Here are the Best Zodiac Inspired Gifts for Your Favorite Virgo

A gift guide filled with perfect picks for the Virgo in your life!

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, following Leo and preceding Libra. Virgos are known for being the perfectionists of the zodiac. They are known for being hardworking, detail oriented, and extremely organized. They are represented by the Virgin glyph, which references purity and a somewhat discriminating nature. Virgos notice flaws in others very quickly and easily, and they often feel inclined to help fix them. Virgos are one of the most productive signs because they are generally able to process and handle information rapidly and intelligently. 

They’re extremely reliable and loyal, and they make great friends, but they can sometimes be known to ruffle feathers because their perfectionism and attention to detail can be hurtful and annoying. Some famous Virgos include Beyonce, Blake Lively, and Adam Sandler. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, which is the planet that influences information and analytical skills. With all of this background information, read on for our gift guide that is personally tailored to Virgos! 

Gifts for Virgos can be made personal by tailoring them to the traits of the sign, like organization and perfectionism. 

Eight Gifts for the Virgo in Your Life

In addition to their perfectionism, Virgos are known for their pickiness, meaning they can be quite difficult to pick out gifts for. When thinking about gifts for Virgos, remember their practicality- they’ll want things that they can use. They also tend to be interested in wellness, so self care items are another easy choice. 

Peace Vase by Justina Blakeney 

As an earth sign, Virgos love plants. They also love things that help decorate their spaces and make them feel organized and attractive. This peace sign vase combines those interests beautifully. It is an absolutely adorable piece to add to any room. It comes in eight different colors, making it suitable for any design scheme. The vase has 60+ five star reviews, making its higher price point feel more reasonable. The Virgo in your life will love the uniqueness and color this piece will bring to their space, and they will appreciate your decorative eye. 

Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser

Virgos love routines and self care. This cleanser from Lush is one of their best reviewed products. It is made with a gently exfoliating blend of kaolin clay, ground almonds, lavender, rose and chamomile oils. Because it’s a solid cleanser, using it looks a little different than a typical one, but it’s very easy to apply. You start by wetting your face, and then take a pinch, (a little goes a long way!), and scrub it all around your face. It is gentle enough for virtually any skin type. The ground almonds in it provide gentle exfoliation, the lavender oil is balancing for skin and provides a calming and pleasant scent, and the chamomile oil is soothing and gently cleansing. Your face will be smooth and soft after only a few days! Also, the Angel reference fits perfectly with the representation of Virgos as the pure and angelic sign. 

Daily Planner 

Virgos love to stay organized and on top of their obligations. This planner is the perfect gift for the Virgo in your life. It is a 12 month planner with tabs for each month providing easy access to at-a-glance commitments. It also has class schedule pages, perfect for the Virgo student in your life. The planner features motivational quotes, and the cover says “Make Magic Happen Everyday,” an encouraging and inspiring message to have around, especially when you’re as busy and committed as Virgos tend to be. If you don’t like this planner, or you want one more accessible for a non-student, check out this website for tons of options! 

Virgo’s are known for their reliability, analytical skills, and precise ways of thinking. This kit contains crystals and items to guide and enhance their natural skills. Image courtesy of Saracen Provisions

Deluxe Virgo Giftbox 

If you have a Virgo in your life who is really into their sign and other new age items, this gift box is the perfect present. You can order from two different options from this seller: the cleansing box, and the floral box. The cleansing box contains a Palo Santo Stick, a White Sage Bundle Adorned With A Rose, a 4oz Floral Soy Candle, some Floral Bath Salts, Carnelian, Moss Agate, Raw Green Opal, and Descriptions Of the Crystals For The Virgo Stones on card stock. The floral box contains a Mini Dried Floral Bundle, Floral Roll-On Fragrance Oil, a 4oz Floral Soy Candle, Floral Bath Salts, Carnelian, Moss Agate, Raw Green Opal, and a Description Of Crystals For The Virgo Stones on card stock. The stones are customized to help enhance the natural skills a Virgo already possesses, like their reliability, precision, and analytical skills. 

Pinch Me Therapy Dough

Virgos are high strung, and that can often lead to high levels of anxiety. Anything that can help them loosen up and channel their nervous energy elsewhere is a great gift. This therapy dough is the perfect mix of sophisticated and comforting. It is professionally developed to be as pliable as possible, and it is made with soothing aromatherapy that is released while you play with it, heightening the calming impact. It’s naturally antibacterial, meaning it won’t get gross or harmful no matter how often you use it. This particular blend is pink, but you can find it in a variety of colors, each coming with its own scents and benefits. 

Warmies Stuffed Animal 

Virgos are practical above all else, and they have no use for items that don't provide a purpose. These stuffed animals are adorable and functional. They are weighted to provide soothing comfort, and also infused with a calming lavender scent. The best part? They are microwaveable and can provide heated comfort for hours at a time. They are some of the best stuffed animals for people with stress disorders, and they are so cute, it is impossible not to fall in love when they come. They come in a wide variety of animals and sizes, so your Virgo bestie’s favorite animal is likely to be somewhere in their stock. 

Restorative Hemp Balm Set 

Virgos have been at the self care game for longer than anybody, so they’ll appreciate unique and out of the ordinary products to add to their routine. Products made with CBD, or cannabinoid oil, have become increasingly popular, as they contain the ingredient in cannabis that encourages relaxation and pain relief without the accompanying high, making them much more accessible and useful. 

This Hemp Balm set comes with a lip balm and container of moisturizer that is helpful in aiding pain relief or encouraging relaxation during an anxious moment or before bed time. In addition to the Hemp oil, it is packed with rich and soothing ingredients like shea butter and beeswax. The Virgo in your life will love coming home after a long day to this skin and lip care. 

Beyonce is a fellow Virgo who the Virgo in your life should be proud to share a sign with. Image courtesy of MadebyDandK.


Beyonce Themed Stickers 

The Virgos in your life are lucky enough to share an astrological sign with Beyonce, or Queen Bey if you will. These Beyonce stickers will allow your Virgo friend to show their Virgo pride through the one and only Beyonce. These stickers make a great addition to laptop cases or water bottles, and they can also be used to decorate spaces or planners, things Virgos tend to get very excited about. They have over 100 positive reviews from the Etsy seller, and the collection provides a Beyonce for every mood. 

Virgo season goes from August 23rd to September 22nd, meaning you have plenty of time to prepare to spoil the Virgo in your life on their birthday. When picking out gifts for your Virgo friends, try not to worry too much about their unusually high standards and affinity for perfectionism because above those traits comes their loyalty and love to and for their friends, so anything you get them will make them happy. 

If you are at a loss, even after this list, you could offer your Virgo pal the chance to organize one of your spaces for a gift. They would probably be all over that. But maybe get them a gift as well, as a token of your love and appreciation for them. Everyone deserves to feel special, loved, and celebrated on their birthday, and we hope this list helps you accomplish that for the special Virgo(s) in your life. Happy shopping!

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