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How to Choose the Right IV Treatment

Mobile IV therapy is something that can serve people in a wide variety of situations. This service is not offered in every city throughout the United States or Europe, but it is easy to access in the cities where it is available. If you have never heard of mobile IV therapies or IV therapy on demand, it may be a little confusing as to what this service is.

What is Mobile IV Therapy?

A mobile IV therapy is a service that allows for prescription IV therapy to be administered to individuals where ever it is most convenient. This means no driving to a hospital, dealing with a waiting room, and then physically seeing a  doctor. Instead, in the cities where this service is offered, a trained medical professional comes out to your location and administers IV therapy. 

How does this work? That’s a great question! 

For the person wondering, “How can I find IV therapy near me?”, the answer might be easier than you even imagined. Once you confirm that you are in a city that offers this service, the second step involves scheduling your virtual appointment with a licensed physician. This appointment takes place via telehealth.


If you were wondering how you were supposed to choose the right IV treatment, this step of the process makes that very simple. The licensed physician in your virtual appointment is trained specifically to help you find the right therapy that will help you in your current condition. Once he has ordered your IV therapy, all you have to do is wait at the agreed and specified location. 

This location could be anywhere from the office, to the parking lot, all the way to a hotel or the comfort of your own home. The great thing about mobile IV therapy is how little you have to worry about. Not only did a licensed doctor help you find the IV therapy that works best for your situation, but a trained medical professional will always be the one to deliver the IV therapy. 

This means you never have to worry about administering your own treatment yourself. It’s very important that this part of the job is handled by someone who is trained and proficient in the skill they need to safely administer IV therapy. 

What Kind of IV Therapy Can You Experience?

One of the biggest benefits of mobile IV therapy isn’t just the safety and ease of mind that the process brings or the convenience, but the number of issues you can treat. When it comes to IV therapy, you can have treatment for everything from a bad hangover to a nasty case of food poisoning. 

Another benefit of this therapy is the amount of flexibility you can exercise with it. Say you are on a business trip and you are right in the middle of a busy week and get some kind of bad chicken from a restaurant the night before. Mobile IV therapy can be ready and available to service you in your hotel as soon as you start experiencing unpleasant symptoms. Being able to get an IV therapy that is made specifically for food poisoning could have you back on your feet and working the rest of the week in no time at all. 

Even if you are on vacation and you went a little too hard and need your hangover fixed up before heading back into the real world. This service can meet you where you're at and help you flush and rehydrate your system. There are also treatments for less acute conditions like the flu that can really help you get back on your feet quickly. 

How Long Does the IV Therapy Last?

Administering the IV therapy never takes long, however, the medications may treat different people differently. Once any kind of medication is in your system, it typically will be flushed out within a couple of hours, however, the effects of the medication can vary in duration from person to person. 

Depending on the severity of the condition, the immediate relief of the IV therapy may span the amount of time your body needs to fully recover. If you are fighting something a little more substantial, then it could be that you need a couple of IV treatments to see the symptoms completely go away.


Getting a mobile IV therapy treatment is something that is incredibly convenient and can have a great impact on your health. Because of the manner of convenience and flexibility that this style of treatment brings, it’s important that a licensed doctor helps you find the right IV treatment. 

Making sure that your safety is the most important part of the process is not overstated enough. From a professional doctor prescribing the specific IV bag to a licensed and trained medical professional administering it, mobile IV therapy ensures your well-being from beginning to end.

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