Explaining The Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

How Being Born an Air Sign Makes You Unique

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Do you believe your date of birth has an effect on who you are? Do you ever wonder what makes some people similar to others, or what your personality traits evolve from? If so, learning about zodiac signs may answer all your questions. 

When attempting to understand the zodiac signs, it can be helpful to know that the signs are categorized in four different groups: earth, air, fire, and water signs. Air signs include the Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius signs, all of which have similar underlying traits that tie them together. Air signs are born during mid February to mid March, late May to June, or late September to October and have eerily similar underlying traits with their own unique personalities. 

 Air signs are adventurous, admirable, outgoing, analytical creatures that are often the leaders of the pack. Not only may they be leaders in the work place or the classroom, but they may also be the curator of a friend group or a social scene since their personality can ease tensions and make even strangers feel like friends. As phenomenal communicators, they are able to get along well with others and are often the life of the party, as their bold, enthusiastic energy draws people in. Air signs flow like the wind-- they are likely to enjoy spontaneous, creative trips with friends. They are the friend that will always go for a late night drink, a random day trip to the beach, or even a quick run before work.  

While they know how to have fun, they are also extremely logical in nature and often live inside their thoughts, as they are always thinking about the next step. Understanding the world around them, how to be successful, and why their friends and colleagues are the way they are, is ultimately what drives them. Uncontrolled by emotion, they rely on their rational minds to make decisions. Though they are analytical and rational, it can still be tough for Air signs to make decisions, yet they choose to rely on the information and resources around them to make calculated choices. They often work out many thoughts, issues, and ideas, inside their head before sharing with others though, which may make an Air sign seem closed off and hard to understand. 

Air signs are ultimately intelligent, fun, loving individuals, who live for mental connections and social discourse. They are the friends that you can have deep conversations with or have a blast at a party with. However, while Air signs may share some of these traits, each sign individually has diverging personalities. By reading about each individual Air sign, it should be easy to spot the differences that make Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius uniquely different from one another.

Gemini: May 21st - June 21st  

Gemini’s are sometimes referred to as “Twins,” as they tend to have two personalities and it is never clear which you may encounter. Geminis can be social, spontaneous, and communicative at times, as they are always ready for a new adventure. They enjoy being the center of attention and knowing everything about those around them, which sometimes causes Geminis to share and spread gossip.

While Geminis are usually loyal and affectionate to those in their life, this drive to have endless knowledge about those around them may cause trouble in their relationships. Nonetheless, they are excellent communicators, allowing them to form strong bonds and relationships with a multitude of their peers. Being that Gemini’s are air signs and flow with the wind, their spontaneity can cause them to be flighty and unreliable as it can be difficult for them to commit to plans or to people. 

However, once they believe they have formed a strong bond or friendship with an individual, they will be forever loyal, as long as they are continuously intellectually challenged or socially fulfilled. 

Yet the other side of Geminis can quickly switch from fun and sociable too serious, intellectual, and restless. Geminis always have a feeling that they are missing something and aim to absorb as much knowledge and life experience as they can. Therefore, they are  extremely curious and inquisitive, craving to learn something new everyday. This makes a Gemini extremely inspirational, motivating, and intriguing and they seek out new friends and colleagues to learn from. While Geminis love to be the life of the party, they are turned on by an intellectual connection. Their ability to switch from carefree and fun to inquisitive and thoughtful is a unique trait of the Gemini. You always have to be ready to go with the wind when you are with a Gemini!

Gemini symbol and constellation with sketch of twin women
This image is a colorful combination of symbols that represent the Air signs--Gemini, including the constellation and sketch to represent a Gemini’s “twin personality”. Courtesy of Style Caster.

Aquarius: February 15th - March 14th 

Unlike a Gemini, an Aquarius is not entirely outgoing or the life of the party. Aquarius are internally shy and quiet, yet they love to be in exciting and lively social groups that are anything but dull. In order to see the fun side of an Aquarius, they must be given time to get to know the group they are hanging out with first, as they won’t immediately break out of their shell with a new crowd. While they can become eccentric and full of energy when with others, in order to allow themselves to regroup and recharge, they require some time alone with themselves and their thoughts. 

As an air sign, Aquarius are extremely logical and enjoy using their mind to learn new things, help others, and plan out their life goals. Though they can be shy and are typically independent, they will thrive in a community that stimulates them intellectually, motivates them, and keeps them on their toes. Having the opportunity to make progressive change for their community uplifts the Aquarius and gives them deep emotional gratification. 

They always want to achieve the best results in everything they do so they will struggle if they are given restrictions when it comes to achieving a goal for themselves or the community. When frustrated or upset by limitations, an Aquarius can sometimes become aggressive and make abrupt moves. They are visionaries who plan out their goals, moves, and choices ahead of time and being tied down to rules makes an Aquarius feel as though their freedom and equality is ultimately being infringed upon. 

While Aquarius can be practical and thoughtful, they may also come off as cold or insensitive. They are rather sensitive and often guided by their emotions. Aquarius loves open communications, loyalty, and integrity in a friend or lover, however, they will have a hard time opening up. They recognize sharing their emotions and feelings as vulnerability and will have a hard time opening up. Yet when an Aquarius is given the time to get to know a friend or lover, they will be a spunky, unique, intelligent, committed friend or lover!

Blue water jug pouring water, represents the Aquarius zodiac sign
Aquarius is represented by water, as they are one of the most giving signs. Water represents the success and happiness an Aquarius may help others achieve.

Libra: September 23rd - October 22nd 

Like all the air signs, Libras are gifted with intelligence, a powerful mind, and the desire to learn more about their surroundings. Libras are social beings who are extremely charming and easy to get along with. They endlessly appreciate their friends and often put them on a pedestal, however, sometimes unknowingly, Libras choose friends that they feel are inferior to them. 

Regardless, they are heavily invested in their friendships and will value friendships at the highest degree. They crave equality and fairness in life and relationships, but fighting for it is not in their nature. Libras aim to avoid conflict at all costs and will go lengths to remain diplomatic and keep the peace for all. 

However, by trying to be the mediator in situations that could result in conflict, the Libra may become overwhelmed by choosing sides and can easily find themselves on the wrong side, one that may be contrary to their own opinions. That is because Libras are extremely indecisive and can become flustered and overwhelmed by decisions. Because Libras are fair and like to share good things with others, their decision making process is particularly challenging. They often struggle in their attempt to make choices that are benefit all that are involved. Regardless, they are hard workers and dedicated friends or want what is best for everyone.  

While Libras are hard workers and have a strong mind, they are always certain to find an equal balance between work and the joys of family and friends. They enjoy spending time with their family and will usually love participating in traditional family events. When work and relationships are balanced properly, Libras can find themselves extremely successful in the workplace. They working with others is one of a Libra’s strong suit-- they love being intellectually heard and understood. A Libra will surround themself around people who will challenge them, listen to them, and communicate calmly and peacefully will them. Libras are strong communicators who are looking for comfort, happiness, and equality in life.

Blue scales in the stars
Libras are known for their desire for equality in life, so the Libra is represented by a scale-- they are always looking for balance in their lives.

Ultimately, Air signs are fun loving, full of life, intelligent, and sociable individuals that flow with the wind. Gemini, Aquarius, and Libras are great people to surround yourself with, as they will always be sure to motivate you and show you a good time! Look for these traits in your Air sign friends and family and you may be surprised to find the accuracy of the Zodiac!

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