Is There a Way to Tell Which Zodiac Sign is the Craziest?

Learn how to spot which zodiac signs are more likely to be the craziest!

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We all have different aspects of our personalities that make us whole, and one of those aspects could be how easy (or not) it is for us to let loose and get crazy. When we talk about someone being crazy, that means a lot of things to different people. And when we’re talking about zodiac signs, seeing which signs are the craziest can give us a hint of just how wild someone might be.

Although we’re not entirely ruled by what our star sign says about us, there are some truths behind being born under a certain sign. Did you know there are signs that aren’t afraid to let loose and get a little crazy more so than others? That’s right, and in this article we’re going to find out which zodiac signs are the craziest. 

Without further ado, let’s follow the advice of Prince, and let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts.

Let’s Define Crazy

What do we mean when we say, which zodiac sign is the craziest?

people kicking leaves and getting a little crazy

When we’re talking about the craziest zodiac signs, we’re talking about those signs that aren’t afraid to let their inhibitions go. We’re not making a comment on their mental health. Image courtesy of Calm Moment.

We mentioned earlier that crazy can mean a lot of different things. We’ve made this word into a catchall for a variety of different things, from silly, outlandish, or freaky, to being used to describe something as extra, or over the top. Who hasn’t said sentences like “that show is crazy funny,” or something similar. It’s a part of our everyday speech, so much so that you don’t even notice yourself saying it.

When most people use the word crazy, they’re referring to silly, outlandish, or fearless behaviors or persons. They are typically not referring to the status of that person’s mental health. However, there is still quite a stigma attached to the word crazy, and people who are dealing with mental health issues should not have to worry about other people casually referring to them as crazy. We just thought a little clarification was in order before we got to our list.

That being said, when we’re talking about the craziest zodiac signs, we’re talking about those signs that are most willing to take risks, have fun, or just be spontaneous. And while all the signs might have a little bit of “crazy” in them, there are certain ones who just let that side of them shine a little more. 

Top 5 Craziest Zodiac Signs

These are some of the most fun, silliest, and spontaneous zodiac signs

person with their head out the window on an adventure

Here are the signs that are always up for an adventure. Image courtesy of the Odyssey Online.

While not everyone might not be comfortable with making rash decisions, or going off on spontaneous adventures, there are some zodiac signs that are. We’re not going to judge whether you’re comfortable doing those silly, outlandish things, but we are here to let you know there could be a reason you like to show your wild side! (Hint: it may be because of your zodiac sign!)

Here are our top five craziest zodiac signs.


If you know a Gemini, consider yourself a lucky person. Geminis are always fun, and they’re always up for all kinds of shenanigans. Because this star sign’s symbol is the twins, you can be sure Geminis are always ready to take things from calm to crazy in no time. Just how they can easily balance different personas based on the situation, Geminis have no problem balancing their wild side, with their more pragmatic one. 

When you want a good time, or want to bring the life of the party, turn to a Gemini to bring about a crazy fun experience.


While Scorpios may take a little time to warm up to you, once they’re comfortable, they’ll have no problem showing you their wild and crazy side. While we typically think of Scorpios as intuitive, empathetic, and emotional, they are also known to be a little on the crazy side. This could be due to their naturally rebellious nature, which can cause them to go looking for trouble. Just don’t be surprised if it finds you!


Sagittarians are always fun to be around. Their jovial, fun-loving nature just draws people to them. They’re also very loyal friends, however, they will never say no to an adventure! This sign feels right at home moving around, and they’re always looking for the next fun, and wild time. These star signs will be the first to give you a call to go hop on a plane, or take an extended road trip. Because according to them, you never know what kind of fun is out there waiting!

crazy people enjoying a road trip to the ocean

Hop in the car with your favorite Sagittarian for a super fun road trip! Image courtesy of Tecnic.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of an Aries is their passion, drive, and win at all costs mentality. You may be surprised to know that this type of drive and confidence in themselves removes most of their inhibitions. You won’t find Aries being the shrinking violets at a party or event. Instead you’ll find them looking for a way to have fun!


And finally, rounding out our list of the top five craziest zodiac signs is Virgo. While this earth sign is extremely grounded, we all know what perfectionists Virgos can be. That’s why when things go awry or plans get messed up, they can really let loose. Virgos are not afraid to show their crazy side when they’re trying to get everyone to see their point of view (and what they want to do) as the most important.

While everyone has a little crazy in them, and maybe even a wild side, these are the signs that aren’t afraid to show it often. Whether you're a Gemini who can’t wait to try an extreme sport, or you’re an Aries cutting a rug on the dance floor, these signs sure know how to cut loose when they need to.

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