Here Are the Best Gifts for Your Favorite Cancer

A gift guide inspired by the loyal and sensitive Cancer sign to spoil the Cancer in your life!

A meme about Cancer's and how much they cry.

Cancer season ranges from June 21 to July 22 and the sign is represented by the crab. Cancers are known to be sensitive, emotional, nurturing, and intuitive. Some famous Cancers include Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, Tom Hanks, and Selena Gomez. Cancers are ruled by the Moon, and this means that their emotions tend to run very high. They usually end up being very sentimental or overly moody. It’s a good idea to stay on a Cancer’s good side because just like the crab that represents them, they can strike fast. 

Because of how in tune they are with their feelings, Cancers are known to be great friends who are valuable for holding the friend group together. They’re very good at keeping their bonds and offering support to those that they care about, and because of their strong value for loyalty, they are very good at keeping touch and maintaining relationships. They’re very social and loving of their friends, and they are often the ones planning the gathering, mailing a “just because” gift, or checking in randomly to show that they care. 

Cancers are well known for being very thoughtful and generous gift givers, and they deserve the best in return. Cancers are water signs, so they are very emotional and sentimental, which means that any gift that comes from the heart is a winner in their book. Cancers are also cardinal signs, which means that they are determined and driven, so they will also like gifts that will help them achieve or manage their goals. Read on for a gift guide to spoil the Cancer in your life. 

Cancers are ruled by the moon and known for their emotions, so heartwarming gifts filled with meaning are perfect for them. 


8 Gifts for Your Favorite Cancer 

Feeling Smitten Crystal Moon Soap 

Because Cancers are ruled by the moon, gifts with references to the moon are sure to make them smile. This soap is absolutely gorgeous. It comes in a cardboard package that has a moon cutout, and the actual soap is a divine purple with an inset full moon. The soap is infused with real crystals and gemstones to help your Cancer friend harness the power and energy of the moon. The soap is very moisturizing and made from a shea butter and olive oil blend. Additionally, it is vegan, cruelty free, and free from phthalates, parabens, and other harmful ingredients. The Cancer in your life will love the luxurious feel of this beautiful soap. 

Moon Phase Multi Hook 

Another moon inspired gift, this is the perfect accessory to give to the Cancer in your life who is always throwing their coat or purse on the ground or over a chair. The multi hook  has seven hooks, each one representing a different moon phase. This gift is the perfect mix of usefulness and aesthetic. It is a beautiful hammered gold, very light weight, and able to hold the weight of anything from a keychain to a full purse. This gift will brighten your Cancer friend’s space and be a constant reminder to them of the power that they get from the moon. 

A self-care workbook is a great gift for anyone, but especially for someone who needs to process a lot of emotions. Image courtesy of Colormehappii

The Self-Care Workbook 

For the umpteenth time, Cancers have a lot of emotions. They have a lot of feelings. Tools to help them process and feel those feelings out make for great gifts. The Self-Care Workbook is a combination coloring book, journal, planner, and mental health guide, containing 24 pages with activities, prompts, and blank space to target all six pillars of self care. The workbook was designed specifically to re-balance the mind, body, and soul. There is also a digital copy download that can be printed for a cheaper alternative. 

Cancer Zodiac Coffee 

Close your eyes and imagine a coffee ground and designed to brew exactly with your sign in mind. Now open your eyes and be prepared for excitement, because it is very much a real product. That’s what this Zodiac Girl Coffee is. Zodiac Girl grinds beans inspired by and for each zodiac sign. The Cancer brew is appropriately called “The Moon.” The coffee is described as warm and perfect for helping Cancers start their busy, goal oriented days. 

The Cancer roast is a medium-dark roast featuring herbal notes and a heavy body. It is brewed at an elevation of 3,300 feet in Laos, a Southeast Asian country. The coffee receives rave reviews and comments on the Etsy page. Start your favorite Cancer’s morning off right with this coffee! 

Organic Lavender Exfoliating Body Scrub 

After taking care of you and their other loved ones all day long, your favorite Cancer will need some self-care and restoration. Treat them to this delicious, organic, lavender scented, exfoliating body scrub. Lavender is the perfect ingredient for the Cancer in your life because it is known to be calming and relaxing, something they will surely need after a long day of having intense emotions. 

This scrub is also made with lavender petals for some extra beauty, and contains coconut oil and aloe to moisturize and lock the health benefits of all the ingredients into the skin. It comes in an adorable little glass jar and there are sizes to choose from depending on just how enthusiastic you anticipate your Cancer recipient being to this gift. 

A personalized stuffed animal is an adorable and meaningful way to show how much you love your Cancer bestie. Image courtesy of OhSewAmy. 

Personalized Stuffed Animal 

We’ve been over this a bunch. Cancer’s have a lot of emotions. That makes them the perfect demographic for comforting plushies and stuffed animals. This personalized stuffed animal is beyond adorable. You get to pick the animal, the fabric, and even can choose to add further customizations, like a name or a phrase. These plushies are super soft, cuddly, and small enough to carry around and be a pal to the Cancer in your life. They receive rave reviews on the Etsy page, and the creator is known for their super quick turnaround times, making this the perfect last minute gift. 

Insulated Classic Tumbler 

Cancer is a water sign, and Cancer’s probably lose a lot of their water through all the crying they do… so, give them the gift of hydration! This tumbler is the perfect on the go bottle to keep the Cancer in your life healthy and hydrated. It comes in a plethora of colors and sizes, ranging from plain black to tie dye, so there is sure to be one that will fit the style of the recipient. This tumbler is also all over social media, known as the “supermodel water bottle” because a host of famous models, (Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner,) have talked about how much they love this bottle. 

It is insulated, meaning it keeps water cold or hot for the whole day, and it’s matte texture gives it a stylish look. The straw is also incredibly convenient, and makes it much easier to grab a sip of water because there is no unscrewing or tilting involved. The best part? It’s dishwasher safe. Your Cancer pal will never have to go through the hassle of cleaning a water bottle by hand ever again! 

Crab Charm Necklace 

The symbol for the Cancer zodiac sign is the crab. Get your Cancer friend this adorable and dainty crab charm necklace so that they can always show off their Cancer pride. This necklace is handmade by an independent artist and it features an adorable little brass crab holding a rhinestone. It’s the perfect everyday necklace because it’s not too much but it will be sure to inspire compliments and praise. The seller has thousands of stellar reviews and quick turnaround, so hop to it and order one before they sell out! 

Cancer season comes only once a year, but there are opportunities to make your Cancer friends and loved ones feel special and appreciated year round. Shopping for other people can be stressful and difficult, but if you turn to the stars you might just find the guidance you need to get the perfect gift. If you don't vibe with any of the options above, think about the traits of loyalty, sensitivity, friendship, and intuitiveness. If you find yourself to be really at a loss, get them a box of tissues. They will end up using them eventually. And remember, Cancer’s are emotional, so they might cry when you give them their gift, but they will definitely be tears of joy.  

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