Retreat to Wellness: Planning a Health-Focused Spring Escape

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to shed your winter coats for lighter threads. If you made any New Year’s resolutions to improve your wellness, this can also be the perfect way to renew those vows with a healthy retreat.

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While the thought of planning a seasonal vacation can often make you shiver, the task is not impossible to pull off. To help you put your feet up before the summer, here’s a quick guide to planning the ideal spring wellness retreat. 

Discuss Ideas With Loved Ones

Whether you want to align with the rhythm of the seasons or plan to get some fresh air away from your busy life, you may discover a lot of destination ideas by discussing your plans with your loved ones. This little activity doesn’t ask much from you: From making a group chat to talking after family dinner, you can gather some excellent suggestions through lively chitchat. This can help you easily zero in on a destination for your retreat. 

Don’t Go Out of Your Budget

Making a budget can be the bane of your existence. While this holds true for regular household spending, it is especially apt for vacations and retreats. That is why you should draw up a proper budget for your vacation and stick to it during your planning. Whether you are buying lunch boxes or shopping for adventure gear, having a set number for your vacation account can help you enjoy everything you can while also respecting your financial boundaries. 

Decide If You Want to Rough It

If you’ve ever used a trekking app, you may already know about the wellness benefits that come from exploring nature, like improved mood and better cardiovascular health. You can bring the same perks to your spring wellness retreat by visiting national parks or campsites. These spots allow you to take in the beauty of nature by letting you sleep under the stars, cook freshly caught food, and see the sights of Earth up close. However, if you have any necessary healthcare supplies you’ll need to bring along, maybe save the roughing it for someone else. 

Consider Hotels and Resorts 

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In case your family and friends are not that keen on the idea of roughing it with campfires, tents, and sleeping bags, you can look into your options for hotels and resorts. While these destinations can be a bit heavy on your wallet, they make up for it by delivering the utmost comfort throughout your stay. Some of these places are centered around wellness, which lets you learn meditation techniques or relaxation practices from experts. 

Make a List of Things to Pack

No matter the type of retreat you want to take, you need to pack well for your vacation. Whether you use a packing app or want to make your list from scratch, getting ahead of this task helps you keep all the health and safety essentials like a water bottle and travel umbrella in one place. This way, you don’t have to scramble for important accessories at the last minute to get the most out of your spring retreat.

Remain Up-to-Date on Your Shopping

Preparing for a vacation can be a massive task, and gathering the right apparel and accessories is a huge part of this challenge. Since thrifting is better than fast fashion, you may also want to start shopping for your wellness retreat ahead of time. This is where the above tip about packing lists makes its importance known again. While the practice takes some time on your end, it saves you a world of trouble on your vacation. 

Browse Around for Affordable Travel Options

Flying to your wellness retreat can be your first plan of action, but if you are tight on budget, that might not be entirely possible for you to do. With that being said, there is no reason to give up on your dreams of a healthy spring vacation. With options like a road trip app, you can find more affordable ways to travel to and from your destination—all without breaking the bank. This also helps you bond with your loved ones and adds to your wellness.

By looking into these tips, you can plan a health-focused spring escape without moving mountains. You can also use these tips to enjoy a well-deserved break for the rest of the year.

Kellee Maize Team

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