Here are the Best Zodiac Inspired Gifts for Your Favorite Sagittarius!

A gift guide for the hilarious, loyal, spontaneous Sagittarius in your life!

Sagittarius is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and its season takes place between November 22nd and December 21st. Sagittarians are known for being optimistic, hilarious, fair, freedom lovers, honest, intellectual, spontaneous, fun, and great conversationalists. They make wonderful friends, and they love to be social and spend time with their loved ones. Sagittarians are known to get bored easily and struggle with making commitments, so that is something to be aware of, especially when considering a romantic relationship with one, but the positives for this sign clearly outweigh the negatives. 

Sagittarius is one of the three fire signs, the last one in the zodiac, following Aries in March-April, and Leo in July-August. Their fire element means that they are all about action and energy. Sagittarians often make strong leaders, because they are naturally motivated and energized. Sagittarians are all about humor, so finding something to make them laugh is always a great gift. They also love anything fun and spontaneous, so don’t be afraid to go for unique gifts! 

Gifts for the Sagittarius in your life should be fun, infused with humor, personally meaningful, or random!

8 Gifts for Your Favorite Sagittarius 

Charty Party - Game of Absurdly Funny Charts 

Sagittarians love to laugh and make others laugh, and they also love to be social. Combine those interests with this game, called Charty Party! Think Cards Against Humanity, but better. Instead of giving players a word based prompt to select hilarious and absurd cards for, Charty Party gives players a chart that they must match a card in their hand to, and the revolving judge picks a winner out of all the submissions. 

An example of the charts is: time of day, with an increase from 8 AM to 4 AM. You would then pick from your hand of cards, with options like “likelihood of eating that fourth slice of pizza,” or “how much you prefer dogs over people,” and the judge will pick the funniest submission. The Sagittarius in your life will love this game because it will allow them to flex their wittiness and advanced sense of humor while spending time with their loved ones. 

Sagittarians love spending time with friends, and when they can’t, they need things that can keep them company and help them stay occupied. Image courtesy of eBay.

Webkinz Penguin

This adorable Webkinz Penguin is the perfect choice of gift for the Sagittarius in your life, because it provides a friend and an activity all in one! The past year has been filled with isolation and loneliness, and it’s likely that the Sagittarians are taking this period harder than the rest of us, because of their extremely social nature. This penguin is sure to become their new best friend, and the best part of Webkinz is that they also exist on the internet! Webkinz stuffed animals come with a tag that provides a code to register them in the online Webkinz World, unlocking a world of games, social interaction, and fun. It is marketed towards children, but Webkinz is fun for all ages, we promise. 

Purple Pants 

Purple is the Sagittarius color, and it makes sense, because it is a bold, beautiful, statement color that always stands out, especially when it comes to clothing. Sagittarians, as social beings, like to make sure they look fresh and stylish when they leave the house. These purple jeans will help them do just that, while also allowing them to rep their sign’s color. These pants are sure to make the Sagittarius in your life the center of attention whenever they step out in them. The pants are also reviewed as being incredibly comfortable and flexible, which means they make for a great travel outfit. The Sagittarius in your life will look incredibly stylish as they explore new cities and countries. 

Taylor Swift Invisible String Embroidery

Taylor Swift, besides being an incredibly talented songwriter, musician, and performer, is a Sagittarius! She alludes to her sign in several of her songs, most notably “The Archer,” which references the symbol of the Sagittarius sign, the Archer. The Sagittarius in your life should be thrilled and honored to share a sign with Swift. This beautiful embroidery will add some fresh decoration to the Sagittarius in your life’s space, giving them something new to look at and obsess over. 

It also includes the quote “All along there was some invisible string tying you to me,” which is a perfect quote to show the Sagittarius in your life what they mean to you, whether it’s romantic or platonic. The “Invisible String” references an invisible power that links people together in the universe, a concept that is incredibly beautiful and meaningful. 

A gift set featuring a candle and crystals personalized to fit the Sagittarius sign. Image courtesy of Etsy


Sagittarius Gift Set 

This gift set includes a candle and a set of herbs and crystals that are hand-selected to correspond with the sign they are accompanying. It is no shock that the color scheme for this box is purple, as that is the color of the Sagittarius. The candle also comes with several pendants pressed into it, giving it a unique and special feel. The candle is said to smell delicious and last for a while, despite its small size. The personal touches included in this set will speak to the Sagittarius’ value for personal connection and friendship. 

Bossypants, by Tina Fey 

As we’ve mentioned before, Sagittarians are known for their sense of humor and inclination for laughter. They are likely big fans of comedy for this reason. Tina Fey is one of the funniest and most accomplished comedians right now. She has worked on and created projects like Mean Girls, 30 Rock, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She has also written an incredibly hilarious and fascinating book, Bossypants, about her life trajectory and how she went from growing up as a hilarious little girl, to running the comedy game in popular culture. Bossypants is full of meaningful life lessons, laugh out loud anecdotes, and plenty of witty humor. Sagittarians will love to sit back, laugh, and learn from this book. 

Bolt Water Bottle 

Sagittarians are famous for being incredibly adventurous and active. They will need adequate hydration to get them through all of their adventures, travels, and experiences. This water bottle is perfect, because it is a great, easy to manage size that keeps water cold for an entire day. It can be tucked into a backpack pocket with ease, and it is slim enough that it won’t be getting in the way as your Sagittarius friend hikes mountains or travels a new city. This water bottle comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, making it easily customizable to the tastes and interests of the unique Sagittarius in your life. 

Plane Tickets 

Sagittarians love to travel, explore, and see the world. They are likely extremely antsy after a year of isolation and lockdown, and they are probably itching to pack their suitcase and jump on the first plane they can find. Booking a trip for them or with them is a great gift that will speak to their need for adventure while also providing a new fun experience that they will never forget. As explorers, Sagittarians probably prefer experiences and memories over physical objects, so a trip is a wonderful option, especially if you accompany them. They love any excuse to spend time with their loved ones, and exploring a new destination is an ideal way to do that. 

Sagittarians are wonderful friends, partners, and people in general. They look at life very optimistically, and are always down for a last minute adventure, making them an ideal person to call on whenever spontaneity strikes. They are also fiercely loyal and genuinely love spending time with the people in their lives that they love. Because of their natural optimism, they will be excited about any gift you decide to get them, making them one of the easier signs to shop for.

 Remember that as long as a gift is infused with love, they will appreciate it inherently as a token of your friendship or admiration. If nothing on this list speaks to you, look for things that are purple, unusual, funny, entertaining, interesting, or explorational. Know that the best gift you can give the Sagittarius in your life is your time and friendship. 

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