The Best Cyberpunk Tarot Cards to Buy

Looking for a cyberpunk-style Tarot deck? Check out some of these!

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As Tarot reading has grown in popularity over the past several years, there’s been an explosion in the variety of art styles available in Tarot decks. Indie artists illustrating and printing unique Tarot decks with new imagery and symbolism have found a very strong market-- business is booming as more and more people find the Tarot decks that suit them best.

If you’re interested in taking up Tarot-- or perhaps have already started your collection of decks-- you might think it’s time to find a deck that suits your tastes. The good news is, there are almost definitely plenty of options out there for you!

If cyberpunk is up your alley, we’ve located some of the best cyberpunk-themed Tarot decks available right now. Read on to find out where to buy them!

Where Should I Buy Tarot Cards?

A cyberpunk scene of a city at night
There are plenty of options for where to buy Tarot cards. Image courtesy of WallHere.

The first problem you’ll run into if you’re just starting out with Tarot is that it can be difficult to figure out where to go to buy Tarot decks in the first place. If you’re lucky enough to have a local metaphysical or magic shop, you’re almost certain to find some decks stocked, and this can be a great way to support your local businesses.

If a local store isn’t available, major retailers like Amazon also carry a good selection. Most major bookstores, like Barnes & Noble, will have the more traditional and well-known decks for sale. If you’re just looking for well-established card decks, or a more simple and straightforward deck to start out with, these are great options. Websites like Little Red Tarot and TarotArts are also out there, with a more specific focus Tarot reading and a good selection of decks.

But if you want a bigger selection with a wider variety of art styles, online marketplaces like Etsy and Kickstarter are excellent places to look. These marketplaces allow indie artists to sell their own unique artwork on Tarot decks, putting a unique spin on the traditional set of 78 cards. In the process, individual Tarot readers can find decks that suit their personal aesthetics or the purpose that they plan to use their deck for.

So now we know where to look for Tarot decks-- but what are some of the coolest cyberpunk sets available right now?

Cyberpunk Tarot Decks to Buy

Cyberpunk Samurai Tarot 4th Generation-- Tohouben

A layout of cyberpunk samurai Tarot cards
This Tarot deck mixes the past and present in its beautiful, symbol-rich illustrations. Image courtesy of Etsy.

This handmade set of Samurai-themed cyberpunk Tarot cards is a really cool first entry on the list. This set consists of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana and features a variety of characters in a cyberpunk setting, mixing Samurai imagery with modern cityscapes for a unique blending of the present and past. Although this isn’t a full set of 78 cards, it’s still a great set to have on hand if you love the cyberpunk feel. Visit Tohouben’s shop on Etsy if you’d like to check it out!

The Cybersage Tarot-- MagicBearStudio

A layout of cyberpunk Tarot cards with blue backgrounds
With its smooth visuals and neon lights, the Cybersage Tarot deck is a great cyberpunk deck to look into. Image courtesy of Etsy.

This Cybersage Tarot deck from MagicBearStudio on Etsy is visually stunning, with its variety of cyberpunk characters surrounded by a sea of neon lights and technology. According to the sellers, this deck aims to provide insight into the crossroads in technology and spirituality that humanity has reached. There is the choice to transcend to something higher or to annihilate ourselves, according to the seller, and the imagery on this deck seeks to help you navigate that.

CyberPunk Tarot Deck-- Shimiltei

A spread of neon cyberpunk Tarot cards
The high contrast between the neon and dark colors of this deck makes it a beautiful cyberpunk option. Image courtesy Etsy.

This Tarot deck from Shimiltei on Etsy will look both familiar and new to seasoned Tarot readers. The artist has taken the traditional imagery of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck and put a new spin on it, blending old symbols with new ones in shining, cyberpunk landscapes. With its sharply-contrasting colors and beautiful digital artwork, this Tarot deck suits those who love both the beauty, darkness, and light of the modern world and the comfort of recognizing traditional Tarot imagery.

