Stones for Healing the Heart Chakra

Powerful stones and crystals for unblocking the fourth chakra

Do you find yourself struggling in the love department? Maybe your relationships just aren’t turning out the way you’d hoped? Are you struggling with trusting others, or even just your gut? Is it hard for you to forgive? This may be a sign that your heart chakra needs a little TLC. Lucky for you, we’re going to be talking all about the heart chakra as well as the amazing stones and crystals that aid in healing and protecting your precious heart (chakra).  

Here you’ll learn about:

  • The basics of the heart chakra
  • Spoken affirmations that aid in healing this chakra
  • The key indicators that signal that your heart chakra is blocked or out of balance
  • Five very influential stones that play an important role in the healing process  

Heart Chakra Background

Intro to the Anahata

The heart chakra, or the Anahata is located in the center of the chest and is the fourth of seven chakras down along the length of the spine. This chakra emcompasses all that is  compassion and joy -- a wellspring of love. It is the center of our deep bonds, connecting us our self-love, kindness, and generosity while unlocking our truest form of unconditional love and unity.

The energy of the Anahata allows us to realize that we are apart of something much larger  than ourselves -- that we are a part of an intricate web of bonds and relationships that spread across our entire life and the lives of others.

green heart chakra embrace love
The heart chakra is known for being the place where physical and spiritual energies come together. Image courtesy of Balance by Buddah Groove.

Heart Chakra Affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations about love and our relationships is a great way to channel our heart chakra and begin it’s healing process. GIve these statements a try and experience a sense of openness among yourself and others!

  • I welcome love with an open heart.
  • My heart is free from all the wounds of the past.
  • I forgive others, and I forgive myself.
  • I am open to love and receive more of it everyday.
  • I naturally attract love everywhere I go.
  • I create supportive, loving relationships that are good for me.
  • I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • I live in a balanced state of gracefulness and gratitude.
heart chakra anahata woman in white chakra diagram
Anahata encompasses all that is love, warmth, and compassion. Image from 7 Chakra Store.

Signs that Your Heart Chakra is Unbalanced

How to tell if the fourth chakra is blocked

A blocked heart chakra can manifest itself both physically and mentally. Things like stress and emotional pain or trauma have been known to block this chakra. Maybe you just got out of a tough relationship, or you just remembered a bad memory, or you’re constantly overthinking. All of these things could potentially set your Anahata up to be all out of whack.

If you find yourself experiencing any of the following, it may be a sign that your heart chakra may need some attending to.

  • Poor blood circulation
  • high/low blood pressure
  • Various heart and lung conditions
  • You struggle with loving and trusting others
  • You find it difficult to build connections with other people
  • You’re too needy or too distant in relationships
  • You’re holding grudges and finding it difficult to forgive
  • Social anxiety

5 Stones to Heal the Heart Chakra

Realign your Anahata with these stones and crystals

pink heart crystals rose quartz
Rose Quartz is linked with compassion and unconditional love. Image courtesy of kidz rocks.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love. With its ability to help deepen relationships while purifying the heart, it is believed that rose quartz is the single most important stone for healing the heart chakra.

This crystal opens the heart to all different types of love -- be it self-love, romantic love, or love for family and friends. Its energy also comforts and heals all wounds that the heart may have suffered.

The energy that rose quartz radiates is a soothing one that promotes forgiveness, empathy, and reconciliation.

single green emerald, black background
Emerald has been shown to  stimulate use of greater mental capacity. Image from kidz rocks.


With Emerald being the stone of successful love, it encourages loyalty and enhances unconditional love while bringing balance to your relationships. It is also said to bring wisdom to its user as a ‘stone of prophecy’. Emerald ensures mental, physical, and spiritual equilibrium to bring harmony to all aspects of your life.

Think your boyfriend may be cheating on you? Emerald changes when it detects unfaithfulness, so this stone is a great tool if you feel like one of relationships may be struggling.

Emerald has been linked with aiding in treatment of disorders of the heart, lungs and muscular system. It also aids in recovery of specific illnesses.

handful  of rhodonite pink and black, leaf in back
Rhodonite is considered a lifeline for strong and healthy relationships, encouraging clear and constant communication. Image courtesy of


As the stone of unconditional and self-love, rhodonite is an emotional balancer, showing both sides to every situation and offering balance when stress is present. It reminds us that painful emotions are temporary, guiding you in conquering your conflicts with unconditional love, free of expectations.

Meditating with a rhodonite stone helps you go deeper within yourself to clear out old patterns and reveal your true passions. This stone is valued for encouraging honesty and freedom of speech, making it a great tool in case you find yourself struggling in a relationship -- with another person, or even with yourself.

green aventurine, white background
Green aventurine has been shown to bring optimism and a zest for life. Image from New Moon Beginnings.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine, the stone of opportunity, is known to be the luckiest of all crystals as it manifests wealth and prosperity. If you're trying to play your hand in a game of poker, this stone has been shown to increase your favor in games of chance. It just radiates a strong winning energy that many have been a fan of.

This stone also promotes harmony, soothing negative energies while highlighting and minimizing unhealthy patterns and offering up new ones.

It is also often used for its increased sense of well being and emotion stabilizing effects, to aid in providing luck to future romantic relationships.

green malachite black background
It is the green energy of malachite that helps you regain the balance of your heart chakra. Image from ebay.


Malachite is known as the stone of transformation, reminding us always that we have the ability to ‘turn over a new leaf’. It is a great indicator of when there is a need for change, with its powerful energies encouraging its user to let go and move on to the next phase, next relationship, or next career -- supplementing growth and transformation.

This stone is amazing for healing the physical heart as well as your emotions. Malachite removes emotional blockages, making it super valuable in new relationships.

Finding yourself stuck in a rut? Malachite does a fantastic job at helping nudge you out of it by providing you with a deeper understanding of your true creative spirit.

chest crystals
Using stones and crystals is a great way to help realign the chakras. Image from Body Spiritual.

The Anahata is a unifying chakra that spreads healing to all paths of life. When aligned properly, you will feel an overwhelming sense of love and joy, while experiencing a sense of connectedness to the world around you. However, if you find that your heart chakra in imbalance, it is likely that your relationships may not be quite where you would like them, or you could be struggling with trust amongst yourself or others.

But there is no need to panic. These issues are easily fixed with inner reflection, meditation, and yoga. Incorporating the stones that are discussed in this article will aid you in the healing process when activating each of their unique and special energies. Good luck!

Camryn White

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