#WitchTok Accounts You Need to be Following This Fall

10 accounts that emanate perfect fall vibes, while also teaching you everything you want to know about witchcraft

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As summer fades and the weather starts to get cooler, many of us immediately reach for our fall decor and begin the countdown to Halloween. Soon, everything will be covered in pumpkins, ghosts, and spooky black cats. 

But for the witches of #WitchTok, the spooky vibes are alive all year round. You might’ve seen their videos on your For You Page — anything from tarot readings to crystal healing. #WitchTok is the hashtag used by witches to promote their videos in the hopes of being seen by more people.  

Witchcraft has been around for a long time, but in the modern world, zodiac compatibility and tarot cards have become a popular trend. Even for those who don’t practice witchcraft daily, and who don’t consider themselves to be experts, it can still be fun to have a tarot card reading or use crystals when you’re feeling stressed. Whether you consider yourself a witch or not, the basis of these practices lies in spirituality. Tarot readings and crystal use are great examples of practices that can be enjoyed by all.   


With over 17 million likes on her page, @chaoticwitchaunt is a popular member of #WitchTok. The creator of the count, Frankie, says she has been practicing witchcraft for 7 years. She describes herself as an eclectic neopagan. She sells tarot readings on Etsy via video session. Her account is a mix of educational and humorous content.

According to Frankie, this is what it’s like to have witchy friends. Unfortunately, there is not a spell to cast that will magically clean your room.  


The WitchTok account @thecharmeddoll offers tutorials on handcrafted witch jars that can help with health, anxiety reduction, and spiritual protection. She hopes to inspire others to try out witchcraft practices with her videos. 

In this TikTok, Alexia teaches her followers how to use a dream protection sachet. These can be used to protect from nightmares and induce sleep. The ingredients included each have a specific purpose, which Alexia explains in her video.  


Having practiced witchcraft for 6 years, @yoxsyd aims to educate aspiring witches with her account. Sydnie says that witchcraft takes years to practice and research, but taking it step by step is the best way to go. Even though it may take time to fully understand witchcraft, Sydnie advocates for taking that time and learning as you go. She also sells aura readings on Depop. 


i feel like this was a very specific reading for someone- hope it finds you

♬ Twenty One Pilots Hometown Slowed Sad Part - Blasteran MaLaikat

Alexia offers tarot card readings for her followers. In this reading, the cards tell the followers that something new is coming their way. The vibes of the message can be taken by anyone who feels that they apply to them. 


If you’ve ever found yourself on WitchTok before, you’re probably familiar with crystals. Many people, even those who don’t regularly practice witchcraft, believe in the power of crystals for healing and cleansing. @jaykaizen is a great account to start with if you’re curious about crystals. He’ll teach you all about what crystals work for what situation, and how to recharge your crystals (and why it’s important to do so). There is such a large variety of crystals out there, and it can feel overwhelming to study them all, but Jay can certainly help with that.  

Jay offers advice to his followers on specific crystals for specific situations--in this case, he tells his followers that the crystal citrine can be used to help manifest money. Citrine is also commonly associated with positivity and optimism, so it’s a crystal that anyone could use.


If you love the cottage core aesthetic, then you’ll probably love @thecottagegreenwitch. This account promotes herbs and folk magic, and frequently posts “witchy” tips for beginners. This is a great account to start out with if you’re new to the world of WitchTok--plus, the feed is super aesthetically pleasing and full of autumnal vibes.

In celebration of the start of the autumn equinox, thecottagegreenwitch shares how you can celebrate--like decorating with fall colors, using a simmer pot to make your house smell amazing, and to give thanks for how much you’ve accomplished. Decorating with intention is a great way to cultivate amazing vibes in your home.  


As an account that encourages and offers advice to “baby witches,” @raisingthemvibes posts a variety of TikToks, from witchcraft basics to incense recipes. She frequently answers her followers’ questions, and she even offers witchcraft book suggestions for those who want to delve deeper into the practice. Her account is great at making anyone feel welcome, no matter how new they are to the practices--Marta is all about educating. 

Marta gives book suggestions for anyone who wants to learn more and research witchcraft. Many of the books are great for beginners, and some even have beautiful illustrations to make your reading more enjoyable. Marta explains what each book is helpful for and why you should consider reading it.  


This account is one of the most peaceful feeds to scroll through on WitchTok. @redfairytarot is a self-described psychic medium and witch. She offers witch tips, as well as messages for the zodiac signs and tarot card readings. Her account also offers affirmations for different scenarios. Affirmations are another practice that can be helpful to anyone, not just those who practice witchcraft, and it’s definitely worth trying. 

In this TikTok, Red Fairy Tarot describes some affirmations that we can use to let go of toxic attachments in our daily lives. According to the video, it can be helpful to write the person’s name on a piece of paper and burn it while you recite the affirmations. 


@astralwitch describes themself as an “eclectic witch.” They use their account to spread the message about spirituality and how it helped them in their life. They do tarot card readings, crystal hauls, and even rock tumbling videos, which are always fun and satisfying to watch. Their account provides a more personal look at witchcraft and how it can be beneficial.

In this fun video, Astral Witch makes assumptions about their followers based on their favorite crystals. Of course, it’s all in good fun, but many people in the comments seemed to think that Astral Witch was spot-on in her assumptions. 


This account is great for anyone who is starting out in the world of witchcraft. @musingsofababywitch is an entrepreneur who sells tarot cards, herbs, crystals, and spell candles in adorably packaged kits for beginners. She posts lots of packaging videos in which she walks through the contents of her kits. One look at her account, and you’ll be checking your bank account to figure out if you can afford to order one of her amazing kits--and it’s definitely worth it to do so. 

Tori shows off the contents of one of her baby witch and crystal kits, which she sells on Shopify. It’s clear that every order is packed with care, and each one is unique.  

#WitchTok is a safe space for anyone. Witchcraft used to have a negative connotation, but the witches of TikTok are taking the internet by storm and showing what witchcraft is really all about.

You don’t have to be a full on witch to practice some of the things that the witches are promoting. Anyone can use crystals or participate in tarot card readings, even if it’s just for fun. The witches of WitchTok run accounts that will help you dip your toes into the waters, and will also give the spooky fall vibes that we’re all ready for as October approaches. 

Give these accounts a follow and see what you can learn! There are plenty of accounts out there that cater to beginners, and you will find a place that feels right for you. Happy witching!

Riley Kleemeier

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