The Importance of Learning How to Find Your Inner Witch

Why and How You Should Tap Into Your Witchy Side During Samhain

Finding your inner witch

Throughout the centuries those known for practicing witchcraft have often been associated with bad connotations ranging from madness to evilness. Moreover, the fact that a great deal of those who practice witchcraft usually identify themselves as females only served to gather a lot more hatred towards witchcraft and its practices Therefore, any women who seemed to demonstrate a strong personality, knowledge above or equal to men, and resistance towards the norms were labeled as witches. More often than not women and men considered to be witches faced countless tortures, were forced to go through extremely dangerous and often faced forced trials, lethal tests, and it didn’t matter whether or not they were innocent most of them ended up dead. 

Consequently, witches all over the world were forced to hide themselves and keep their inner witch dormant. Nevertheless, the time has come when people are becoming less afraid of being who they truly are and letting their true colors show. This is ironic because at the same time it means that people are also becoming less afraid to show all the hatred and evilness within themselves. Still, this is why you must now more than ever be able to tune in with your witchy side and rediscover your inner self in order to be able to deal with the madness in our world, fight for love, equality, and freedom like many witches did before us. Finding your inner witch is not just a matter of becoming more aware of your powers and surroundings, it is also a matter of giving back to the universe and helping maintain its balance while finding the right path for you. 

During the Samhain the veils that separate our world and the world of the undead grow thinner which allows us a greater chance to be closer to magic, nature, and the forces of the universe. Thus, what time could be better than the Samhain to learn how to find your inner witch and stay in touch with your witchy side? As awful as COVID-19 has been, it has also given us the opportunity to find ourselves and try new things. Your inner witch is just waiting for you and the moment couldn’t have been more perfect. 

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Your inner witch is powerful, so don’t be afraid to own it! Image courtesy of  We Heart It

How to Find Your Inner Witch

Your inner witch has been with you all long just waiting for you to be ready for them. One of the most important things about being a witch is believing in yourself as there is nothing more dangerous than someone who knows who they are and what they want. Magic starts within yourself and if we are not willing to perceive yourself as magical and powerful how can your inner witch find a chance to flourish? Throughout centuries people who identify as females have been forced to see themselves as less than men and to keep to themselves and this is why they are always expected to doubt themselves. Therefore, you should take some time of your day to stay away from social media and focus on yourself. 


One of the most important rules about self-love is that you must take care of yourself. Witches have long started to be associated with the idea of badasses who are unapologetically themselves and, as hard as it may seems, it is possible for you to reach this state! You can do small things to work on your self-confidence such as taking a hot bath, brushing your hair, lighting up some candles and listening to your favorite songs, putting on some red lipstick because you are gorgeous and deserve to be appreciated. There is nothing more powerful than doing things for yourself that demonstrates your self love. Make a cup of tea, wrap yourself in a blanket, and try to enjoy your own company for a little while. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated and that you are giving your body everything that it needs and deserves. If you start doing this everyday, sooner or later you will start to feel yourself becoming more powerful. A true witch will know how important it is to take care of themselves.


Not only should  every witch make sure to take care of themselves, but also they should always be in contact with nature in any way they can. The idea of witchcraft is heavily associated with nature and whether or not you choose to practice it you will need in order to find your inner witch. It is within nature that you can find power, that you can find comfort, that you can get energized, and that you can find answers. Everything is connected and you must be able to understand your connection to the world around you. Accordingly, you should try to take walks among the woods, in a park, or anywhere where you can be in contact with nature. 

If you can, it would be extremely helpful to keep a piece of nature nearby in the form of plants or flowers. You should at least once be able to smell flowers, feel the earth underneath your feet, and feel the rain on your body. It is impossible not to feel magical when walking among the trees, watching deers peacefully eating, and listening to the birds sing their sweet melody. No wonder so many witches are associated with living in the woods, that is where they go to recharge their energies. 

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Forge a connection between yourself and nature. Image courtesy of We Heart It.

Plants and Herbs

As finding your inner witch has a lot to do with nature it also has to do with understanding more about plants and herbs and their use. Even though you might not be an expert, it helps to know how certain herbs can help you fall asleep faster, make your headache disappear, and deal with your anxiety. This knowledge can be easily acquired through an online search and one of the most important things about plants and herbs that you should know is that whether you are using them to make tea, incenses, or as beauty products, they do have strong properties which can assist you in your daily life; you just have to find the right ones for yourself. 

There is nothing like a chamomile tea to make you feel sleepy and relax or a pinch of lavender to make you feel refreshed and to protect you against evil. Anything can have power as long as you are open to believe in it. This is why incense can be extremely powerful as not only they assist you in cleansing yourself and whatever place you are living, they also help attract positive energy. 


Contrary to what people may think, spells don’t have to be written down in leather bound books covered in cryptic images and symbols. Spells can simply be words in which you believe in, words that you write down, fold, and hide away so no one will be able to jinx them, or words which you say out loud and try to focus all your energies and wishful thinking towards them. A spell can be as simple as waking up and wishing yourself a good day as they have a lot to do with wanting to attract good things for yourself and being able to feel the world around you and understanding what the universe wants from you. Some people like to make jars with different herbs, plants, crystals, and an object related to what they are working towards but it varies from person to person. However, you should not try to venture within the world of spells without firstly finding out how they work as things can end up not turning out how you want them to and it is better to be sure than sorry. 


Least but not last, meditation is a crucial part of finding your inner witch and tapping into your inner side. As Samhain allows you to be in contact with the occult and the undead, this is the perfect time to meditate and allow yourself to become immersed in the witchy world. Even though meditation may be hard at first, once you find out what works best for you it will be impossible to deny its benefits. There are multiple meditation techniques out there which are specific for witches and will allow you to open your third eye and become more in contact with your inner witch. 

The most ideal thing would be to light up candles, burn some incense, and surround yourself with crystals and any source of nature in order to better tune in with the universe. Most importantly, when you meditate, don’t be afraid to relax and completely embrace the experience. This is a great way to deal with any problems or insecurities and to learn how to better control your impulses and properly love yourself. 

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Can’t you just feel that witchy feeling? Image courtesy of We Heart It

Be open to new experiences and allow your inner witch to come to life during this Samhain. This could be a great way to cope with the pandemic and you might even be able to find out how strong and incredible you are. Let go of negative energy and thoughts and allow yourself to embrace positivity and self-love as this all that magic is about. 

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