Meditation – What Makes Guided Meditation the Better Option?

In recent times, everything is so accessible that it’s difficult to stay away from the negativity. However, that’s not the hard part. The hard part is that most people don’t know how to channel that negativity into something positive and productive.


This is where meditation comes into play. It can help in countering unwanted and unnecessary thoughts. Meditation comes in two forms, guided and self-guided.. Depending on how you want to meditate, you can opt for any method.

However, this article focuses on people taking baby steps towards meditation. For this reason, we will solely focus on guided meditation.

Without any delay, let’s get started.

What is Guided Meditation?

Everyone requires a mentor to realize their goals. Likewise, expert meditators can help people in meditation. To put it simply, when we follow someone’s lead in meditation, it’s called guided meditation.

The major difference between guided and self-guided meditation is the presence of a mentor. In self-guided meditation, you don’t follow anyone. You simply act out on your own and try different ways to achieve the inner peace.

Although self-guided meditation sounds liberating, it is only suitable for professionals. People new to meditation may end up having disastrous effects in the quest of following the self-guided method.

On the other hand, guided meditation has its own pros and cons. The biggest advantage of guided meditation is the presence of a teacher. An experienced mentor with the right skills can hone your meditation skills.

Now, we’ll explore the mediums for guided meditation.

What are mediums for Guided Meditation?

Mobile Applications: 

For starters, mobile applications can work as a perfect guide. With thousands of free and paid applications, they can be used to learn the basics of meditation.

People can find different ways to meditate on such apps. With the help of video tutorials, blogs, and courses, people have the option to opt for whatever meditation practice they like. 

Moreover, most apps have a premium version, which people can avail of at a reasonable price. The premium version lets them connect with expert meditators. This way, people can engage with them and explore different meditation practices.

However, make sure that you’re connected to a stable connection. Otherwise, a subpar internet connection may cause videos to buffer and lag.

To make the most of meditation apps, we recommend a connection like Cox. Providing top speeds with great bandwidth, Cox can help you meditate better. Moreover, with millions of free hotspot zones all over the country, you can stay connected on the go, and that too at reasonable prices.

To avail of their services, visit Cox’s website. Spanish customers can redirect to Spanish customer support via Cox en español.

Online Communities: 

Having like-minded people around you can help. Online communities are great for interacting with people.

Meditators seeking guidance can partake in online communities as well. On social platforms such as Facebook, X, or Instagram, they can easily find one.

The biggest advantage of online communities is the exposure to different ideas. As an amateur, there are thousands of opportunities to grab.

However, you may need to stay vigilant when it comes to trying different things. Make sure whatever you’re going to do is tried and tested. If it’s not validated by anyone, better stay away from such meditation practices.

Meditation Classes: 

If you’re not willing to take online courses or join communities, you can still join physical meditation classes. It’s the traditional, yet very effective way to learn meditation.

Most importantly, in physical classes, you can interact and learn from the mentor first-hand. There are no interruptions and you can reach out for help anytime. Moreover, in physical classes, a productive environment helps to learn effectively.

Now, that you’ve got a hint where to look out for the guided meditation, let’s take a brief glance at the advantages of guided meditation.

Benefits of Guided Meditation:

  • Anxiety Control – Guided meditation can help you gain control over unnecessary thoughts.
  • Stress Management – Reduces stress by normalizing the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Better Sleep Quality – Relaxes the body and eventually helps in getting a better sleep.
  • Better Breathing – Eliminates the causes of heavy, burdensome breathing.
  • Light Mind – Removes any unwanted thoughts.
  • Better Temperament – Enables a person to control his emotions.
  • Control on Negative Thoughts – Negativity can be channeled into positive thinking via guided meditation.
  • Less Overthinking – Guided meditation enables a person to think consciously.
  • Reduce Loneliness – Improves your body language.
  • Boost Creativity – Helps open the hidden pathways of your mind.
  • Improve Memory – Enables a person to memorize and remember little details.
  • Better Attention Span – Guided Meditation can help a person in being attentive.

Bottom Line: 

Meditation – guided or self-guided, both are effective. However, with guided meditation, the chances of going wrong are less. Moreover, as a beginner, it’s better to follow someone’s lead until you become a master yourself.

Kellee Maize Team

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