Allow the Avatar to Help You Open Your Chakras

Let's open each chakra “Airbender-style”

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Remember the show Avatar: The Last Airbender? Aang, the last of his kind who can manipulate air, lives in a nation where the fire tribe rules over the water and earth tribes. In one episode, Aang meets a guru how teaches him how to open his chakras. According to Aang, “Chakras are  pools of energy circling in our bodies.” The Guru adds that “Once we open one of the chakras, we must open them all.” Let's look at each chakra “Airbender-style.”

  • Drink up: onion and banana juice for cleansing?
  • Beginning with the basics
  • Finding strength through your chakras
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Drink up: onion and banana juice for cleansing?

Guru Pathik
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The Guru helps Aang begin the process of opening his chakras by giving him banana and onion juice. While there is no record of using such a strange combination to help open one’s chakras outside the show, there are actually recommended food and drinks suggested by experts that are supposed to help you in this process. These include:

  • Chamomile and herbal teas
  • Pure water
  • Vegetables such as beets, rutabagas, garlic, and potatoes
  • Red fruits, like apples or watermelon

Beginning with the Basics

“The water flows through this creek, much like the energy flows through your body,” the Guru teaches a clueless Aang. It’s okay if you aren’t familiar with chakras either, you have to start somewhere! “As you see, there are several pools where the water swirls around before flowing on. These pools are like our chakras,” he continues. However, when objects fall into the creek, it can’t flow - much like obstacles or negative events in our life that block our energy flow.

In total, we have seven chakras, we’ll juxtapose the show’s version of the chakra with the actual version of it:

  1. Earth/root chakra
  2. Water/sacral chakra
  3. Fire/solar plexus chakra
  4. Air/heart chakra
  5. Sound/throat chakra
  6. Light/third eye chakra
  7. Thought/crown chakra
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Finding Strength Through Your Chakras

As the Guru guides Aang through each chakra and the respective element that is blocking it, Aang learns to let go of each of them in order to connect to his higher self -- and you can too. Meditation, proper nutrition, and exercise are all key to unlocking your chakras. Explore the rest of the website to find out how you can nurture and heal each one.

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