Green Business Practices: Steps to Achieve Sustainability in Your Company

Do you want to run a sustainable company? In today’s world, businesses need to come up with a plan for more eco-friendly practices, policies, and products. We need to do our part for this world we live in, and large brands can do more on a larger scale than individuals.

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Update your energy plan 

As a business that may have a lot of employees, you want to be confident that you’re using the right energy plan to power your facilities. It’s wise to look into renewable energy plans that can help you save money while also doing more for the planet. 

You could power your warehouse with solar panels or consider other plans that use renewable energy to provide you with electricity. Just as we want to save energy within our homes for the environment, so too should businesses look into ways that they can do more for this world that we live in. 

Look at your packaging/shipping methods

If you’re a retailer, it’s important that you also consider how your packaging and shipping could be leaving a large carbon footprint on the environment. There are some new types of packaging materials nowadays designed for more sustainability while also recycling or using eco-friendly “ingredients.” Additionally, there may be more eco-friendly ways to send out products than the methods you’re using right now. 

Consider a unique work setup

If you have a lot of employees on your team and everyone has to come into the office, then that’s a lot of vehicles being used for commuting to work. While there may be some positions or companies where in-person services are a must, you could consider a hybrid or remote-style setup for other brands and processes. This could be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint in one area so that you can keep up with other important business practices in another. 

Automate where possible

While it’s great to have professionals on your team to handle important work, there are some areas where automated software can simplify your processes and save you money and time. A reduction in the need for multiple employees to do a job that could be simplified through one individual managing software could help to free up money, as well as help you cut back on the amount of power needed in a facility, and the carbon footprint left by employees commuting to work. 

While this isn’t always possible, depending on the type of company you run, wherever you can do a job faster and easier with software, it could be a good idea, both for your business and the planet. 

Reduce unnecessary travel 

If your business has been used to many business meetings and other types of travel associated with your company over the years, you could take a page from the pandemic where Zoom became many businesses' best friend for meetings. While it’s not always the best for meetings where a personal touch is needed for building connections in-person, it can be useful for those types of team meetings with your national team. 

Unnecessary travel can have you racking up the points going towards your carbon footprint. As a sustainable business, that’s something that you want to avoid. Some travel may be necessary while others trips may not be as much. See where you can eliminate travel so that you can do more for the planet. 

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In Conclusion

From packaging to powering up your office, there are numerous factors to think about as a brand that wants to become more sustainable. Consider working with an environmental consultant if you want to revamp the way that you do things to ensure you’re doing what you can for the environment. 

Kellee Maize Team

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