Living Sustainably: 5 Sustainable Laptop Backpacks You Need Now!

A guide to implementing sustainable items into your daily routine

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Do you still have your old backpacks living in a tote somewhere you’ve forgotten about? Did you recently just buy a new backpack or consider it? Well, before you purchase a $25 backpack from Amazon consider getting a Sustainable Laptop backpack. Backpacks never go out of style and are convenient for travel, school, and the office. 

Trying to implement more sustainable items in our wardrobes and around our homes is a great way to make a small impact on protecting the environment. Making small changes over time makes all the difference. 

If you aren’t a backpack person look into sustainable purses, tote bags, or cross-body bags. If you’re more of a crafter consider upcycling some of your old clothes and turning them into hats or bags you could use. 

In this article we’ll discuss:

  • What it means to live sustainably 
  • Small ways you can start living sustainably 
  • Why you want to own a recyclable backpack 
  • The most aesthetic backpacks you should purchase

What does it mean to live sustainably? 

When you live sustainably you are incorporating ways to live that don’t harm the environment, or cause the smallest possible impact on it. A few areas to consider when trying to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle are:

  • Food: Are you consuming a lot of products that come wrapped in plastic? Do the restaurants that you visit use biodegradable to-go containers? 
  • Travel: When traveling do you car-pool to decrease your CO2 emissions? 
  • Housing: Are you conserving your electricity and water consumption? 
  • Shopping: The fast fashion industry contributes a large amount to landfills. Have you considered thrifting or repurposing your old clothes as much as possible to throw them out? 
  • Leisure: Try visiting local attractions instead of driving long distances for travel. 

It’s become easier to live sustainably in big cities. There are refill stores that exist that allow you to bring an old laundry detergent container and refill it. Certain states like New York and New Jersey make people pay for plastic bags at grocery stores to incentivize consumers to bring their own reusable bags. It may not be the cheapest endeavor to live a sustainable lifestyle but changing some things is better than doing nothing. 

One of the easier changes to make when trying to reduce your impact on the plant is recycling within your home, and conserving energy and water.  Try out these tips:

  • Try to limit your showers to 10 minutes 
  • Unplug the appliances you aren’t using 
  • Use reusable glass tableware instead of ziplock bags
  • Instead of buying water bottles invest in refillable water tumblers 

Obviously, there are things you can do in your life that would make a larger impact on the environment but not everyone can afford to completely revamp their life. Don’t be hard on yourself and start small. You got this!

Why do you need a sustainable backpack?

Believe it or not, in 2015, 174 million backpacks were solid and the number has remained fairly consistent over the last eight years. That’s a lot of backpacks that most people are replacing within the year due to entering a new grade or experiencing a stylistic change. We use backpacks from daycare well into our early twenties. It wouldn’t harm us to try to buy a sustainable backpack that can be recycled and turned into something new once we’re done with it.

 I would also recommend donating the backpacks we no longer use to shelters, schools, or charity organizations. 

My favorite thing to do with my old backpacks is to upcycle them and turn them into tote bags since that's more my style! Do whatever works for you there aren’t any rules here. 

Sustainable Laptop Backpacks you should buy

If you’re wondering if they make sustainable laptop Backpacks that are also stylistic the answer is yes. You can help reduce the carbon impact and be a fashion icon in the process. There is no need to sacrifice your form of self-expression. You can have the best of both worlds. You just have to know the right places to shop!  

Day Owl Slim Backpack 

Picture of the Slimback in the dandelion yellow colorway. 
The slim backpack is a smaller version of the “backpack” that Owl Day sells. Image courtesy of Day Owl.

The Day Owl Slim Backpack comes in twelve different colorways. Some of my favorites are dandelion yellow, lavender, clay orange, and desert pink. The backpack is priced coming in at around $135 before taxes and shipping. However, it is made from sustainable materials like First Mile waxed canvas which is made of 25 recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. Despite the Slimpack being compact it can still fit a 14’’ laptop and 750 ml water bottle.

Day Owl Amber Vittoria Collaboration

A picture of the Day Owl x Amber Vittoria Collaboration in the color dawn gray.
The Amber Vittoria Collaboration can also be bought as a normal “backpack” which has more space than the Slim backpack. Image courtesy of Day Owl.

The Day Owl Vittoria Collaboration consists of 3 different colorways. The bag can be purchased in nocturnal black, pale olive, and dawn gray. Day Owl partners with Amber Vittoria, a popular artist to feature a new take on their minimal aesthetic bags. On the side of each back, there is a patch of striped colors. The bags are limited edition with only sixty units total up for sale. The price of the bag is $145. I hope you're able to grab one before they sell out! 

Rice Love Recycled Travel Bag (Jaipur)

A picture of the Rice Love Travel bag (Jaipur).
Each bag is unique and comes with its own story. There may be small imperfections. Image courtesy of Ricelove.

If you’re more of a maximist and love a color bag the Rice Love Travel Bag is for you. It has three compartments on the inside perfect for carrying a laptop. Each bag is handmade from used burlap rice bags which are made from plant-based fiber. Each bag is eco-friendly and biodegradable. I love these bags because each bag sold provides 2.2 pounds of rice to a family in need in India. The bag cost around $65 dollars but the money goes to a good cause. 

Pixie Mood Blossom Backpack 

Blossom Backpack pictured on the right next to another sustain backpack by Pixie mood
Blossom Backpack is pictured on the right and is in a wonderful limited edition blue shade. Image courtesy of Pixie Mood

The Blossom backpack can convert into a shoulder bag and comes in three different colorways. Not to mention it also comes in two different sizes: small and large. The bag is large enough to fit a 15” MacBook Pro. If you want to purchase this bag it costs $135. The bag is sophisticated in design and screams corporate girl. It would also make a wonderful everyday bag. The bag is made from recycled vegan leather and the inside is made from recycled bottle lining. This bag really takes reuse, reduce, and recycle to a whole new level!

Fjallraven Kanken Laptop Backpack

Picture of the Kanken backpack in Terracotta Brown
Investing in a sustainable backpack could not only help the environment but improve your style. Image courtesy of Fjallraven. 

Fjallraven is a Swedish company that makes several different styles of sustainable backpacks. The Kanken Laptop Backpack comes in three sizes: 13’’, 15’’, and 17’’. Each size comes in eleven different colors. The bag actually became quite popular in the States a few years ago. The great thing about purchasing a bag from Fjallraven is that they have a variety of different styles to fit different aesthetics. The Kanken backpack has several different renditions and one of them has rainbow straps to add a bit more color. There is also another one that resembles a tote back. If you are on a budget I recommend checking this brand out. They have backs ranging from $70- $160. 

That’s it for Sustainable Laptop Backpacks you need to get your hands on!

These are just a few of my favorite laptop backpacks but it's okay if these aren’t your style. There are tons of other backpacks on the internet that we couldn’t fit here. Take a look around and try to find a bag for you. If you can’t find the right bag for you then try making it. Living a sustainable lifestyle is about breathing life into items you thought you no longer wanted. 

I can’t wait for you to rock your new sustainable bag!

Samurah Curry

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