Sacral Chakra Imbalance: Fixing Your Emotional Center

Opening up and balancing your sacral chakra is essential to enhancing your creativity, pleasure, and life.

Balance is important for all aspects of your life. For your chakras, balance might be all you need to feel like yourself again. Chakras are energy centers, and the sacral chakra controls emotional balance. An imbalanced sacral chakra has far-reaching consequences, so read on to find out if you have an imbalanced sacral chakra and how you can bring harmony back to your life.

  • What is the sacral chakra
  • Signs of an imbalance
  • How to rebalance

Sacral Chakra Basics

The sacral chakra sits right below your navel and tends to be associated with the lymphatic system and genitals.

The sacral chakra controls many emotional aspects of your life such as passion, sexuality, relationships, and sensation. The ability to feel pleasure, both physical and emotional, is rooted in this important chakra.

Your mental health is very intertwined with the sacral chakra, so an imbalance could wreak havoc on your life if it is unbalanced.

Imbalance Signs

The biggest signs of a sacral imbalance manifest in your relationships with others and yourself. Independence, self worth, and confidence stem from the sacral chakra. These issues can affect your relationships with others and also prevent you from pursuing your passions.

If you find yourself thinking too much and doing too little, you may have an imbalanced sacral chakra. Unhealthy fantasies and an inability to follow through are only a few signs of an imbalance. Unfortunately, these thoughts can spiral and imbalance you even further, making it feel even harder to achieve fulfillment.

Some signs of an imbalanced chakra are:

  • Depression
  • Excessive emotional attachment
  • Creative ruts
  • Over-indulgence

If you think you have a sacral chakra imbalance, do not lose hope. Everyday stress can derail your plans and make you feel imbalanced, but getting caught up in the negatives will only further deter you. Know that although a sacral chakra imbalance is emotional and physically taxing, there are many tangible steps you can take to regain balance and control.

Sacral Chakra Rebalancing

Finding your sense of purpose is the most immediate result of rebalancing your chakra. As you begin your journey to healing and balance, remind yourself of your passions and what has kept you from them. You may be frustrated with yourself, but it will only keep you from progressing if you keep thinking back to the past.

A blocked chakra could be keeping you from being aware of your emotions. Opening up your chakra will help you more and more as time goes on.

Some physical ways to open up your chakra include meditation and massages. Pelvic thrusts, cobra pose, and sun salutations all help because they build on each other. They physically stimulate the area your sacral chakra functions in. Spiritually, the meditation will allow you to balance your mind and focus on your passions.

Massages and acupuncture help you keep a clear mind. As you begin rebalancing, you will learn that the biggest improvements come from a focused mind. Once you realize you are in control of your balance, chakral or otherwise, you will find your power again.

Chanting and mindfulness can also assist you as you rebalance. These are more mental and spiritual ways, but they are just as important as the physical rebalancing.

Having a sacral chakra imbalance can affect many parts of your life, so the journey to balance must be slow and steady. Expecting everything to change overnight is just a side effect of an imbalanced chakra. Be ready for a journey back to yourself that will change your life and leave you with good, mindful practices.


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