is also a way to see how outside influences can have an affect on what path you decide to take in life. By allowing the cards to reflect the results of possible decisions, you can decide for yourself what the best way forward is based on your intuition.

But did you know that people also use the tarot to read current political situations? We have been going through interesting times, and many people have discovered--or rediscovered--how a tarot reading can offer guidance in uncertain or scary times. So we decided to do a little digging and see what tarot politics is, and if it’s something you want to add to your practice.

Use tarot to understand the motivations of a politician or to see how you can get involved and make changes.

What Are Tarot Politics?

Using spreads to explain politics

Just as the name states, tarot politics is the practice of using a tarot reading to shed some light on how best to individually respond to a political situation. After the presidential election of 2016, many people in the U.S. were feeling like a safety net had just been ripped away from them. Although there have always been problems and flaws with the democratic system, this was a rude awakening to what can happen when fear and misinformation are used to win a campaign.

Many tarot readers noticed an uptick in their business at this time, as people were learning to deal with the repercussions of a new normal. People seemed to be looking for a way to understand the shift in politics, and how to prepare themselves to live in an increasingly uncertain world. While no one knows exactly what the future holds, using the tarot for guidance is a helpful way to learn how individuals can respond, and what healthy things they can do to keep themselves afloat in an oftentimes crazy world.

Just like other forms of assistance, tarot forces an individual to reflect on their choices, and how those repercussions can have an affect on the wider world. Turning inward to ask, “what can I do” is a helpful way for people to start small and ensure they’re going in the right direction when it comes to making bigger decisions.

You can also use tarot spreads to get insights about politicians and learn some of the motivations for their actions based on a tarot spread. This type of spread answers a question about intentions, and is designed to inform the querent about their concerns for a particular person or strategy. This may be very helpful in deciding whether or not to vote for a certain politician, or to see where their intentions lay for the future.

How Are Tarot Politics Used?

Useful personally and politically

As mentioned above, tarot and politics can be useful both at a personal level, but also on a wider informational level. On a personal level, seeking help moving forward via the tarot is a great way for someone who feels they have lost control to gain some of it back. Turning to the tarot cards to seek answers of how you can empower yourself and your community is a positive way to take back a little control of a situation--especially one that you cannot always control like politics. It can help clarify decisions that can lead to feelings of confidence and get rid of any lingering negativity. By focusing on the positive, people can use this opportunity to be proactive about changes that they can make in their own lives, and start to accomplish their goals.

The tarot can also be used to get additional information or insights from a particular politician or help explain an election or a political strategy. Tarot readers who are interested in learning more about the motivations of a politician might consider doing a spread (your choice) and ask to understand the intentions behind their campaign and their long term strategy once they achieve the office of their choosing. You could also do a tarot spread to help explain election results, or try to predict who would win a race based on what the cards tell you. There are all kinds of insightful questions you can ask the cards, from discovering how a politician would use the power of their office, to what are the best ways to help candidate A win their next election race. You might find you like mixing tarot and politics on both levels, both to help you move forward, as well as to gain some understanding of where a political situation might be headed.

Incorporate tarot politics into your practice if you’d like more information on current political events.

Should You Do a Tarot Politics Reading?

Follow your gut and do what interests you!

If doing readings of politicians that can have a real impact on your community interests you, then by all means go for it! Creating a spread for a senator or representative might allow you to see what direction their party is headed in, or if they might be considering a change in focus. It’s very hard to turn off the 24 hour news cycle when it comes to politics, but see what information you can gather on your own, just by listening and interpreting the cards.

You can also use politics to drive change in yourself as well, and can consult the cards to lead you in the right direction. If you’re wondering how to get more involved, or curious about ways you can support politicians that speak to your ideals, the tarot cards would be a great place to start to ask those important questions.

The tarot is a trustworthy way to learn insightful information not only about yourself and your personal goals, but it can also be used to interpret politics. We’re all looking for a little extra guidance, so if this sounds like something that could benefit your practice, consider doing a political tarot reading! Let us know how it went in the comments.

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