Numerology of 9: What Does This Mean For You?

Find out if the number 9 is connected to your life path and purpose.

number 9 in numerology

The universe sends us signs in various ways, even through means that may seem mundane to others- such as numbers. If you accept it in your heart, listen closely, and look all around, there are signs wherever you go. If you are wondering as to why the universe would want to connect with you, ask yourself this first: why do I want to connect to the universe? Wanting this connection is simple, it is to learn more about yourself on a deeper, more spiritual level, as well as the world around us. 

Numerology is one of the ways that the universe is able to connect with us and vice versa. Analyzing the certain numbers that are tied to us can help us understand ourselves and our lives better. These numbers have spiritual meaning and therefore possess spiritual energy to provide you with guidance and clarity. Keep reading to find out if the number nine can offer you the help you may be seeking. 

In this article we will cover:

  • What Does it Mean In Numerology? 
  • Positive + Negative Characteristics of People with Life Path 9 
  • The Soul Urge
  • What The Number 9 Means in Astrology 
  • How 9 Relates to Tarot 

For Starters, What Is Numerology?

It is considered to be under the same umbrella as astrology and all things spiritual. Understanding how the certain properties linked to the different numbers can help you harness their energy. These properties can reflect an individual's personality or the characteristics that they were born with. More so, they can even tell you about your future and all that you are capable of accomplishing!

Numerology has been practiced for centuries upon centuries and it consists of systems made for analysis. Some of the most popular systems, and ones that you may have heard of before, include the Pythagorean, Kabbalistic, and Chaldean systems for numerology. Unlike popularly known angel numbers, numerology focuses on interpreting numbers through systemic means. These two practices are often confused for one another or even grouped into the same category. Nonetheless, these two methods can help us all deepen our connection with our spirituality. 

How To Find Your Life Path Number?

Let’s start with finding out if the number 9 is the right number for you! In order to find this out, you have to uncover what your life path number is. If you are unfamiliar with the term,  a life path number is an absolutely fundamental component in practicing numerology. All you need to discover your life path number is your birth date and minimal math skills. The life path number can ultimately provide insight into the meaning of your life and can offer guidance in how you should navigate it. As we mentioned earlier, even personality traits can also be uncovered when finding this number, some you may not be aware of yet. Ready to find out what your life path number is? Let’s get to it! 

Step 1 

Have a pen and paper ready along with your birth date. For our example we'll be using the birth date of  September 27, 1980. 

Step 2

Add up (or reduce) the numbers in your birth date until there is only a single digit remaining. Calculating the number can be done like this with the numbers from your birth date:  

Month: 9th 

Day: 27 therefore 2+7=9

Year: 1980 is added up: 1+9+8+0 to equal 18. 18 is then broken down into 1+8 to equal 9. 

Gather all of these numbers up to finally reduce it to the life path number. 9+9+9 equals 27 but it is not a single digit therefore we must continue to 2+7 which finally equals the number 9! Now that you know what your life path number is, you can put this knowledge to use to begin your numerology journey! It will appear in other, sometimes hidden ways as you live your life. When you do notice your life path number make sure to keep note of how it appeared to you, what you were experiencing at that point in time, and then you will be able to understand the meaning behind it.

Positive & Negative Characteristics of People with Life Path 9

While personality traits can’t be solely blamed on your life path number, it is still possible to understand them on a deeper level and even link them (to a certain extent) to numerology! Each number has its own set of positive and negative aspects just like the human personality, which is entirely normal. The life path number nine is known to be associated with traits such as empathy, selflessness, and transformation. Individuals with this life path number are praised for their hard work to improve the world and the lives of those around them! 


A job must align with the values of the individual, if circumstances permit. Usually people with the life path number nine pursue careers that involve helping others and putting their heart full of compassion to good use. Some common professional fields pursued include:

  • Nonprofit and fundraising
  • Therapist 
  • Public service 


Individuals with life path number nine feel their emotions very deeply and can love that special someone with all that they have got. Once a romantic or platonic relationship is created, they will feel very connected to that person and will become in tune with the other person's emotions. Sometimes they are too giving to others and may feel like they have sacrificed their happiness. So it is important for them to find a balance with their partner and for their own autonomy as well. 


Because the instinct of giving is in their humanitarian nature, their financial situation is not driven by status, instead they are more than willing to share their wealth to those who need it more. In order for them to have money to give, people with life path number nine approach their finances with a practical mind to ensure that they are spending their wealth wisely. 

 The Soul Urge

 Person holding a mirror in the shape of an eye. 
Look deeply into your soul and uncover the deeper purpose for your life. 

Also known as the “heart's desire,” a soul urge number represents what you feel deep within your heart, essentially what makes you who you are. Instead of using your birthdate, this time we will require your full name to calculate your soul urge number. 

Follow these simple steps to uncover what your soul urge number is:

Step 1

Write out your full birth name on a piece of paper. 

Step 2 

Remove or cross off all of the consonants that are in your name. Now that there are only vowels remaining (depending on the name) we can proceed with the calculations. 

Each vowel has a special number attached to it, even the letter Y is included because it sounds like a vowel. 







Step 3 

Now that you know the numerical values for the vowels in your name, add all of them up. The number you get can now be reduced into a single digit or a “master number” such as 11, 22, and 33. Once the number is reduced you will have uncovered your soul urge number!

If you got the number nine as your soul urge number, then it reflects your deepest desires of making a positive impact on the world! You feel the most fulfilled when you prioritize helping others in order to create a world that aligns with your ideals. 

What The Number 9 Means in Astrology 

Mars is the planet that is connected to the number nine so you already know that some especially driven zodiac signs (looking at you Scorpio, Aries, and Sagittarius) are right there with it! Mars is the planet of ambition and desire so it is only natural that individuals with life path number nine possess these traits too. Since the power of Mars can be overwhelming it is crucial for this power to be channeled into positive things-such as supporting others. But when out of touch with yourself and your priorities, it is possible to move out of alignment and into a state of chaos. 

How 9 Relates To Tarot

Person sitting in front of cards and a candle on the floor. 
The Hermit card is also referred to as The Guide or The Seeker. 

Wisdom comes from experience and the Hermit card of a tarot card deck has plenty of it. In certain interpretations this card represents reflecting, receiving guidance, and then transforming from the knowledge taken from those experiences. In numerology, the number nine shares many of the same traits of the Hermit card. While being compassionate towards others can be extremely rewarding, it can also drain your energy. Prioritizing time alone to reflect and essentially recharge your internal (and spiritual) battery is crucial. 

Spiritual journeys are completely unique to each person and the signs they may interpret from the universe vary greatly. You can use numerology to analyze these signs and interpret how they fit into your narrative. We hope you enjoyed our guide to the power behind the number nine!

Alexandria Bateman

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