The Top Sustainable Coffee Brands You Need to Try

The Best 13 Brands to Support & Supply Your Caffenation Needs

Coffee beans and grounds laid in piles on the left, portafilters with grounds in them in the middle, and a finished latte on the right.

To caffeinate or not to caffeinate, that is the question. Or, in my case, the question is if I should have a second coffee or not…

I personally believe that there are few things in this world that are better than coffee. And clearly the rest of the world has placed a similar kind of value upon these magical beans. Coffee is no longer just a want– it is now a need. However, with that declared need for coffee comes the reality that sustainable methods of acquiring it must be used; and not only used by some, but held as the standard of coffee supply.

Why does the sustainability of coffee matter? Centrally, responsible supply chain practices– from growing to roasting to brewing– are linked to justice and fair trade for indigenous farmers, growers, and mill workers, environmental conservation, and certified organic beans. Long live people, long live the planet, and long live coffee!

To perpetuate those good practices, try any of these 13 sustainable coffee brands to find the best ethically-sourced beans and brews to get your daily energy boost.

Larry’s Coffee

US Shipping | Raleigh, NC |

Larry’s Coffee is a versatile brand that extends their sustainability practices to every aspect of their product chain. Offering an array of coffees, teas, chocolates, merchandise, and more, this certified B-Corp & founding member of Cooperative Coffees is not only working to make you happy, but the world happy.

“I have tried many coffees, and Larry's is the best. I don't order coffee from anyone else. The coffee is not only delicious, it is grown sustainably - it is organic, fair trade, and shade grown. And the price is right! Best coffee company I've found online.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Wandering Bear Coffee Company

Contiguous US shipping | New York City, NY |

Wandering Bear Coffee is an ethical coffee brand with a focus on cold brew products, with boxes, cartons, and single serve options available.

“This is hands down the best cold brew I’ve ever tasted. Great strong taste without any bitterness.”  - ★★★★★ Customer Review

Counter Culture Coffee

US & Canadian Shipping | Durham, NC |

Counter Culture Coffee is a sustainable brand of high quality coffee, built on their core values of responsibility and transparency in their supply chain. Through Counter Culture, find bulk coffees, organic options, decaf, single origin, single-serve, and more from locations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, & the Pacific.

“This coffee is delicious! Tried for the first time and it had a nice, subtle flavor and smooth coffee taste. Of course everyone likes different coffees but it’s definitely worth a try!” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Café Mam

Worldwide Shipping | Eugene, OR |

Café Mam is a coffee brand committed to fair trade and organic coffee responsibly sourced from indigenous cooperatives. Find a variety of roasts and blends ranging from light to dark, along with chocolate goodies, drinkware, and other products. This brand is also great for decaf lovers as they offer an expansive collection of decaf selections in addition to their regular brews.

“Great people, excellent ethics and fantastic coffee that's cheaper and fresher than store bought. This is a hidden gem for Eugene discount shoppers.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Conscious Coffees

US Shipping | Boulder, CO |

Conscious Coffees is an ethical, certified B-Corp coffee brand committed to responsible sourcing and a sustainable supply chain. This brand not only offers beans with a range of blends (plus decaf and espresso!), but also merchandise, wholesale services, and step-by-step coffee brewing guides for a variety of methods.

“We love Conscious Coffees! The coffee is roasted to order, always fresh and we love their ethic in sourcing coffee from small organic producers.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Wonderstate Coffee

US & Canadian Shipping | Viroqua, WI |

Wonderstate Coffee is an organic coffee brand dedicated to justice, environmental mindfulness, and a collective good for all. Not only do they provide a tasteful array of coffee, including single origins, espresso, decaf, and various regular blends, but also brewing gear, drinkware, and other merchandise. Wonderstate also offers classes and events, along with an education tab on their website that gives insight and instruction to preparing coffee in a multiplicity of ways.

“I didn't think I liked coffee until one of the baristas here made me a latte. Absolutely life-changing.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Grounds for Change

US Shipping | Poulsbo, WA |

Grounds for Change is an eco-friendly organic coffee brand with conscious practices throughout their supply chain and a commitment to fair trade. Find single origins, diverse regular blends, decaf options, merchandise, and more via this responsible B-Corp brand.

