The Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card - Its Meaning, Symbolism, and More

An explanation of tarot reading, the Eight of Pentacles tarot card meaning, and more.

An individual dealing tarot cards from a deck.

Many people find themselves expressing a certain degree of curiosity towards the concept of tarot reading. Tarot is said to help individuals predict the future, however that is not completely the case. Rather, tarot reading provides us with an expanded insight of our inner thoughts and emotions, something that we will discuss in greater depth shortly.

Tarot reading, and specifically tarot cards, can seem complicated from an outside perspective, however it simply takes time and reflection in order to understand the art of tarot. Today we will be focusing on what specific tarot card entitled the Eight of Pentacles.

Not only will we go over the Eight of Pentacles tarot card meaning, we we will also discuss:

  • How tarot card reading works
  • How to perform a tarot card reading
  • The symbolism of the Eight of Pentacles tarot card

How Does Tarot Card Reading Work

In broad terms, the goal of tarot card readings is to give an individual a pathway in which to reach and interpret their often unrecognized internal wisdom and thoughts.

Therefore, tarot cards do not predict the future. In fact, many tarot readings are done in sets of three cards in order to provide insight regarding the past, present, and future.

In this way, tarot differs from what a lot of people believe it is. Many people have the interpretation that tarot magically reveals one’s future. In contrast to this belief, tarot instead revolves heavily around an individual’s interpretation of both their personal circumstances and the tarot cards they pull.

For example, if you randomly select the Eight of Pentacles tarot card from your deck, then it would be up to you to tune into the card and allow it to guide you towards your thoughts, emotions, motivations, wisdom, etc.

How to Do A Tarot Card Reading

Three tarot cards laid out next to one another. The center card is slightly raised above the outside two cards.
One of the most common tarot card spreads can be seen above: The Past, Present, and Future. Image courtesy of A Wild New Work.

There are a number of steps that make tarot card reading possible. Following these steps are key to giving you the best result possible. These steps consist of:

  • Selecting a tarot card deck
  • Absorbing the cards energy
  • Shuffling the deck
  • Ask a question/think of a situation
  • Randomly select the cards and reflect

Select a Tarot Card Deck

The first step is to select a tarot card deck in which you would like to receive your reading from. There are a large amount of great tarot card decks to choose from.

Absorb the Tarot Cards’ Energy

The second step to be done consists of physically handling the cards in order to get a feel and intuition for the deck. This will help you align your thoughts for the tarot reading that is to come.

Shuffle the Deck

The third step is to shuffle the deck of tarot cards. This not only randomizes the deck, but it is also another way to physically connect with the cards as this step involves running the cards through your hands.

Ask a Question for the Reading

Fourthly, it is important to ask a question or think of a situation you desire answers to. By this point in the reading, you have done all the prep work necessary. Now, it is time to determine what you would actually like to get out of the reading. To do so, focus on what is presently important in your life, causing you trouble, placing a strain on you, etc.

Select Your Cards and Reflect

Now that you have asked your question of interest, your fifth and final step of a tarot reading is to randomly select your cards and reflect on their meaning along with your interpretation.

In a tarot reading, you can select any number of cards you feel appropriate for the given situation. The most common spread in a selection of three: One for the past, one for the present, and one for the future.

Once you select your cards, in order to reflect and interpret it is important to look at the card, take in its imagery, evaluate its meaning, and see how it can be applied to your current situation. It is this process which allows you to access your inner thoughts, wisdom, emotions, and conflicts.

Tips and Tricks for Tarot Card Reading

Tarot reading can seem overwhelming the first few times you participate in the activity. This is due to most of us experiencing a certain degree of wariness towards the unknown. However, with a few tips and tricks, you are sure to quickly get a hang of tarot readings.

First, for your very first tarot reading it is important to ask a question about a rather low-stakes situation or event. For instance, rather than asking about an important relationship, ask something about a lowkey event in your life, such as the weather. This will give you a chance to get used to tarot without feeling a weight of pressure.

Secondly, try tarot card reading with a friend. This can help to loosen both yourself and your friend up in the activity. With a friend, tarot readings tend to be more fun and less stressful.

Lastly, the largest piece of advice to remember is practice makes perfect. The more tarot readings you take part in, the more likely you are to master the activity. Additionally, practicing tarot readings will also allow you to pick up on the card meanings more quickly.

The Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card

A visual representation of the Eight of Pentacles tarot card.
The Eight of Pentacles tarot card has a number of different meanings for individuals who pull the card. Image courtesy of Crystal Clear Reflections.

The Eight of Pentacles tarot card is often a rather positive card for most people to pull. Based on whether you pull the card upright or reversed, it can hint towards meaning a number of different things, all of which we will cover today.

The Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

In general, the Eight of Pentacles tarot card revolves around skills, milestones, etc. However, there are slight differences based on the upright and reversed versions.

Upright Meaning

In terms of the upright version, the Eight of Pentacles tarot card meaning centers on the idea of the improvement of the individual related to specific skills, professions, or educational opportunities.

Essentially, the card is encouraging perseverance towards the achievement of goals in these areas. It is telling you to not give up or back down because your goal is in reach. With the right mindset, you will be able to conquer the skill set in which you strive to achieve.

Reversed Meaning

The reversed meaning of the Eight of Pentacles tarot card has a slightly more serious tone to it than the upright meaning.

Rather than the achievement of a skill, the Eight of Pentacles reversed stresses the importance of personal achievement. In other words, the emphasis is placed on inner-satisfaction rather than outside achievements.

With this comes the negative connotation of perfectionism and the desire to appear put together at all times. The reversed version of the card is letting you know that it is okay to not be perfect all the time. We are human and bound to make mistakes, which often leads to greater growth in the long run.

In the pursuit of perfection, we often lose sight of our own needs. It is important to never compromise your physical wellbeing and mental health while chasing a goal that is simply unattainable, such as perfection.

Give Tarot a Try

An individual holding a spread-out deck of tarot cards.
Giving tarot cards a try is a very good way to gain insight to your inner thoughts and feelings. Image courtesy of Refinery 29.

If you are at all curious regarding tarot reading and tarot cards, it is a great idea to give them a try. Many people are able to use tarot cards to help them sort through life difficulties simply by unlocking access to otherwise hidden intuition.

Tarot cards give you a message to truly think about, and therefore apply to various aspects of your life. For example, we have discussed the Eight of Pentacles tarot card’s meaning and how it can be applied to an individual’s life.

There are several tarot cards, each with its own individual meaning and impact. Giving these tarot cards a try is likely to help you navigate your life in a new manner.

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