Here Are the Best Gifts for the Creative Pisces in Your Life

This is the ultimate gift guide for something that really speaks to their smart and creative personalities!

Pisces meme depicting them in a "good mental state," with Spongebob dressed as a flower and handing Squidward hearts and text that says love, kindness, positivity.

Your supportive Pisces loved one was born between February 19th and March 20th, which is an uncommon birth time and makes them all the more special. Pisces are extremely sensitive, emotional, intelligent, and also super creative. They are always down for a good book or fun way to exude their plentiful creative energy, but don’t go too hard on their artwork or they might cry on the spot!

Pisces sensitivity and kindness make them the best kind of person to have around as a friend or family member. They’ll always have your back and be there to give you practical advice or just listen to you, because helping others is so ingrained in them that they’ll cast aside every single one of their problems if it means being there for you. It’s time to show them how much you are with a thoughtful, useful gift! This guide features:

  • Gifts to foster their creative sides
  • Gifts to make their emotions a little less heavy
  • Gifts to make them spend some time on themselves for once! 

Fun Facts About the Pisces Zodiac

Everything you need to know about the twelfth and final sign of the Zodiac. 

The Zodiac Sign Pisces Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses –  Labyrinthos
Pisces are represented by the symbol of a fish. Image courtesy of Labyrinthos. 

Ancient mythology tells us that the Pisces sign is so heavily connected to creativity, mysticism, and artistic spiritualism that they nearly cross over into having illusory powers and are even sometimes considered the “psychic sign.” Extremely intuitive, they have the life goal of always helping to save others from their personal ailments. However, they aren’t particularly social, and the Pisces in your life probably does best in small social circles and is completely content to have a night alone at home. Their low maintenance personalities make them pretty easy to please! 

Pisces’ ruling planet is Neptune, and they are a water sign, which makes sense considering their high artistic drive and strong imagination. With such strong personality traits, it’s easy for Pisces to be emotionally drained and even get a little moody. They can often be caught daydreaming and tirelessly trying to fix other people’s problems. In other words, they’re the perfect friend to have around and definitely deserve something nice as appreciation for all the emotional work they do for us! 

Armed with a lot of natural intelligence, Pisces aren’t just known for their strong emotions and limitless imaginations. They can be very smart and practical, and it’s not rare for them to be the masterminds behind a big project or grand idea. The combination of their intelligence and sensitivity makes for a very strong mind, and they are pretty stubborn with their moral compasses. Their affinity towards helping others and getting very emotionally involved in everything, even that which doesn’t involve them, leads to them forgetting to protect themselves too. So take care of the Pisces in your life, they could use the extra love. 

Some familiar faces you might know who are Pisces include: Albert Einstein, Rihanna, Elizabeth Taylor, George Washington, Jon Bon Jovi, Elliot Page, and Justin Bieber. Knowing that these people were or are Pisces, it’s pretty apparent that their intelligence, strong emotions, and creativity are predominant traits in their personalities!

Gifts to Foster Their Creativity

It’s one of their biggest defining characteristics!

Crafting on a table, making beaded bracelets.
Pisces’ natural artistic talents mean that a creative gift is a great route to take!

Being wildly creative is one of Pisces’ biggest strengths. It doesn’t take a lot of legwork or even an expensive set of art supplies for them to get crafty. They can pretty easily work with what they have, but why not get them something special to make their creativity flow like a waterfall?

For the Artsy Pisces

Creativity is most often linked to having some artistic talent and drive, and there’s no doubt that the special Pisces in your life just might have a knack for being artsy. Not only can it provide a source of emotional release for them, but it’s also just a fun and relaxing hobby on the side. Giving them an art set like this 142-piece one is the perfect choice. This particular set is great because it covers several different mediums, ranging from colored pencils, paints, crayons, or oil pastels. The artistic god inside of them just might combust at the array of colors and options, and they’ll be thrilled to release some of their artsy energy and put it onto paper. You might just luck out and be gifted back with their one-of-a-kind piece of artwork!