“I order coffee exclusively through Grounds for Change. I love the different varieties they have available and that I can try out new roasts and flavor notes, plus the seasonal rotations can be very delicious. They always arrive quickly and well-packaged. No complaints!”  - ★★★★★ Google Review

Pachamama Coffee

US Shipping | Sacramento, CA |

Pachamama Coffee is a 100% farmer owned and governed, fair trade organic coffee brand. Featuring a collection of single origins, espresso, decaf, regular blends, unroasted beans, and more, this worldwide cooperative promotes carbon neutrality and a great cup of joe!

“Every time I come to Pachamama I am never disappointed. The staff is always super friendly and the coffee is superb. I've been here several times but this time was for sure worth documenting.” - ★★★★★ Yelp Review

Ethical Bean

Canadian Shipping | Vancouver, BC |

Ethical Bean is a sustainable organic coffee brand that engrosses themselves in the use of renewable energy, along with the implementation of various green initiatives. Broadly, the brand offers sales of whole beans, ground beans, pods, and bundles. Within each category, coffee ranging from medium to dark, espresso, and decaf are all available. Making the claim of “good for the farmers [and] good for the planet,” why not try Ethical Bean?

“I love a good whole bean coffee. You open the bag and the heavenly aroma overwhelms your senses. This is bold with depth of earthy flavor, but goes down smooth. Perfect. I didn’t know of this coffee before getting the chance to try it, and I’m impressed with Ethical Bean’s commitment to being 100% fairtrade, organic and traceable. This is something I’ll definitely buy again.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Salt Spring Coffee

Worldwide Shipping | Richmond, BC |

Salt Spring Coffee is an ethical organic coffee brand committed to sustainability and fair trade. With classic coffee ranging from medium to dark, coffee pods, ground coffee, decaf, tea, drinkware, coffee gear, and more, Salt Spring Coffee can widely meet all your coffee needs without breaking your budget.

“The most committed people, the best coffee, and amazing business practices! Support this local company and buy their coffee.”  - ★★★★★ Facebook Review

Equal Exchange

US Shipping | West Bridgewater, MA |

Equal Exchange is a fair trade organic coffee brand with the mission of building long-term and mutually beneficial trade partnerships that are “economically just and environmentally sound.”

With a variety of roasts to choose from, variously-sized packages, and the choice of ground or whole bean coffee, Equal Exchange supplies organic, decaf, and flavored coffees. Additionally, the brand offers teas, chocolates, food, and more! Find sustainability and deliciousness with Equal Exchange!

“100% recommended. This was my 2nd order and is always a perfect shipping: fast and no issues.”  - ★★★★★ Customer Review

Tiny Footprint Coffee

US Shipping | Brooklyn Center, MN |

Tiny Footprint Coffee, an eco-friendly and sustainable organic coffee brand, works intently to grow high quality, artisanal coffee, all while reducing their carbon footprint. With a selection of coffees ranging from light to dark roasts, plus various blends, single origins, espresso, decaf, cold brew, sampler boxes, and more, Tiny Footprint Coffee has all the bases covered– including ethicality!

“This coffee tastes so good. It's the best I have tried. And they do so many good things!”  - ★★★★★ Google Review

BLK & Bold

Worldwide Shipping | Des Moines, IA |

BLK & Bold is a black-owned, sustainable brand of coffee, engaging in ethical practices and investment in the public youth. Their core values are quality, convenience, community, and diversity. In BLK & Bold’s shop, find light to dark roasts, cold brew, decaf, and single-serve Steeped Coffee packs, along with a variety of teas and other merchandise.

“The taste is very smooth. It is our new go to coffee! The price point is great for this good of coffee. The small business coffee crushes the bigger brands with flavor.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Craving that first sip yet? I hope you are all feeling inspired to reframe your mindset and habits in a sustainable direction– along with a gained interest to learn more about the topic of sustainable coffee! Mindful shopping of all kinds is so important now more than ever, and it starts with you. With a collaborative push for responsible practices and global accountability, we can watch the world positively change before our eyes.

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