Mastering Cord Cutting Rituals: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are staying attached to negative connections it might be time to cut them loose. Here is our guide to releasing the bad and welcoming in the good.

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As we go through life we create powerful connections to other people, thoughts, and tangible things. These connections help us grow and teach us lessons about the world and about ourselves. It is impossible to navigate life without experiencing any negativity in some way, it is unfortunate but it is reality. Negativity can hinder our growth and it must be released if you want to open up your heart to new opportunities.

Cord cutting rituals help people take this next step in their spiritual and lifelong journey. While it is expected that facing strong emotions, memories, or truths can feel impossible, it is necessary for the sake of creating a future that focuses on happiness. If you are in search of a way to let go of emotionally-charged thoughts that do more harm than good, keep on reading and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Here is what you can expect from this guide:

  • An Explanation of What a Cord Cutting Ritual Is
  • How To Perform The Ritual
  • What To Do After It Is Complete

Cutting The Connection: Releasing Yourself From Negativity

A cord cutting ritual is wholly for symbolic purposes, not physical in any way. In all relationships we develop bonds that hold energy- good or bad depending on the relationship. This ritual is meant to sever the bond that holds you back from finally realizing inner peace. If something no longer contributes to your well-being then it needs to be cut off in order to protect your energy.

The ritual can be performed for a number of reasons! When a relationship ends, whether it is romantic, platonic, or even professional, and you can’t seem to let it go or you feel like it is looming over your shoulder. Additionally, it should be performed if you cannot move past a previously lived experience that has had a lasting (yet negative) impact on you. Anything that is not positively affecting you and your life should be severed by a cord cutting ritual so you can free yourself at last.  

Benefits of Cord Cutting:

  • Closure
  • Emotional freedom
  • Energy is shifted to a positive direction
  • Physical well-being will improve
  • Personal growth is promoted

How to Perform the Rituals

There are two types of cord cutting rituals, it can be completed through an energetic cord cutting that is only done mentally. This method requires the caster to be in a deep meditation while they visualize cutting the thread that connects them to whatever is negatively impacting their life.

Performing a mental cord cutting ritual goes as follows

Step 1:

Find a location that is quiet and brings you a feeling of peacefulness. It can be in your home, outdoors, or even in your car. Lower yourself into a seated position or you can lie down if that is more comfortable for you. Being seated allows you to feel grounded and unwavering as you begin to face things that might cause you pain as you relive them. Distractions should be removed or kept to a minimum in order for the ritual to be effective.

Step 2:

Close your eyes and begin to take in deep breaths and exhale (easy, right?). If you have never meditated before this step may have some initial difficulty. Calming down the body and removing your focus from thoughts that seem to come in from all directions requires dedicated practice. Do not doubt yourself if you do not regularly meditate, all this means is that this step may require more of your time than what you originally planned for.

As you breathe in, imagine that you are inhaling, welcoming, good energy. Upon exhaling, imagine that the negative energy swirling inside of your body is being expelled.

Step 3:

Once you reach a tranquil state of being and your mind is calm, visualize the negative cords that are attached to you. It can be a negative situation, a person, a traumatic event, truly anything that carries an intense emotional charge. You can take a creative approach when imagining the cords, they can be visualized as red and covered in thorns or a simple thread used to sew a button onto a shirt. Visualize what feels right (and real) to you.

Step 4:

You need to visualize a sharp object or tool that can cut these cords, a pair of scissors is the easiest item to conjure up. Begin to cut each and every one of the cords. The severance of each one is deeply symbolic as it signifies the severance between you and the negative energy associated with the cord.

Step 5:

At this point your emotions may feel heightened and understandably so. Give yourself some time to process the ritual and what it means for you going forward. For the next several minutes, or until you feel ready, continue to practice deep breathing with your eyes closed. Reinforce your intentions for performing the cord cutting ritual. Reaffirming that you are inviting positive energy into your being now that the negative energy has been severed.

Candle Cord Cutting Ceremony

Two candles tied together by a string.
Make sure that the chosen candles are the same size to ensure an even burning rate or else the ritual will not be effective.  Image courtesy of TheCelticsBrew on Etsy.

This version of the cord cutting ritual is geared towards people that are visual learners. The candles represent you and the person or thing that you are trying to let go of. With a cord (the connection) tying the candles together as they burn down and ultimately burn away the connection. It is a very powerful ritual and should be used with intent and not frivolousness.

Necessary Materials:

  • One black candle (same size)
  • One white candle (same size)
  • Salt
  • Cord or string
  • Lighter or matches

How to perform a candle cord cutting ritual

Step 1:

Locate a fireproof surface that will hold the salt and candles while the ritual is performed. This item can be a glass plate or a metal dish.

Step 2:

Pour a thin layer of salt onto the fireproof surface, this adds an extra protective barrier as the candles burn down.

Step 3:

Carve your name on one candle to represent your energy. For the other candle, carve the name or thing that you have a negative connection with. If this is a bit difficult, you can write out the names or situations on small pieces of paper and tie them to the candles instead. Visualize in your mind the connection that you are attached to and prepare to let it go.

Step 4:

Heat up the bottom of each candle with the lighter to adhere it to the fireproof surface. This will keep your candles securely upright. The candles should be placed a few inches apart so that the cord can be slightly stretched apart.

Step 5:

Create a small loop with the piece of cord. Carefully place it over the candles without knocking them over. The loop should be encompassing the candles and it symbolizes the connection.

Step 6:

Light both of the candles with a lighter and watch them slowly burn. As you watch the candles melt down and burn the cord that connects them, imagine the flame burning away that connection in yourself. Your connection to the negative connection has been successfully severed.

Step 7:

Allow the candles to completely burn down and extinguish to complete the ritual. The remnants may be thrown away in the trash.

Extra Elements to Incorporate  

Meditating before the ritual begins can help strengthen it greatly. By relaxing and visualizing the connection within your mind will make the ritual more effective since you have thoroughly visualized what is causing you distress. The breathing exercises associated with meditating should also be done while the ritual is taking place. Maintaining this skill can keep you calm and collected if any powerful emotions arise.

Another element that can be added to the ritual is affirmations. Affirmations can strongly affect the way that we see ourselves and the world around us. As the candles burn, either speak out loud or silently in your head an affirmation that resonates with you. You can say something along the lines of “I release this negative connection and I welcome pure energy.”

Crystals and herbs can add a layer of protection for you during this process. Each crystal and herb has varying spiritual properties so it is advised to research which ones are suitable for a cord cutting ritual. We recommend using a black obsidian crystal since it is known to be a powerful cleanser. A clear quartz crystal can emphasize your intentions and assist you in the removal of negative energy.

What's Next?

Woman with her eyes closed and smiling.
Take a moment to appreciate the emotional release and effects from the ritual.

After the ritual it is normal to feel overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions, hopefully you mainly experience a sense of relief. If you feel that the ritual was not completely effective in cutting the energetic cord then the ritual may be performed as many times as needed. There are some habits you should incorporate into your daily routine, if you haven't already, that will provide you with continuous personal growth. Practice mindfulness in the following ways: journaling, meditation, affirmations, and speaking to yourself in a positive way. All of these practices will undoubtedly bring you peace of mind and help you to become the absolute best you can be.

The cord cutting ritual is designed to change your energy in order to better yourself, not someone else. Performing the ritual can put you on the right path that is full of light, love, and healing. We hope that this guide has thoroughly prepared you and we wish you the best of luck in performing a cord cutting ritual on your own!

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