What Can You Gift Someone You Just Started Dating for Valentine's Day

You're yet to understand your partner's interests fully and don’t want to overstep any boundaries. What kind of gift should you give? Here are a few choices.

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When it comes to Valentine's Day, many people want to show that they care by putting thought into the gift. However, if the relationship is new, it's challenging to know what kind of gift to give. You're yet to understand your partner's interests fully and don’t want to overstep any boundaries. What kind of gift should you give? Here are a few choices.


Flowers make ideal gifts for someone you just started dating. They’re thoughtful yet not overly intimate. Pick out a beautiful bouquet and add a personalized card to show your new partner you care. Rose bouquets for Valentine's Day are an ideal choice.

However, you can also pick out other flowers if you know your partner's favorite. Because it's your first Valentine's Day together, pick something unique that fits your partner's style. Also, go for simple choices, such as a few stems in a vase.

Chocolate and Sweets

Most people love chocolates, so why not find unique chocolates or candies for your new partner? Choose something special, such as a gourmet box of chocolates or some artisanal truffles. Make a unique treat basket of your partner's favorite candies or chocolates. 

Another option is to get a subscription box for sweets, such as a monthly delivery of chocolates or gummies. This way, your partner can enjoy the surprise every month and look forward to something special from you.

Gift Basket

If you want to go all out, create a gift basket for your loved one. Put together a basket that includes items they'd love, such as their favorite snacks or small items of luxury. If you’re adventurous, make a DIY gift basket. Include a few small trinkets, like a candle or coffee mug. 

You can also add thoughtful items such as a journal or book with an inscription. Because you might not know their interests well, include pampering products or a candle. Look around their home to know what items they would like. For instance, if they have lots of soccer memorabilia, get them a small soccer ball to add to their collection. When they love music, add a few CDs or concert tickets. 

A Potted Plant

A potted plant says you care without being overly cheesy. Plus, it’s a gift that lasts for years. Succulents are a great choice as they're easy to care for and can be placed in any corner of the home. Alternatively, opt for a flowering plant or bonsai tree to add some greenery to their home.

If they have other plants, pick something similar to match their aesthetic. You could also get a personalized pot with an inscription. That way, your partner can display the pot and remember you every time they look at it.

A Customized Gift

Personalized gifts are always a great option and show that you’ve put thought into the gift. Get your partner a customized mug, bag, t-shirt, poster, calendar, or keychain. You can also add an inscription to make the gift more special.

For instance, if your partner loves cooking, get them a personalized apron with their name. Or, if they love music, go for a custom poster with an image of their favorite band. With so many options available, you'll find something unique and special for your new partner.

Prepare Them a Simple Meal

This Valentine's Day, cook a simple meal for your partner. Cook their favorite dish or try something new. If you're not much of a cook, order a favorite takeout or delivery from a local restaurant. You can also surprise them with breakfast in bed or an afternoon snack.

Make whatever you choose special with some romantic touches. Light some candles, put on their favorite music, and decorate the table with a few flowers. However, because you're yet to know all their likes and dislikes, go for something simple so that you won't miss the mark completely. Opt for meals you've seen them enjoy, or keep it classic with a simple cake or ice cream.

Plan a Mini Adventure Together

An afternoon or day-long adventure to a nearby location will make the day special. Depending on their interests, pick an activity you can both enjoy. If you’re both nature lovers, plan a hike or picnic in a nearby park. Also, visit a museum or art gallery if you love the arts. Or, make it memorable by going on a hot air balloon ride together. If you’re short on time, drive to a nearby lake or beach.

Spend Quality Time Together

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is spend quality time with your partner. Spend the day doing activities they enjoy, such as playing video games or going for a drive. You can also watch their favorite movie or TV show. If they like crafting, plan an afternoon of paper mache and scrapbooking together. Alternatively, choose a board game or card game you both enjoy. 

Write Them Poems or a Letter

If you're not much of a gift-giver, writing your partner a poem or letter will show them how much you care. You don’t have to be a poet or a writer to do this. Just take some time to express your feelings in your own words. Be honest and heartfelt, and your partner will feel appreciated. Also, don’t forget to include all the things you like about them and how much they mean to you.

Enjoy a Relaxing Spa Day

Nothing says romance like a relaxing spa day. Whether you go to a professional spa or stay home, make the atmosphere peaceful and inviting. Get some massage oils, facial masks, and candles to set the mood. Alternatively, get a couple’s massage package if you prefer a professional spa experience. Either way, your partner will appreciate the effort and feel relaxed and cared for by the end of the day.

Keep It Simple But Heartfelt

Don't let the doubts, anxieties, or pressures of a new relationship stop you from expressing your feelings. Show your new partner how much they mean to you by taking the time to make the day special. If you don't know how to celebrate them, go for something simple but heartfelt. Alternatively, seek help from mutual friends or family members who know them better. Whatever you do, make sure it's memorable and meaningful.

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