For the Less Art-Centered Creators

Creativity isn’t just limited to the traditional sense of “art,” like painting or drawing. Some of the best creative work is writing. Pisces creativity can absolutely be more in the form of written art than a canvas kind of art. The incredibly famous and world-renowned children’s author, Dr. Suess, was a Pisces! Creative writing just might be your lovely Pisces thing. 

If that’s the case, this adorable, hard-cover writer's workbook is the ideal gift! It functions as an easy to navigate workbook for them to create and fully build characters. It asks questions about what their fears might be, their ambitions, their memories, and what they value. It’s a wonderful way for them to get into that headspace for creative writing, and they can easily create powerful and well-formed characters. Writing is a wonderful creative outlet, and a little help with character building is always useful!

Gifts for Their Emotional Side

Pisces are known for their quickly changing and strong emotions. 

Crying woman wrapped in a blanket sitting on the floor with a tissue blowing her nose.
It doesn’t take much for a Pisces to have a little cry over it. 


When talking about the Zodiac signs, Pisces normally get the reaction of being highly emotional, sensitive, and known for crying on the spot. Putting some simple thought into a gift that will help them work through those emotions or just ride them out as they come is not only useful, but will be sure to touch them. Just hope the gift itself doesn’t make them cry!

For All the Tears

Crying is just second nature to Pisces especially. It doesn’t matter if it’s a happy occasion and they can’t control the flow of happy tears, an inherently sad situation that definitely calls for a good cry, or just an overwhelming day at the office that requires some powerful emotional release. Once those tears come flowing, they’ll definitely be in desperate need of some tissues. 

Your emotional Pisces pal probably has tissue boxes everywhere, prepared for the tears at any moment. But why not turn those basic, grocery-store designed tissue boxes and turn it up a notch? This precious and unique wooden tissue box that has “Here’s a tissue for your issue” etched on the side is the perfect little present! It adds some humor to their ~moodiness~ and is also a nice way to make their home cuter! The blue swirls on the cardboard box of tissues just doesn’t cut it. 

For the Difficult Emotions

Sometimes heavy or uncontrollable emotions can be really exhausting, and it’s hard to navigate them at times. Pisces are extremely sensitive to energies and anything that throws a wrench in their wellbeing, so taking care of their emotions and working through them productively can be a bit of a challenge. If that Pisces in your life, who you love so very much, seems to be running down and low, they could probably use a little help sorting through what they’re going through! 

A workbook that allows to air out their thoughts and get them off their chest is the perfect way to offer some gentle assistance and get them out of their heads. It’s not easy to work through or acknowledge complicated emotions, but this workbook, especially created to help readers work through those sadness and stress (creatively, too!) is just the answer!

Gifts for Some Me-Time

Always eager to help other people, Pisces can forget to take care of themselves. 

Sign that reads, "Self care isn't selfish."
Sometimes Pisces just need a gentle reminder that taking care of themselves is important too. 

You’re probably familiar with how the ever-so-loving and helpful Pisces in your life is always on standby, ready to help you with anything at any time. It’s just ingrained in them to seek out how others are feeling, and they always seem to know without actually knowing. It’s safe to say they definitely deserve a break from taking care of others, and actually taking care of themselves.

For a Well-Deserved Break

Constantly helping others can be more exhausting than a Pisces probably cares to admit. The most thoughtful, simple, and necessary gift you could give them is something that reminds them to slow down and get some rest! Encourage them to pamper themselves with this super cute and personalized self-care gift set. It even includes little matches to light the aromatherapy candle, as well as smaller things like lotion for them to soothe their skin. Self-care doesn’t have to be overly complex or involved, and this gift is the perfect way to say that. 

Everyone loves Pisces, and their good hearts and creative minds make them the ultimate friend. Giving them something that really speaks to who they are and shows that you put more thought into it than a run-of-the-mill gift card will mean the world to them!

Maria Scanga

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