Embrace Your Inner Witch: Aesthetic Tarot Decks You Need to Enhance Your Spirituality

A Guide to Understanding Tarot and How to Find the Right Deck

A person holding a tarot card up with a decorative table behind them.

Tarot Cards are a form of divination that can help you understand your current life circumstances and identify different paths you can take in the future. The first time I was exposed to Tarot I was only a kid. I was maybe twelve or so and I watched a psychic do a tarot reading on the television. Since then, I have seen several tarot readings and several different card decks. Needless to say, I’ve been hooked ever since. 

A Tarot card deck is an extension of the person. When you pick a deck it should resonate with your soul. The dealer and the cards should be one entity. However, that may be easier said than done. How do you know what deck to pick? What are the meanings behind them? What seemed like an easy task at first can turn into quite an ordeal. The simplest answer is you’ll know what deck is for you when the moment comes.

Since the rise of spirituality, we have seen an increase in the number of people interested in learning how to read Tarot cards, which means there are a whole lot of people searching for the right deck. We want cards that get the job done but are aesthetic and match our vibes. 

One thing to understand is the deck you pick doesn’t matter if you don’t understand what tarot cards are used for. 

With that being said, In this article, we’ll cover:

  • The Basics of Tarot 
  • Aesthetic Decks to look into and their purposes 
  • Resources for where to purchase unique decks 

The Basics of Tarot 

There isn’t a singular way to practice tarot because we all have different methods that work for us. Due to the flexibility of Tarot cards, being a beginner can be difficult and confusing. Hopefully, these tips will make your starting journey less overwhelming. Also, something that isn’t mentioned often is making sure you cleanse your cards. It is a common belief that our tarot cards absorb others' energy so every once in a while you want to cleanse them of any negative energy. It is possible if you are doing a reading for someone that their energy interferes with your reading of the cards.

The purpose of your cards 

Before you dive into the world of tarot you must decide what the purpose of your cards will be. Do you plan on doing reading on others or only on yourself? Tarot Cards are rooted in spirituality despite not always being used in that manner. If your goal is to branch into tarot as a hobby that is fine. However, if you are choosing to walk the spiritual path you might want to conduct some further research first

If you plan on doing reading for others you must understand that some Tarot decks align with different zodiac signs. Meanwhile, other decks align with the phases of the moon. There are options to fit a variety of choices. There are also more generalized decks that can be used while you learn the basics. The most important part is that you get as much experience handling the cards as possible. 

Your first tarot reading 

When you pick the deck that makes you feel inspired and connected to the world around you the reading itself seems to happen naturally. Every card deck comes with a guide. In this guide, you’ll find the common meanings of each card and how people interpret them. The number of cards you choose to use for your divination is up to you. Tarot reading can be done with few or many cards, it all depends on the spread you’re working with.

 When conducting a reading, think about the individual meaning of a card and also how it plays into the message as a whole when you look at all the cards together. Take your time, practice, and have fun!

Aesthetic Tarot Decks and their Purposes 

Jupiter’s Eye Tarot deck

Jupiter’s Eye Tarot deck is a great beginner deck that still uses the same fundamental understanding of tarot but has cards that are pleasing to the eye. The deck is rooted in the Law of Attraction which means, “Whatever is meant for me I will attract.” There has been a recent increase in manifestation and this deck aligns with the societal shift that is happening. 

Jupiter’s Eye Tarot deck on the table with the accompanying guidebook 
When purchasing a tarot deck, think about whether or not you love how the deck is designed. Image courtesy of AdrienneVita

Voice of the Souls Oracle 

The Voice of the Souls Oracle is meant to enhance your psychic abilities. The cards are meant to aid the wielder in encountering their own soul, others' souls, and spirit guides. If you have recently begun a mental health journey this deck will help you understand who you are at your core and help you gain confidence. These cards could be the start of your spiritual awakening!

Voice of the Souls Oracles tarot deck on display with four cards out of the box
A large part of tarot reading is understanding who you are and improving your understanding of yourself, which is the first step to any tarot reading. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Shores of Moon Luna Somnia 

Once you understand your inner self and you’re ready to look at yourself on a cosmic level Shores of Moon Luna Somnia should be the next deck you add to your collection. Not only is this aesthetically magnificent but strays from some of the typical illustrations you would find in a vintage deck. This deck is meant to align you with the universe. It holds true to its celestial theme throughout. 

Shores of Moon Luna Somnia cards on display with the guidebook and box.
The moon has been rumored to tell us many things in the past. It is not a surprise we try to use tarot to decode what the moon has to say. Image courtesy of Shores of the Moon.

Botanica Oculta 

The Botanica Oculta Tarot deck is used in a similar manner as a traditional tarot deck. The purpose of this is divination but also self-expression. It has a vintage feel but has a plant theme. The meaning of this tarot deck is double-layered because the names of the cards are the same as in a transition deck, but the flowers are symbolic as well. This is definitely a more advanced deck. 

two cards from the Botanica Oculta desk lying on the table.
Finding a deck that has a theme that you gravitate towards is a great way of developing a connection to your deck. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Where to buy Tarot Decks 

One of my favorite places to find unique aesthetic tarot decks is on Etsy. Etsy has decks that range from a variety of price points but they also offer customizable decks. Getting a customized deck as a beginner might be overwhelming but as you practice more, get used to the cards, and understand the different divination practices it might be something to look into. 

If you are looking to support small businesses try finding a “witchy” store near you. There are several stores that sell items that are used in spiritual practices. Some of those items include tarot decks, crystals, divination mats, throwing stones, etc. If you choose to purchase your cards directly from a store you may get to try them out before purchasing. I recommend buying from stores when you can. It allows you to ask questions and learn more about the practice. You might even get your fortune read while you’re there!

The last place I would recommend would be taking a trip to your nearest Barnes & Noble. It’s a great place to go if you want a book on tarot or limited edition decks. Some of us collect the decks more than we use them! Most of the decks on the site are around $20-$30. They have a wonderful selection of beginner resources such as “Guided Tarot for Seamless Readings” by Stefanie Caponi which is one of my personal favorites.

Guided Tarot for Seamless Readings” by Stefanie Caponi open on a table
Reading guidebooks are an excellent way to find out what you don’t know and to gauge if you're ready for a more advanced deck.

That’s it for our aesthetic tarot card decks!

There are dozens upon dozens of tarot decks out there but the goal is to find a deck that matches your aesthetic. Not every aesthetic deck will be for you but the right one is out there if you look. 

I hope you find the deck you’re looking for and when you do I hope you learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible!

Samurah Curry

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