Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: Unveiling the Path of Your Romantic Journey

Learn About the Meaning of the Ten of Cups

Stack of tarot cards with a ten of cups on top

What lies between the blossoming of new love and the emergence of a significant commitment is the Ten of Cups tarot card. The drawing of this card represents the beginning of a new shape in romance -a new blissful relationship or long-term commitment such as engagement, marriage, or the starting of a family.

While the card does not necessarily specify the nature of the blooming relationship or commitment, it comes down to personal circumstance to apply the meaning to your reading of the cards. Consider the people in your life. Consider who you’ve been thinking of lately, or who you hold closest to your heart. Who would you do anything for? 

Regardless of who you are thinking of, you will be hoping to engage with the Ten of Cups in some way, so scroll down.

Tarot 101

Tarot can provide the answers to the questions you may have been asking yourself for a long time. If you have the desire to dip your toes into the curiosities of your life, then tarot is your spyglass. If your sense of wonder gravitates toward a deck of decorated cards that aid in your spiritual journey, then tarot cards reading is the perfect practice for you. 

This article will explore dive into the meaning of the Ten of Cups within your deck, as well as:

  • Why you should learn more about the art of tarot.
  • An explanation of the Ten of Cups tarot card.
  • How drawing the Ten of Cups card can be applied to your life.
  • Fun facts about the card!

The Art of Tarot

Tarot readings have a long history associated with them, and the oldest surviving tarot decks date back to the beginnings of the Renaissance. While they have been around for about 550 years, the meanings attributed to the cards didn’t become assigned to certain cards until later in history. 

Tarot isn’t only about connecting to the spiritual side of yourself. Readings can be applied to your life, and you can take steps toward achieving what you need. Sources have indicated that psychological applications of tarot cards have always been ingrained into the practice. 

The center of it all is an answer about how to proceed. It is a gateway into the near future about how to move through a difficult time, or advice about moving on from a hard breakup. You may find insights you may have not otherwise considered, or finally find closure with an issue that has been bugging you for a long time.

Cards are Unique and Vary in Their Meaning

In a deck of 78 cards, you should expect that each card has a meaning of its own. How the card is placed and how the card is oriented is significant in the final reading. Pay close attention to how the card is pointing. Whether the image of the card is facing upward, downward, or to the side is significant to the meaning of the card itself. Also be sure to consider how the card relates within the entirety of the reading as a whole. 

Ten of Cups tarot card
Images courtesy of Biddy Tarot.

What Does the Ten of Cups Mean When Upright? 

The Ten of Cups in most tarot decks depicts ten cups as the main focus of the image. They are stacked on top of one another pointing towards a sun, or laid out in a band as part of a rainbow. It occasionally depicts a couple facing the cups in a field, sometimes with children to symbolize the full actualization of the relationship.

From the initial depiction of the cards, we can imagine that the card embodies happiness, contentment, and emotional satisfaction. There is an idyllic state of fulfillment that is represented by the card. Your dreams and desires will all be fulfilled.

In short, the Ten of Cups is a more matured version of the Nine of Cups, which at the core of both of the cards symbolize the foundation of authentic bonds and connections with others. In short, it is the ‘happily ever after ‘card. 

Consider the reasons that you may have finally pulled this card. The card is drawn to you after all, so look at all aspects of your life and consider how the card is telling you about your future. 

Like all tarot cards, there are three categories or aspects of your life that a card represents- love, career, and finances. In the love category, commitment is the key word. Maybe the next step in a relationship is coming or long term stability. 

In terms of your career, it means the feeling of belonging at work, and ultimately the development of a sense of fulfillment and belonging in the working environment. 

In terms of your finances, it means that financial stability is in the near future, and you will -perhaps finally- find a feeling of having enough in your life to find happiness. Stability doesn’t always translate to mean wealth, but expect to have enough to feel comfortable.

What Does The Ten of Cups Mean When Upside Down?

When the image of a tarot card is upright, it tends to indicate a positive meaning to the card. When reversed, it often indicates the opposite. Since the Ten of Cups symbolizes the authentic bonds and connections that everyone desires, the reversed card represents the breaking of bonds and connections. 

Instead with the reversal of the card, you may find distance with those that are closest with you, in either your romantic or professional lives, or you may be struggling financially. 

The love meaning can indicate clashes or tension in romance or family. There may be external factors that are causing fights or tension in the relationship, like family members believing that you are not meant to be together. It is important to face this and be supportive to your partner. It is important to have empathy with them in this difficult time. 

In the context of your career, you may be experiencing frustration, loneliness, or tension at your workplace. You may be working in a hostile environment, and your colleagues may not be very supportive as of now. Factors like a hostile working environment may lead to your sense of stability being shaken. It may also signify an unbalance between your work life and your personal life. You may be working long hours and not as present as you need to be in your family life. 

In regards to your financial life, this may signal disharmony and the beginning of tension in your relationship for financial reasons. Emotions and financial needs will be interconnected at this time, and resolving whatever issues that are occurring in one area over another may be beneficial to stabilizing relations in your relationship.  

Fun Facts About the Ten of Cups

  • Description:The card tends to depict a couple standing in a field under an arch with ten cups in a rainbow. 
  • Some key words when upright: happiness, family, reunion, and harmony.
  • Some key words when reversed: despair, separation, conflict
  • Numerology: 10, 1
  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Neptune
  • Astrological Sign: Pisces
Scattered tarot cards
Tarot is a large and expansive practice, and there is so much to explore that cannot be summed up into the meaning of a single card. Feel free to learn more about other tarot cards here. Image courtesy of Cratejoy

The Ten of Cups is a card about prosperity. A card about the blossoming or the growth of a relationship. When you pull this card upright expect flowers to grow after the rain, but be attentive when the card is reversed.

No relationship comes without its difficulty regardless of whether it is romantic or professional. Keep in mind that struggles in a relationship are key to moving forward in cultivating your relationship. 

Whether your Ten of Cups is reversed or upright, be prepared to move forward in your love life or your professional life in a transformative way.

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