The Cyber Seeker: Tarot Deck for the Modern Explorer-- Simran Gill

A spread of cyberpunk Tarot cards with a variety of characters on them
This Kickstarter project boasts beautiful cyberpunk visuals. Image courtesy of Kickstarter.

Simran Gill's Cyber Seeker Tarot deck will be open for pre-order on Kickstarter soon-- so if this deck looks like it’ll be up your alley, head over to the site quickly and check out the project.

Ordering Tarot decks from Kickstarter can be both a scary and a rewarding experience. Artists pitch a project campaign, and prospective customers back these projects in advance. Once the campaign goal is reached, the Tarot decks are printed and shipped out-- and, usually, that’s the end of it. After patiently waiting and supporting a small business owner, you now have a one-of-a-kind Tarot deck that may never be in print again.

In short, if this deck looks like one you just have to have, make sure you act quickly! The graphics blend traditional symbolism and imagery with a more cyberpunk feel, and the artist makes a point of putting lots of detail and thought into each card.

Mystkal Saga Tarot-- Zippnoclase

A layout of cyberpunk Tarot cards
This Tarot deck is still in the works-- consider supporting the artist! Image courtesy of Kickstarter.

Another Kickstarter campaign just starting out, this Mystkal Saga Tarot deck by Zippnoclase blends Tarot imagery with a cyberpunk, sci-fi world as part of the Mystkal Saga. In order to create this deck, the creator hand-drew the design of each card before converting them to a digital format to paint them. This explains how these cards beautifully blend the texture of hand drawings with the polish of digital artwork. The blend of textures, in combination with the bright colors, makes for a beautiful set of Tarot cards.

This project is still in the works. But it’s always rewarding to support artists-- so if you want to support Zippnoclase’s project, head over to Kickstarter and consider backing it to make it a reality!

Neon Moon Tarot Deck-- PixelOccult

Pink, purple, and black cyberpunk Tarot cards
The Neon Moon Tarot deck boasts a compelling overarching story paired with minimalistic coloring. Image courtesy of Etsy.

If you’re looking for something rich with imagery and detail, but more simple in terms of color scheme, you may want to consider the Neon Moon Tarot deck from PixelOccult. Consisting of a variety of cyberpunk characters set in a beautifully rendered pink, purple, blue, and black world, this Tarot deck does a great job of balancing traditional Tarot imagery from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck with new symbols to give your readings new depth and nuance. 

According to the creator, the deck tells the story of the modern struggle between corporations and the masses-- of the “wealthy yet repressed” in contrast with the “poor but diverse and free.” It seeks to paint a compelling picture of modern life, as well as to point out a way forward for all those who are oppressed. With its expert balance of rich storytelling and more minimalistic imagery, this is a great deck for cyberpunk lovers to look into!

Eldritch Overload Tarot Deck-- JP GAMES LTD

A stack of cyberpunk Tarot cards with metallic edges
This Tarot deck switches out human characters for Eldritch creatures. Image courtesy of Amazon.

This amazing Tarot deck by JP GAMES LTD features a host of Eldritch-style creatures living in a city of neon lights surrounded by a ruined wasteland of long-gone societies. The deck is based on Rider-Waite-Smith imagery, keeping true to its roots in traditional Tarot reading, but stretches the limits of that imagery by switching out human characters for Eldritch creatures, forcing the reader to find the underlying similarities between these characters and him or herself. With its high contrast between the neon of the city and the darkness of the surrounding areas, this Tarot deck is a great and creative addition to any cyberpunk lover’s collection.


When you’re just starting out with Tarot, it can be difficult to figure out how to go about it. But the first step is always to find the right deck for you. There are plenty of options out there, whether you want to stick with more traditional imagery like the Rider-Waite-Smith deck or branch out to find the kinds of art styles and symbolism that suits you best. These are just some of the many cyberpunk-style Tarot decks out there!

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