Must-Have Sustainable Baby Products for the Environmentally Conscious Family

The best environmentally conscious baby products you need to be using to help save our planet.

It is no secret that babies require lots of items, from diapers to pacifiers to toys. Lots of baby products can be made out of materials that are harmful both for the environment and ecosystem, and also sometimes for the baby’s themselves.

Babies, while adorable and wonderful, add a significant impact to your carbon footprint. All that this means is that it is important to seek out products for your baby that will not further that negative impact. 

It can be hard to find products that accommodate the specific needs of your baby, while also not contributing to the rapid demise of our planet. More and more companies are coming out of the woodwork with the mission of creating  environmentally friendly and safe baby products. Here are seven of the best individual products that you and your little ones will be sure to love.

The Lassig diaper bag is made out of recycled materials pictured above, chic and convenient. Image courtesy of Lassig USA.

Recycled Diaper Bag 

Every family with young children or infants needs a reliable diaper bag. This one by Lassig USA is a great choice for a number of reasons. For starters, this diaper bag is incredibly chic. It is also very spacious, making it ideal for long outings with your little ones, as it can fit all their toys, snacks, and necessities as well as yours.  

The bag is made primarily out of recycled plastic water bottles, making it extremely sustainable. It also comes with a bunch of wonderful accessories, like a water-repellant changing pad and a stroller attachment, giving you more bang for your buck. The bag features an insulated zippered compartment to keep drinks and snacks temperature controlled and fresh. This diaper bag is a must have for the environmentally conscious and fashion forward family! 

The organic cotton changing pad, made out of organic cotton, with a completely waterproof covering.  Image courtesy of Naturepedic. 

Organic Cotton Changing Pad

Diaper changes can be messy, stinky, and unpleasant. This changing pad is a necessity for your nursery. There are a number of reasons why this pad is an amazing choice. It is made out of easy to clean organic cotton, making it non-allergenic and ideal for even the most sensitive skin. It is topped with a completely waterproof coating, useful because it eliminates any stains or leftover mess from any accidents that may occur while using the pad. It also features a safety buckle so that you can be sure your baby will stay put even during the messiest of changings. If you order directly from the Naturepedic website, you are guaranteed free shipping and returns as well as a one year warranty on your order, giving you no reason not to try it out! 

Pipette plant based baby wipes pictured above, infused with squalene and water for a thorough but gentle clean.  Image courtesy of Pipette Baby.

Plant Based Baby Wipes

Wipes are a nonnegotiable baby necessity. They also create a lot of landfill waste. These plant based baby wipes are designed with both the baby and the planet in mind. They are made entirely out of plant-based fibers, and they give a water-based clean infused with plant-based emollients to keep your children moisturized, clean, and happy. These wipes are also infused with squalene, a natural sebum that babies are born with but lose over time. These wipes derive their squalene sustainably from sugarcane to help restore balance to your baby’s sensitive skin. 

These wipes are also very reasonably priced, at $43 for a pack of ten, (720 wipes) and have received many five star reviews. Furthermore, these wipes have been given the stamp of approval from dermatologists and pediatricians alike. 

Compostable baby diapers, a wonderful compromise between reusable diapers and paper diapers.. Image courtesy of Bambo Nature USA.

Compostable Diapers 

Diapers that keep your baby, home, and life clean are incredibly important. Diapers are also a huge creator of waste, often made out of materials that go straight to the landfill. Reusable or washable diapers are a good solution, but those are not always ideal for parents with weak stomachs or parents on the go. These compostable diapers combine the positive environmental impact of reusable diapers with the disposability of regular diapers. These diapers are made out of entirely compostable materials that are also sourced with your baby’s skin in mind. They are made to feel gentle and soft on your child’s skin, while also providing hours of dryness. The diapers are also designed to create a wetness indicator during wear, minimizing waste even further by making it visually clear when a change is necessary. The reviews for this product speak for themselves, with tons of happy parents and babies. 

Natursutten pacifier made out of biodegradable materials, designed to mimic the feeling of breast feeding. Image courtesy of Natursutten. 

Natural Pacifier 

Safe and green pacifiers are a top priority for many parents because of just how close pacifiers get to the babies. These pacifiers are a great choice because not only are they made out of environmentally conscious materials with zero plastic, they are also built to mimic the feeling of breastfeeding for babies, making them even more comforting. They are designed consciously to avoid crevices or cracks where bacteria could build up and hide, making them easy to clean and safe for extended use. They also come in many different styles with accessible guides on their website, making it easy for you to determine the best choice for your baby and family’s unique needs. 

Colorful play mat made out of recycled water bottles, featuring safety focused design. Image courtesy of Wayfair.

Recycled Water Bottle Play Mat 

Babies love to play, and it is important to provide them with a safe surface to accommodate their needs. This play mat is made entirely out of BPA free recycled plastic water bottles, making it environmentally conscious and a breathable surface for baby’s. It is also machine washable which eliminates the need to worry over inevitable baby messes. It is one inch thick with a pebble design making it soft and safe for your baby to experiment with their playtime, from tummy time to crawling practice. Coming in a variety of colors, these play mats are sure to fit in with your home decor. They are also very easy to fold and transport, making them an incredible choice for families on the go. Your little one will love exploring play time on these mats. 

Green baby toy starter set, featuring three toys in one set. . Image courtesy of Green Toys. 

Baby Toy Starter Kit

Baby toys do not tend to last very long, either because babies outgrow them and lose interest, or because they get more wear and tear as a result of babies exploring with their toys and not consciously handling their belongings. Baby toys also often end up in baby’s mouths, especially with teething, making toys that are made out of safe materials extremely important. Making sure your baby’s toys are safe and environmentally friendly also mitigates unnecessary landfill waste. 

This starter toy set is the perfect gift for your baby, as it incorporates three fun favorites that they will be sure to enjoy. The set features a key ring, a classic favorite toy, colorful, stackable cups made for little hands, and an elephant on wheels that will be sure to captivate the attention of your little ones. These toys are all made out of recycled, BPA free materials, and they are all dishwasher cleanable, making them ideal and safe, even for teething babies. 

Under the Nile “Jill” Doll, one of many sustainably made and adorable toys.. Image courtesy of Under the Nile

Under the Nile Dolls

Baby’s often love dolls and stuffed toys. Under the Nile makes sustainable, easy to clean, soft and cuddly dolls and toys for babies and kids of all ages. The “Jill” Dress up Doll is a great choice. Like all of their products, the “Jill” doll is made entirely out of Egyptian cotton with no BPA, plastics, lead, or flame retardant materials. Under the Nile makes dolls like “Jill” in a variety of genders and races, making them accessible to any or all families looking for dolls for their children, regardless of race or gender. The dolls come with machine washable clothes so that children can experiment with dressing and undressing their dolls. Under the Nile also makes adorable stuffed animals out of the same pure ingredients, so be sure to check those out as well. 

Taking care of our planet has become something that each and every human holds responsibility for, even the youngest of babies. Teaching and showing children that there are wonderful and thoughtfully made items that are also environmentally conscious from a young age is one of the best gifts you can give them. 

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