Which Witchy Influencers Should You Follow?

Bewitch your timeline by following these witchy influencers.

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What is witchcraft exactly and why do you need it in your life? Witchcraft is a spiritual practice that has been around for thousands of years on nearly every continent. Once illegal in the United States, witchcraft is now a highly celebrated, spiritual practice that can take the form of tarot card readings, astrology, rituals, crystal healings, psychic readings, spell casting, and many other forms. 

While witchcraft was not always a socially acceptable practice, it has become increasingly popular on social media among millennials and Gen Z. According to a 2017 Pew Research study, 27% of Americans consider themselves as spiritual but not religious. Of those who are spiritual but not religious, 58% are below the age of 49 years old. This signifies a move away from organized religion and towards a more personalized, less structured, spiritual experience; hence the growing need and interest in witchy influencers on social media.

Many influencers who are witches offer personalized services, motivational posts, and spiritual gratification. People often gravitate towards witchcraft when looking for a spiritual connection they do not feel they can find in organized religion. Witchcraft offers a sense of personalized spirituality that many find comfort in, especially during political turmoil or social distress.

As people begin to feel anxious and stressed about society and the direction the world is heading, many find solace in seeking a higher power. Witchcraft can offer explanations for the seemingly unexplainable. With connections to wellness activities and spiritual awakenings, witchcraft is often seen as a spiritual practice that fulfills your soul.

Many witchy influencers have deep ancestral roots in witchcraft and enjoy sharing the tradition, spiritual gratification, and overall health and wellness that comes with witchcraft practices. 

Below are some witchy influencers you should follow to spice up your timeline, clear your mind, and reconnect with your spirituality.


@TheHoodWitch instagram profile pictures
TheHoodWitch posts a variety of unique images featuring herself, crystals, tarot, and more. Images Courtesy @TheHoodWitch and Cosmopolitan.

TheHoodWitch is one of the original witchcraft influencers run by a young woman named Bri Luna. She made her first Instagram over five years ago sharing tarot card readings, astrology updates, crystal readings, information about the history of witchcraft, and so much more. As a Los Angeles based witch, Bri learned everything she knows about witchcraft from both her grandmothers and is extremely proud of her Black and Mexican heritage. Bri also began an online shop selling tarot readings, which has been a huge success among witches and spiritual and wellness lovers. 

TheHoodWitch originally started her page because she recognized the general misconception that witchcraft was a predominantly white practice that was “very Salem, very American Horror Story: Coven. She wanted to change that by introducing diversity to the witchcraft community, showing that witchcraft is in fact inclusive to all cultures and backgrounds. 

TheHoodWitch has over 2,000 posts and receives thousands of likes and comments on each post as she brings many of her followers to a spiritual awakening and provides them with a sense of calmness and understanding. Her website and blog dive further into astrology, healing, wellness and more. TheHoodWitch has also done collaborations with extremely well known brands such as Smashbox, Coach, and Essie, marketing her services and the beauty in witchcraft. 

TheHoodWitch offers those who find solace in witchcraft a large community in which they can discuss spells, common practices, and readings. TheHoodWitch is a great account to start following if you are looking for some clarity, understanding, and a large community of like minded spiritual thinkers.  


Tarot card advertising the healing power of witch craft
Witch.With.Me is an amazing resource for witches and brings together thousands of witches through their Instagram and website. Image Courtesy of Witch.With.Me

Witch.With.Me was founded by Lousia Blackthorn and Meg Rosenbriar, two witches who set out to create a safe space for those interested in or studying the occult. Though Witch.With.Me was only created in January of 2020, their Instagram has over 52.9K followers who enjoy aesthetic posts of tools used for different rituals, tarot card wisdom, astrology insight, and other featured witches of the week.

Blackthorn and Rosenbriar’s Witch.With.Me is much more than just an Instagram page though-- it is also a website with a multitude of resources. Curated by a team of editors, producers, and writers, their website features birth charts, a shoppe, book and author reviews, a blog, and many other resources for practicing witches.  

Their mission is to inspire and empower women off all backgrounds by offering a multitude of perspectives on witchcraft practices of the other world. Witch.With.Me has endless resources that provide witches with an amazing supportive community. 

Their website regularly features other witches giving them the spotlight to express their insight on their specialty. Through their Entertainment page, they highlight witches who are music producers, dancers, massage therapists, and authors making it easy to support the endeavors of fellow witches. 

Yet another cool aspect of Witch.With.Me’s page is their “Witch Census 2020”. This anonymous census is meant to count the number of practicing witches as the witchcraft movement grows. There are many different types of practicing witches and this census plans to count all of them, not just those practicing under Wicca or Paganism

With a better understanding of the amount of witches practicing, the community can grow stronger  by sharing their thoughts and practices. The census runs from July 10th - August 1st and is located on the Witch.With.Me website. They urge all witches to share this link with any other practicing witches in order to receive the most accurate and up to date numbers. 

This is the perfect Instagram account to follow for witches who are looking to get involved in the witchcraft community. It is especially beneficial for those who have a skillset or a talent related to witchcraft that they would like to share with the community. Since the Witch.With.Me website highlights witchcraft artists and creators, it is a great organization to get involved with if you or someone you know is a practicing witch with a unique talent.


Hana O’neill is a young female witch that shares her knowledge and talent through her Instagram page and website. Image Courtesy of Suburban Witchery

The last Instagram Account we recommend following is a young woman named Hana O’neill, the Suburban Witch. Hana has a smaller following than the other witchy influencers we have mentioned, with 17.6K followers, but her account is successful and growing nonetheless!  

Hana’s story into witchery is extremely relatable and welcoming to those who are newly intrigued by the world of witchcraft. Hana was raised a Christian and never gave astrology, spells, or tarot a second thought, as she was taught it was all wrong and forbidden. 

However, when Hana was in her late 20s, struggling to find happiness amidst a nine to five job, she felt the urge to buy a tarot deck and explore a side of herself she never knew she had. She quickly found explanations to her life problems and big questions through astrology, tarot, and more. For Hana, witchcraft gave her clarity, self understanding, and a better grasp on her spirituality.

Through Hana’s Instagram page, she has been able to teach others about the house systems in astrology, influential occultists, forms of divination, and the third eye. Her short, Tiktok-like videos are fun to watch and easy to follow, often debunking stereotypes of witches. Hana also posts aesthetic images with thoughts for the day or commonly asked questions. She further supports others witchy influencers by receiving permission and tagging their pages if she feels inspired to use one of their images. 

Additionally, Hana has a website that has a blog, testimonials of her work, a shoppe for tarot readings and astrological chart readings, chakra check-ups and more. Through her Instagram and website, it is clear that Hana wants others to discover the clarity and soul grasping spirituality that she has experienced through witchcraft. She offers tarot card readings, as well as birth chart readings that can help people gain control of their lives. 

Hana’s account is a great place to start if you are intrigued by witchery but  feeling hesitant. Her website offers suggestions for “baby witches” who are looking to learn more. With a frequently asked questions page, Hana makes it easy to answer all those questions you have about witchery that you have been too afraid to ask. Head to her Instagram page to check out a new world of witchery!

These three witchy influencers will definitely spice up your timeline by introducing you to a new world of witchery. Each influencer offers a unique perspective of witchcraft through their wide variety of posts. Following these influencers will help you find clarity in your life and reignite the spirituality inside you. Whether you are a new witch or an old witch, these accounts can brighten your soul and your day, while also connecting you to a vast community of like minded witches with knowledge that they are eager to share. 

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