The Best Zodiac Meme Accounts on Instagram

15 relatable accounts that will help you get to know your zodiac sign a little better.

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Most of us are very familiar with the tendencies of the zodiac signs, especially our own. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to introduce themselves these days with their zodiac sign so that you instantly know them a little better. 

Some people turn to their daily horoscopes to decide how they should approach the coming day, or to find out whether or not their crush will be acknowledging their existence any time soon. But not everyone believes in the accuracy of astrology for describing personalities — nevertheless, the memes are still amazing. Here are 15 of the best zodiac meme accounts on Instagram that will definitely have you laughing. 

To truly enjoy these accounts, you may want to do some research into your full birth chart — in other words, include your sun, moon, and rising signs when browsing these accounts. Here is a website that allows you to figure out your birth chart! There are different traits that apply to people based on their sun, moon, and rising signs, so it’s always fun to have this info handy as well. 

1. @knowthezodiac

Not only is @knowthezodiac a hilarious account for astrology memes, the jokes are actually backed up by expertise from Dossé-Via, a West African astrologer. Dossé-Via has worked in the astrology field for 15 years, so she definitely knows her stuff. Their page is a playful mix of genuine advice and expertise from Dossé-Via and all-too-relatable memes.This account is run by women of color and will give you your daily fix of zodiac content.

2. @astrowonders

If you’d like to combine a love for pop culture and Zodiac meme content, @astrowonders is the account for you. This Instagram page posts memes featuring celebrities like Ariana Grande with hilarious captions about the tendencies of the Zodiac signs. One of their specialties is recreating the same meme with specific zodiacs in mind — for example, this meme of Adam Sandler first with a caption about Aries, then posted again with a caption for Libras. This way, you and your zodiac sign will never feel left out of the fun. 

3. @sanctuarywrld

For an aesthetically pleasing account to add to your feed, try @Sanctuarywrld. The images are colorful yet minimalistic and showcase the best and worst traits of the zodiac signs. They like to post graphics of the signs’ various brain organizations — like “pockets of rage” for those who are Aries, or “the language of flowers” for Libras. They’re also unique in posting venn diagrams to show what two different signs have in common. According to their page, both Pisces and Virgos like to say, “How can I help?” 

4. @rudeastrology

If you are extremely dedicated to knowing not only your zodiac sign, but also your entire birth chart, @rudeastrology is the account for you. Their memes are simple and some may only make sense to those who are quite knowledgeable about astrology. Nevertheless, the memes are still funny and will make you feel seen. If you scroll through your page, you’ll quickly find the acrostic poems that the account made for each sign. Evidently, the “V” in “Virgo” stands for, “Vivid daydreams about bossing people around.”

5. @astrhology

Before you follow @astrhology, ask yourself if you’re up to facing some of the hard truths about your zodiac sign. If you are, then great--give them a follow! The funniest zodiac memes come from the ones that throw shade, and you’ll definitely find some of that on this page. 

6. @lookupthestarsastro

If you’ve ever wondered how to properly dump a Capricorn, or how to flirt with a Taurus, @lookupthestarsastro is the perfect place to find out. They post detailed pie charts with tips for the various signs so you can really get to know your stuff. Their pie chart of a Pisces on vacation indicates that Pisces are easily pleased, but also most likely to miss a flight — and most likely to turn the vacation into a Taylor Swift song. 

7. @solelunastro

For some truly in-depth meme analysis of the signs, check out @solelunastro. They describe their account as light-hearted, a necessary disclaimer since they especially like to pick fun at the signs’ flaws. This account also enjoys the practice of recreating various memes for each sign — if you’re familiar with the meme of Lisa Simpson giving an onstage presentation, you will definitely be a fan of this account. 

8. @drunkstrology

As the name promises, @drunkstrology has some highly entertaining zodiac meme content. They’ve added plenty of new Met Gala memes to their feed to include all the zodiacs in on the fun. The most popular meme that surfaced from the Met Gala of Kim Kardashian’s all-black attire is definitely a favorite of this account.

9. @notallgeminis 

If you’ve ever dipped your toe into the waters of astrology memes before, you’re probably familiar with the viral Spice Girl zodiac memes that were popular a few years ago. The credit for the original meme goes to @notallgeminis, who have an amazing collection of hilarious zodiac memes. They are also known to assign the signs to pop culture witches, such as the cast of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”

10. @trashbag_astrology

Yet another account that is not for the faint of heart, @trashbag_astrology is blunt and straightforward in their roasting of the zodiac signs. But really, the best astrology memes involve a little bit of animosity, and that’s exactly what you’ll find with this unapologetically hilarious account.

11. @glossy_zodiac

@glossy_zodiac has nearly 5 million followers on Instagram, and that's no surprise -- their memes are extraordinary. They are fond of creating lists ranking the zodiacs in order of most to least likely to.

12. @cancermajesty 

If you could only choose one astrology account to follow, @cancermajesty might be it. Their zodiac memes are unique and hilarious, and their 30k followers on Instagram would agree. This account will cover all your astrology-related needs.

13. @biased.astrology.memes

Followers of @biased.astrology.memes will attest that this account has some of the most original and random zodiac content out there. From Adam Driver memes to the probable contents of your sign’s bag, this page has it all. Their bio also indicates that they offer tarot card readings, which are always fun.

14. @moonlyhoroscopes

For a truly aesthetically pleasing feed, you’ll definitely want to check out @moonlyhoroscopes. They will cater to anyone who loves a well-curated feed that involves all the zodiac signs in the fun. Their posts range from funny memes to phrases that give the signs butterflies.

15. @thezodiacstea

@thezodiacstea has such a well organized feed that it’s no surprise they have 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Their posts include graphics like zodiac icons — celebs who share a zodiac sign — and cute pictures of kittens surrounded by traits of certain zodiacs. They also have funny charts on how to talk to the zodiac signs. For instance, the “Talk to a Libra” chart explains that instead of saying, “You’re so quiet” to a Libra, you should say nothing because they don’t like you.

Whether you’re familiar with the traits and tendencies of your sign or not, these Instagram pages will surely give you the comic relief we all need now and then. And maybe you’ll even get some insight into why you have to replay arguments in your head over and over to think of better comebacks, like those who are Aries. 

If you’re still looking for content catered specifically to your sign, check out these accounts that are made specifically for the individual zodiacs! 

Aquarius: @worldofaquarius

Aries: @ariesperfect

Cancer: @cancerianvibes


Capricorn: @capricornmemes_

Taurus: @taurusology

Leo: @leozodiacposts

Scorpio: @scorpiomystique

Gemini: @gemini___daily

Virgo: @virgoaf_

Sagittarius: @sagittariusthingz

Pisces: @thepiscessign

Hopefully, these accounts will help you to understand your sign a little better. Check out their pages and give them a follow! 

Riley Kleemeier

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