How Do You Know Which Zodiac Sign is Most Loyal?

Looking to know more about what zodiac sign is most likely to be loyal? We have answers below!

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Although all of us are complicated and complex people, you may still be surprised to find how much your zodiac sign reveals about you. Whether you’re an Aries or a Virgo can say a lot about how you view yourself and how you interact with others in the world. While you may find that you do exhibit certain traits of your sign, you may not do the same of others. And that’s the great part about astrology, that even though we’re a certain sign, we’re still human and have a wide range of emotions and experiences influencing us!

Have you ever wondered what zodiac sign is the most loyal, and would make a great romantic partner or best friend? In this astrological article, we’re going to discuss what loyalty is, and what signs tend to have more of it.

What is Loyalty and Why is It Important?

Why loyalty is one of the best qualities you can have

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Loyalty can be hard to define, but we all know it when we see it! Image courtesy of The Daily Iowan.

While everyone can agree that loyalty is a good thing, not everyone knows exactly what it means. When you’re loyal to someone—whether that’s a friend, partner, colleague, or yourself—you offer them your support, trust, and allegiance. This means taking the time to get to know them and their personality, and deciding whether your values and mindsets work well together.

Loyalty can be an understated quality sometimes, but it typically is a desired one in both professional and personal relationships. After all, who wants a partner or friend who is fickle and changes sides all the time? That kind of relationship wouldn’t be worth your time! When you’re in a loyal relationship, this allows feelings of trust and mutual respect to arise, further cementing the bond you have—whether that’s romantic, platonic, or professional. 

Unfortunately there’s no way to tell who is a loyal person just by looking at them. You’ll have to get to know them and see how they work and what values are important to them before you can decide whether they’re likely a loyal person. However, if you know their zodiac sign, you may be able to get a better idea on whether or not you’ll have to worry about their loyalty in the future. 

What are the Most Loyal Zodiac Signs?

How to tell whether someone is more likely to be loyal

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There are some zodiac signs that can be more loyal than others. Image courtesy of What’s Your Sign.

As we mentioned earlier, just because you’re one sign doesn’t mean you necessarily embody all of the qualities associated with it. However, if you’re looking for a little insight into someone’s behavior and relationship patterns, it’s always a good idea to start with their zodiac sign. When it comes to likely loyalists, these are the top three signs.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpios are a water-ruled sign, which means that they wear their emotions on their sleeves. This is also a fixed sign, so they like things to be stable and secure, and aren’t very welcoming of abrupt or sudden changes. When it comes to relationships, Scorpios are very attached to and supportive of their partners, which is what makes them incredibly loyal. 

Because of their deeply sensitive nature, Scorpios tend to keep people around them that they have known for years, and now trust implicitly. This sign also demands loyalty in return, and will not stand for those that prove their disloyalty. 

  1. Leo

Although a fixed fire sign, you can expect a lot of ferocious loyalty from a Leo. Leos have no problem taking the lead, but they are also very giving and trusting people. It is their ability to see the good in others that allows them to be so loyal. 

Leos can be protective, and that means towards their partners and friends too, so expect them to stand up for them in all kinds of situations. Don’t expect a Leo to lay down when it comes to disloyalty though, as they will not tolerate it in a personal or professional relationship.

  1. Cancer

Another water sign, Cancers can also be some of the most loyal of the zodiac. Their water-based emotions are enhanced since this sign is also ruled by the Moon. This energy increases their feelings of protectiveness towards their partners and friends. Once a Cancer has decided to be friends or take a partner, they are in it for the long haul. 

Being fulfilled in their relationships is very important to Cancers, so they’ll take the time to determine if someone can offer them what it is they’re looking for. If not, they have no problem being honest and walking away.

What are the Least Loyal Zodiac Signs?

Are there zodiac signs that are least likely to be loyal?

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Although not always disloyal, some zodiac signs have difficulties with their loyalties. Image courtesy of Times of India. 

Just as there are signs that are most loyal, that also means there are signs that are not known for their loyal behavior. This isn’t to say these signs are incapable of loyalty, it’s just that with them, there is more room for gray areas. 

  1. Sagittarius

The Sagittarius is a free-spirited wanderer, which makes it difficult for them to be super loyal at times. Always looking for a new adventure or new experience can sometimes cause this sign to lose out on loyalty points. Although they want to learn new things and be challenged in their relationships, Sagittarians may struggle to settle down or stay in one place.

  1. Aquarius

These zodiac signs are fiercely independent, and have no problem waiting for the right relationship to present itself. In the meantime, they don’t want to put up with friends or partners who are needy or who would impede on their independent nature. This is likely due to the fact they’re a fixed air sign that can be uncompromising at times. 

However, when the right partner does come around, Aquarians will finally be able to let someone else in who they can finally share experiences with. 

  1. Pisces

A water sign with mutable traits typically prevents Pisces from developing long lasting, loyal relationships. Although they are quick to trust people due to their sensitive, watery nature, Pisces may get overly excited about the concept of friendship or love, and not be willing or able to put in the work. This can cause them to struggle with loyalty.

Because they are always looking for the next best thing, Pisces have a hard time developing trusting bonds. But when they do, they can prove to be protective and supportive of their friends or partners.

Although you may not experience all the traits of your zodiac sign, it can be a good place to start when trying to determine how highly you regard loyalty. Don’t forget, being loyal is a choice, and any zodiac sign can make it!

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