The True Meaning of the Number 3 in Numerology

Unlock the power of the number 3 in numerology and discover what it might mean for you.

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Numbers aren’t just used for mathematical purposes or for seeing how much a bag of chips cost, they serve a greater spiritual purpose- one that most aren’t aware of. The origins of numerology are ancient and can be dated back to the time of the Babylon civilization. It has been practiced all over the world and has roots in various cultures, each one a bit different from the next. Now in the 21st century, society has reinterpreted the numerological teachings from these ancient cultures to better understand them in a modern setting.

By understanding certain numbers that are associated with your life, such as your birth date, you can interpret them to better understand your life path. In numerology, numbers have meaning and therefore energy that can affect you in more ways than one. Keep reading to find out if the number 3 will change how you view (and live) your life.

What we will be covering in this article:

  • What Is Numerology?
  • What The Number 3 Means in Numerology
  • Positive and Negative Characteristics Associated With 3
  • The Soul Urge
  • What The number 3 Means in Astrology
  • How It Relates to Tarot

What Is Numerology?

Think of numerology as a sister to astrology in the sense that it involves relating numbers to your life instead of planets! Learning the energetic vibrations (along with their properties) of certain numbers is what numerologists focus on. They learn what these vibrations are and how they can be related to various aspects of a person's life and even their personality. Harnessing the knowledge that numerology offers is an easy way to explore who you are and what you might be capable of.

The practice of numerology is well-established and consists of systems that were created just for analyzation purposes. Kabbalistic, Chaldean, and Pythagorean numerology systems are some of the most popular systems that are used by many. Numerology studies the numbers that are connected to your life but it is not necessarily about interpreting patterns. A practice that is commonly mistaken for numerology is angel numbers. This is the practice or belief that patterns of numbers seen regularly are sent from a spiritual guide. While this is somewhat similar to numerology in the sense of interpreting numbers for spiritual reasons, it lacks the systematic aspects. It is understandable when these two practices get mixed up- we’re all just trying to promote growth in our personal and spiritual lives in whatever way that speaks to us!

What Does The Number 3 Mean in Numerology?

Let’s start with finding out if the number 3 is the right number for you! In order to find this out, you have to find your life path number. A life path number is a fundamental piece in numerology that is connected to your birthdate. Discovering this number can ultimately provide insight into the purpose for your life and can guide you in how you should live your life- personality traits can also be unveiled when finding this number, some you may not be aware of yet.

Calculating your life path number is simple, all you need is your full birth date and some basic mathematical skills.

Step 1: Have your full birth date ready. We will be using June 20, 2002 in our example.  

Step 2: Add up (or reduce) the numbers in your birth date until there is a single digit remaining.

Calculating the number may also look like so:  6+2+0+2+0+0+2= 12 then it would continue to 1+2=3, meaning that this birth date also has a life path number of 3!

So, What Now?

Now that you know how to discover your life path number, it is time to learn what it means for you. People that have the life path number 3 tend to be emotionally open and ready to embrace everything that life has to offer them. They will express themselves in any way that they can! Whether it be through artistic or communicative means- they cannot contain their vivacious personality. Life path number 3 is ruled by the giant planet of Jupiter and it makes sense as to why those connected to it have personalities that may seem larger than life!

Positive and Negative Characteristics Associated With 3

While those with life path number 3 are beautifully optimistic and bursting with energy, they can have some negative personality aspects attached to them as well. Having good and bad qualities to one's personality is completely normal because hey, no one is perfect. Besides, striving for perfection is not worth the energy, discovering who you are and accepting yourself (flaws and all) is beyond fulfilling.


A career that can provide those with the life path number 3 with an outlet for their creativity is a must. An office job with little variety will feel too restricting for them, so a career that can engage their mind and creative side is usually what they pursue. Diverse careers that are also known for their flexibility include professional writing and performing as a musician or actor. For individuals that want to stimulate their mind more a career in software programming or communications is equally beneficial.


Three’s struggle to contain all of their energy and they need someone that can handle them. A partner that is adventurous and just as, if not more, outgoing as them is a must in order to keep the relationship flowing. Even if their partner is someone that is of a lower vibration energy-wise, it is possible for a relationship to blossom. An individual with life path number 3 might actually need someone to ground them when their restlessness overwhelms them.


Money is the motivator for most but life path 3 individuals take the cake! They know how to find opportunities that will bring in the cash so they can find ways to spend it even faster. Developing a healthy relationship with money is important for a three. Discipline is a powerful skill for anyone to wield and harnessing it can help you be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

The Soul Urge

Woman sitting by stone columns while meditating.
Use your soul urge number to unlock what the universe may be expecting of you.

The soul urge number is like the heart within the human body- it is powerful and rooted deeply within oneself. It represents your deepest desires, essentially showing what truly motivates you. Instead of using your birth date this time a soul urge number is calculated by using your name. People that have three for their soul urge number are well-equipped at creating their own kind of charm. Their desire in life is to be unbridled with all of the connections that they make and when they are expressing themselves through creative means. Channeling their energy in a productive way can be difficult at first but once it is properly learned- they are unstoppable.

Here is how to discover your soul urge number:

Step 1: Write out your full birth name.

Step 2: Remove or cross off all of the consonants that are in your name. Now that there are only vowels remaining (depending on the name) we can proceed with the calculations.

Each vowel has a special number attached to it, even the letter Y is included because it sounds like a vowel.







Step 3: Add up all of the numerical values attached to the vowels in your name. Then reduce this number into a single digit or a master number such as 11, 22, and 33. Once the number is reduced you will have your soul urge number!

What The Number 3 Means in Astrology

As we have mentioned before, the number 3 in numerology is connected to the planet Jupiter. It is known to represent optimism and prosperity so those that are ruled by it tend to have these traits bestowed upon them. It is difficult to determine what zodiac signs have the most people with three as their number in numerology since the combinations of birth dates are so varied. Astrology and numerology can provide special insights into your life depending on what your needs are, yet they do so in different ways that can overlap in certain areas.

How It Relates to Tarot

Pile of tarot cards on a white surface.
Combining a tarot reading with the discoveries you have made with your life path number can provide you with guidance when you may be feeling lost.

In the Major Arcana is the third card, the Empress and she represents abundance, fertility, and creativity. This card is all about embracing your feminine energy and channeling it into a greater purpose that will serve you. Similar to how the number 3 is interpreted in numerology, it also signifies expressing yourself creatively or communicatively to flourish harmoniously with those around us.  When pulling cards in a tarot reading it is important to remember that the meaning behind the card may be interpreted differently depending on the person or the context. Keeping this and the numerological beliefs associated with the number 3 in mind will guide you on your spiritual journey.

That’s it for our guide to understanding the meaning behind 3 in numerology. We hope that we have deepened your understanding on numerology and what it may mean for you!

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