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Black Bags and Little Black Dresses: A Match Made in Heaven

New trends are constantly arising in the fashion world, but one color that has stayed true is black. A black bag and a black dress have yet to go out of style; black goes with just about anything and can be worn in some form for almost any occasion. Wear this perfect style combination for a night out, for the day while you run errands, for a wedding, or while you travel. If you’re looking for something to wear that is trendy and easy, then a black bag and a little black dress is the perfect match for you.


Many people love wearing black in the winter. Because of its dark nature, it’s slimming, making it great for the winter. Rocking a black dress and bag in the winter is easy; simply wear a long-sleeved dress with a leather bag. If you are going to dinner, try a more fitted dress style paired with an authentic leather bag and an exaggerated zipper. It’s a good idea to pick a small bag, so it’s easy to put away at the dinner table but still allows you to carry your phone, keys, and makeup.

If the bag has silver hardware, wear silver jewelry to tie it together. If you prefer gold accents, you can try a black bag with a gold chain shoulder strap to compliment the gold accessories you might be wearing. 


Even though black is a darker color, there is no reason you can’t wear it in the summer; it contrasts nicely with light colors, creating a bolder look. A sleeveless dress for those warmer summer days works perfectly when paired with your favorite bag. Depending on where you are going, you should choose a black dress and bag appropriate for the occasion. If you are out and about on a warmer day, try a cotton-blended dress with some movement; having a breathable fabric that moves with you is ideal for a summer dress code. Then, match it with a bag that has a pattern or texture on it. For example, consider bags with a green leaf print or a croc design. 

These textures and patterns can give your bag a little dimension and show a bit of your fun and fashionable side. Having a two-toned bag can also add some color for summer outings. 

For example, a black dress and a bag with bamboo hardware gives off a lighter, summery feel. However, you can just as easily stick to an all-black bag and enjoy a more streamlined look. That’s the best part about fashion; you get to decide what you look best in! You can wear a black dress and bag all summer long, or even in the fall and spring. The great thing about the color black is that it works year-round, no matter the type of clothing you decide to wear.

Going to Work

You might wear the same outfits each week to work, so a great way to switch up your wardrobe is to add a black dress and bag. Having a few different styles of dresses that you can wear year-round will give you more to work with in your closet and freshen up your weekly routine—for example, trying wearing a three-quarter sleeve or long sleeve dress to work in the winter. A short sleeve dress is ideal in the summer. 

If your office is cold, throw a cardigan overtop when the air conditioning is cranked up. Plus, you can carry a bag with any of your other work outfits. If you have some bold patterned shirts, then a simple bag is the perfect companion. When looking for contrast with your colored clothes, a versatile, chic bag works excellently.

Your Perfect Match

There’s no more of a perfect match than a little black dress and a black bag. There are so many different styles of dresses and bags to keep your fashion game strong all year long. You can wear this combination in the winter, summer, and all the seasons in between. Wear this when you go out to dinner or a party, during the day when you run errands, or meet a friend for lunch. To switch up your work clothes, try wearing this combination to modernize your office look. Wherever you go, you should keep this combination in your closet, so it's ready for any occasion.

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