Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork (Seriously): A Guide to the Three of Pentacles

Collaborating with others– How to interpret the three of pentacles during a reading

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There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, two arcanas, and four suits. It can be challenging to remember each one, but once you are able to follow some of the major themes, things fall into place a bit easier. And if you need a bit of support, our blog is riddled with guides to specific cards.

This post will cover the three of pentacles and the many aspects that go into the card such as:

  • What is the minor arcana?
  • The number three in tarot numerology
  • What does the suit of pentacles mean?
  • Dissecting the imagery on the card
  • How to interpret the upright or reversed three of pentacles during a reading

Read on to learn more!

Two tarot cards beside a necklace and goblet.
The tarot deck is divided into the major and minor arcana. Three of pentacles is a minor arcana card, meaning it is a present issue that you have control over.

Minor Arcana

There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, 56 being a part of the minor arcana. The minor arcana is a set of tarot cards that explore more current and short-term themes in your life. This is different from the major arcana, which discusses overarching themes and occurrences in a lifespan. The three of pentacles is a card that falls in the minor arcana, meaning any interpretation will refer to current events in the querent’s life.

Three in Tarot Numerology

Everything in a tarot deck is symbolic for a greater theme about one’s life. This includes the number on each card. The number three in tarot numerology can be slightly tricky, as it is a combination of two’s balance and one’s unity. Combine them to make the problem solving number in the tarot world: three.

Being a problem solver, threes involve taking in multiple perspectives and gathering knowledge to make an informed and optimal decision. However, the three can also be symbolic of loyalty and bonding with other people, especially to make a decision or solve a problem. If someone often pulls threes in a tarot deck, they may be feeling connected with the people around them, their way of living, or a tradition.

Lineup of the entire suit of coins. The cards are designed in a 2-d, modern theme.
The suit of pentacles, or coins, is a symbol of resilience– working towards a goal despite the obstacles. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Suit of Pentacles

Each suit in the minor arcana is associated with fire, earth, wind, or water. The suit of pentacles, occasionally called coins or discs, corresponds with the earth element. This means the pentacle suit represents resilience and firm foundation. Those who frequently pull the pentacle suit are often reliable, responsible and ambitious, thanks to the solid grounds they developed.

When a pentacle card is pulled, it is typically a sign that a material aspect of your life needs work. This could be a business, relationship, or your health. The pentacle suit symbolizes the strength and resilience you have, which will help guide you to success.

Three of Pentacles

Traditional depiction of the three of pentacles. An apprentice in the midst of building a cathedral speaks to a priest and a nobleman.
A traditional three of pentacles card shows an apprentice explaining his plans for building a cathedral to a noble and a priest. This is symbolic of different viewpoints joining together to achieve a communal goal. Image courtesy of Scarlet Foundry.

Image Description

The three of pentacles depicts three figures– an apprentice, a priest, and a nobleman– standing in a cathedral. From the way the apprentice is standing on a table, holding a tool in his hands, we can infer that he is working on building the cathedral and discussing the plans. Meanwhile, the nobleman and priest are looking up at him while holding the plans to the cathedral and listening to the apprentice’s thoughts.

It is of note that the priest and nobleman are of superior status to the apprentice, but are looking up at him, avidly listening to what he has to say. They know he has knowledge they do not that will lead to the completion of the cathedral. The three of pentacles represents joining together people with different knowledge and skill sets to complete a goal.

Corporate interpretation of the three of pentacles. Three architects are looking over plans for a project, one of them standing.
The upright three of pentacles represents coming together with different viewpoints. Image courtesy of AstroMatrix.

Upright Three of Pentacles

The apprentice can’t build the cathedral without the priest or nobleman. Nor could the priest and nobleman do it without the apprentice. They all need each other to achieve their combined goal. Hence, the three of pentacles is a sign that collaborating with others will lead to success.

Everyone comes from a different background, and combining them without judgment or feelings of superiority will allow for progress and work towards the shared goal. Everyone has something to offer, and pulling an upright three of pentacles is a sign that you and your team are on the right track.

Love Spread

If you are in a serious relationship, the three of pentacles is a sign that you’re committed to making things work with your partner. You may enjoy working on projects with your partner and being a team, or you should start collaborating on a creative project or household upgrade. If the relationship is still new, you and your partner are still learning and sharing information with each other, working towards the common goal of companionship.

If you’re single, the three of pentacles can suggest that you are crushing on someone at the moment. It can also mean that you may meet a romantic prospect through a project, club, or work.

Work/Finance Spread

In a career or financial spread, the upright three of pentacles means you are combining your experience and knowledge with others at work. Collaboration is essential to your job right now and requires different outlooks and skill sets from a large group of people. The three of pentacles can also symbolize overcoming obstacles. You may need to work hard to ensure collaborative success.

As for finances, this card suggests your hard work and effort will be paid off. However, it can also mean creating a support team to assist with financials. This could involve consulting a financial advisor, asking for help to create a budget, or learning how to organize your money. You are learning right now, but your dedication will pay off in the end.

Cartoon interpretation of the three of pentacles.
A reversed three of pentacles may indicate that you are struggling to work with the people around you. Image courtesy of BiddyTarot.

Reversed Three of Pentacles

When any tarot card is pulled upside down, or reversed, it can be interpreted as the opposite of its upright meaning, or that there is blockage somewhere. For the case of the three of pentacles, you may be experiencing disharmony between your teammates. As a result, you may not be achieving your goals. Appreciate people’s contributions and set clear goals to work towards the final product.

The reversed three of pentacles could also be a sign that you prefer to work alone. This is not a bad thing, though be open to asking for help or collaboration when needed.

Love Spread

If an upright three of pentacles means you are collaborating well with your partner, the reverse means you may be struggling to work together. You may have an emotional connection, but without teamwork, the relationship cannot be successful. Make sure both of you are collaborating equally, not one doing everything and the other freeloading.

If you are single, the reversed three of pentacles in a love spread can mean that you are not putting in the effort to find a partner (assuming you are looking). Perhaps you’re not making the time to meet someone or you’re using the same dating strategies that haven’t worked in the past.

Spread with dried flowers, aged books, and crystals.
A reversed three of pentacles is a sign that your teamwork and collaboration with others is struggling.
Work/Finance Spread

A reversed three of pentacles in a career or financial spread may indicate that interpersonal conflict with coworkers may be getting in the way of accomplishing a shared goal. Perhaps some team members are more self interested and not doing their assigned work. It may also imply that you are not passionate or committed to the task. This applies for schooling as well. Is this assignment enough of a challenge for you? Do you really enjoy what you’re doing?

As for finances, the three of pentacles may stand for inattentiveness or laziness. You may not want to work on your financial future– it may feel too challenging or difficult. However, three of pentacles may also represent overcommitting oneself to a task. Make sure to have a careful balance: don’t overwork yourself, but keep looking forward.

That’s all for our guide on the three of pentacles!

The three of pentacles is a sign that you are collaborating well with others or need to improve your teamwork skills. Keep studying the cards and work with  that knowledge to achieve your goal.Make sure to take your time to fully understand the suits and themes of each card and practice.

Lastly, take advice from the three of pentacles, work with those around you to learn and achieve your goals.

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