Heal your Root Chakra One Stone at a Time

Healing stones to help activate, balance, and cleanse your root chakra

Reconnecting with yourself and your environment is a very important part of being grounded. Oftentimes, we find ourselves struggling with our daily routine; whether that be through stresses at work, conflicts between friends, or even just simply dealing with our mental health. These negative energies affect the body in a fatalistic way that will inevitably deplete your sense of self. This is where the chakras become very important. The Root Chakra is the main chakra that helps you feel grounded and connected to the Earth -- which is vital.

You can help heal the Root Chakra in a variety of ways, most of which involve the use of stones and crystals. In this article we will discuss these methods, as well as the influential stones that are sure to help you regain your balance in both yourself, and the life you live.

The Root Chakra also goes by the name “Muladhara” and is found at the bottom of the back. Image from Yachna Yoga

diagram of the 7 chakras in the body

What is the Root Chakra?

Experiencing extra anxiety? Maybe even feeling off balanced… literally? This chakra could be the very root of your problems. The root chakra (also known as the Muladhara) is the first of seven chakras located at the base of the spine. Its energy is based in the Earth and nature, and is associated with the basic needs (food,  water, shelter etc.) as well as safety, security, survival, the physical and self identity, support, and even grounding. When the Muladhara is unhealthy, you may find yourself suffering from various physical and emotional problems that can affect your sense of self as well as your wellbeing.

What Happens When your Root Chakra is Imbalanced

If your root chakra is imbalanced, this means that the muladhara is blocked by deficiencies that could be related to fear, excessive negativity, insecurities, and various forms of trauma. These could be:

  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression
  • Emotional/physical disconnection
  • Anger
  • Greed
  • Excessive paranoia

When this is the case, a person with an imbalance in their first chakra may find it difficult to feel safe in their everyday life and everything begins looking like a potential risk.

Signs that your Root Chakra is out of Whack

Poor Coordination

You may find yourself running into things, tripping over your own feet, dropping things more frequently, or just overall feeling more clumsy. When you notice this is starting to become the case -- it may be a good indicator that you need to reconnect to your Root Chakra.

Feeling Lethargic

The root chakra is the main source of Ki/Chi/Pranic energy for the body, so when these are low, energy disbursement is low. This can cause a lack of motivation, and a deficiency of energy, which can lead to a state of exhaustion where you may find it difficult to complete daily tasks and activities.

Increased Anxiety

It is no secret that an imbalanced Root Chakra can be the cause of an increase in general anxiety and panic attacks. The decrease in Ki flow puts stress on the energy of the body which makes it very difficult to ground yourself. This increases the stress triggers in the body which increases anxiety stressors -- making you much more perceptual to panic attacks.

Hard Time Letting Things Go

The muladhara also serves as a sort of ‘energy toilet’ of sorts, functioning as a waste system for the energy body. When the root chakra is healthy, it releases the energy that it doesn’t need (think like our digestive system). However, when this system is closed, the waste gets clogged up and you may find yourself with a clouded mind and face the difficulty of controlling repetitive thoughts and moving forward.

Feeling ‘Out of it’

This is a huge one! One of the main indicators of an unhealthy Root Chakra is feeling spacy or really ‘out of it’. Feeling like you have a crowded mind or that your thoughts are jumping all over the place is a very common occurrence for those who need to be reconnected to the muladhara.

Being Disconnected from the Earth

There are few things more important than connecting to nature when you are grounding your energy. If you notice you’ve been spending too much time indoors, or binging on fast food a little too often,  you may be lacking the proper healing energy that is important for empowering your body.

Trouble Moving Forward

Oftentimes, if you find yourself avoiding responsibilities or you are having a difficult time letting go of the past, you may be out of touch with the Root Chakra energies.

root chakra healing symptoms and tips

Healing the Root Chakra can restore balance to your feeling of everyday safety and security. Image from chakras.info.

Why it’s Beneficial to Heal your Root Chakra

Reconnect with yourself and the Earth

The energies of the root chakra provides us with a place for our life to take root as a safe space for us to explore the world around us and move forward in the journey that is life. These energies are the ones responsible for helping us feel grounded and connected to the earth. When these energies are imbalanced, stuck, or blocked, our quality of life and ability to fully enjoy it are put at risk.

How to Heal your Root Chakra

Crystal healing can be practiced by placing the root chakra stones on your lower back, or even just simply carrying them around with you in your pocket while you participate in an activity that connects you to nature. This could be going on a walk, gardening, stargazing, yoga, or anything that connects you to nature and helps keep you grounded.

You can also place root chakra stones around your home, office or anywhere else you find yourself spending an extended amount of time.One of the most popular methods is simply wearing the Root Chakra stones as jewelry.

A popular method of chakra healing is wearing the crystals as a necklace. Image courtesy of Moon Lotus Crystals.

red stone necklacel

Best Root Chakra Healing Stones

Just like chakras, every root chakra stone has different energies

The vibrational frequencies of healing stones can help restore balance when there is a deficiency/excess of energy. This can lead to a blocked or overactive root chakra. Listed below are stones and crystals that are known to help heal the base chakra.

Brown Jasper

Brown Jasper is great for grounding and reconnecting with the earth. Image from What A Earth.

big pile of brown jasper

Brown Jasper is known for the strong connection to nature and the earth. This root chakra stone is a grounding stone that promotes security, safety, and stability.

This crystal is important in the way it assists with helping you relax, and reconnect.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper root chakra thumb stone serves as a great way to relieve stress. Image courtesy of Crystal Age.

single red jasper stone

The Red Jasper is known as the Supreme Nurturer and the Stone of Endurance. This crystal adds some life back into the Chi while simultaneously increasing motivation, making it perfect for taking on life’s challenges.

Red Jasper also carries a spiritually grounding energy that helps you remain connected to your true power, which can aid in your spiritual and meditation practices.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is most often used to overcome depression, soothing nightmare, and stress. Image courtesy of peacefulmind.com.

pile of 10 brown glassy smokey quarts

Smokey Quartz --  or the Stone of Cooperation, has a strong link with the earth which makes it a great crystal for grounding, as well as turning negative energies into positive ones.

This stone has a very gentle energy, making it great for dissolving emotional blockages. This can result in a reduction of anger, frustration, paranoia, and other negative emotions. Smokey Quartz also aids you in letting go anything that doesn’t help you or your physical body.


The Hematite Grounding Stone is known for drawing out negative energy and healing. Image from Scentual Goddess.

5 hematite stones

Also known as the Stone for the Mind, Hematite is one of the most important crystals for transforming negative energies into positive. By drawing out negative energies from the aura and filtering it through the root chakra, any harmful effects are neutralized.

This crystal is also great for assisting in breaking bad habits, as it gives courage, will-power, and survival instincts a little boost. The grounding energy of Hematite also aids in the development of stronger logistical thinking which can have a positive impact on your decision making.


red cuprite stone on rock

Cuprite brings consciousness to the body, helps heal terminal illnesses, and conducts vital life force to the user. Image courtesy of Sun Angel Media.

Cuprite is considered to be a Stone of Fertility and can be helpful for those who are looking to have children in the future. This Root Chakra stone aids in healing treatments that involve both the reproductive system, and sexual organs. Menstruation, menopausal symptoms, hormonal imbalance are just a few of these.

This crystal’s life forcing energetic vibrations may also be beneficial in treating bladder and kidney disorders like:

  • Elimination issues
  • Water retention
  • Prostate problems

It also aids in the healing of lung and breathing difficulties.


    Natural Obsidian Root Chakra stone for healing and mineral collection. Image from NatureMagic Stones.

black obsidian with pink flowers

Obsidian is known as “The Mirror” a powerful protection stone that helps you identify your ~dark side~ so that it’s healing powers are able to clear it from your psyche. It helps shine light on negativity and disposes of it so that you can focus on the positive to help aid you on choosing the right path that leads to light and joy as it guides in self reflection and growth.

The Obsidian crystal is great for its grounding and stabilizing effects.


        Black Tourmaline image courtesy of ebay.

black tourmaline stone pile

Tourmaline is a perfect crystal for meditation and healing as it boosts energy quality throughout the body, while encouraging the Muladhara to heal from within.

This one is best to use while meditating because it enhances concentration and self awareness.

It is also known for its efficiency in soothing panic attacks and controlling specific fears.


          Garnet is known as a protective talisman for those who wear it.

red garnet stone

Garnet is also known as the Stone of Health because of the fact that it’s rejuvenative energy aids in the recovery on the physical and metaphysical side. When your energy levels are on the lower side, this root chakra stone draws in new restorative energy to replenish the old energy (without overstimulation).

This crystal is also great for improving your emotions as it promotes courage and strength, while deepening intimacy and your sense of commitment.


      Image from LightWork Stones

bloodstone prism wit flowers in background out of focus

This Root Chakra stone is known as the Stone of Courage and Bravery. It strongly connects with the muladhara as it is a powerful cleanser and healer, while providing a strong barrier for negativity.

It’s emphasis on protection helps you recognize your resilience and keep you fully living in the moment of whatever situation you’re going through.

To Sum it Up…

If you’re feeling like you’ve lost control of your life, or if you’re struggling with feeling insecure or ungrounded -- this may be a sign that your Root Chakra is blocked or unbalanced.

The crystals and stones that are mentioned in this article possess vibrations/energies that align with the Root Chakra that can help heal, cleanse, and regenerate the Muladhara. By using these in your practices, or simply having them around the house, your confidence and sense of stability are sure to realign.

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